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What Are the Firework Laws in Florida

Could fireworks shortage hurt celebrations: Phantom Fireworks urges customers to shop early Ohio is one of the latest states to ease fireworks restrictions for consumers. Starting July 1, Ohioans will be able to shoot fireworks as long as they do so soberly and safely. Since then, states have gradually deregulated fireworks, in part to tap into lost tax revenue from residents crossing state borders, to buy fireworks in states with softer laws, but also due to lax enforcement. The strictest fireworks laws are found in California, according to a map and list of fireworks laws organized by Reader`s Digest. Ground and portable radios, cylindrical and conical fountains, wheeled and ground moths, torches and some sparklers are legal for anyone over the age of 16 from June 28 to noon on July 6. The fourth of July is fast approaching and fireworks are a fun way to celebrate. Fireworks may be legal on U.S. Birthday, but they`re still dangerous if not used responsibly. Learning fireworks laws and safety tips in Florida is a great way to have fun while preventing injuries and avoiding legal trouble. Despite the limit of days you can legally use fireworks in Florida, they can technically be sold year-round. This is slightly different from many states with similar laws, where you can usually only buy fireworks at certain times of the year. It is difficult to control manners.

Phantom Fireworks, the nation`s leading fireworks retailer, even sent out a press release this week urging customers to be mindful of their neighbors. If you`ve ever seen someone lighting fireworks in the yard, they seem simple at first. However, due to the risk involved, it can be helpful to at least go through the instructions before you start so you know what to expect. You don`t want to ask yourself, “Should I hold it or put it down?” the second you turn it on. Despite state law, the use of fireworks may be restricted by your local city or county. So check your local laws before scheduling an ad on the fourth of July. Under certain circumstances, vendors may sell fireworks that might otherwise be illegal if the items are used to scare birds from farms and fish hatcheries. The seller will often ask customers to confirm the purpose of purchasing the items in a form stating that they are purchasing the fireworks for that legal purpose. It is important to note that subsection 791.02(1) prohibits the use and sale of articles that meet the definition of fireworks.

The law provides for several exceptions to this general prohibition. At these “designated holidays,” people who set off the type of fireworks popular in shops and street stalls, such as Roman candles, bottle rockets, aerial firecrackers, fountains and other novelty fireworks, can do so without having to prove they`re using them for agricultural purposes — the oft-abused warning that has allowed residents to buy fireworks in years past. According to the state fire marshal`s office, anyone using fireworks must have a permit from their local government or be legally exempt for certain agricultural purposes. It is illegal in Florida to use fireworks, including: grenades and mortars, multi-pipe devices, Roman candles, rockets, and fireworks, unless such use is strictly in accordance with Section 791.012, Statutes of Florida. Floridians should not sign “waivers” to buy fireworks. Signing a waiver does not relieve you of liability if you are caught illegally with fireworks, which is a first-degree offense punishable by up to one year in jail and a $1,000 fine. Many Florida cities are stepping up efforts to host public fireworks a year after the COVID-19 pandemic shattered last summer`s plans. “At this time of year, we get noise complaints that say, `It`s midnight and they`re still setting off fireworks,`” said Amanda Hunter, spokeswoman for the Pasco County Sheriff`s Office. In most cases, we do not monitor them proactively.

It is impossible for us to know who is setting off fireworks. But if someone calls and complains, we go out and talk to them and say, “Hey, it`s 3 a.m.” and ask them to stop. Lighting fireworks under the influence of drugs or alcohol often results in injuries due to misuse. Sometimes drunk people make mistakes, such as lighting firecrackers indoors, on wooden decks, or even lighting them in their hands. This chapter shall be applied uniformly throughout the State. The enforcement of this chapter is the responsibility of local law enforcement agencies and state law enforcement officials.