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Washington Law Review

Our main website is located in wustllawreview.org/. “Unconstitutional beyond reasonable doubt” – A misleading mantra that should disappear foreverHugh Spitzer The Washington University Law Review is a student-run academic journal that aims to publish articles from the legal sciences. The Law Review aims to promote dialogue on legal issues of interest both within the Faculty of Law and within the broader legal community. This is our archive containing PDF facsimiles of all our publications from the first volume in 1915 to the current issue. State Action and Gender (In)Equality: The Untapped Power of the Washington Equal Rights AmendmentMaria Yvonne Hodgins The Promise of Access to Justice in Washington Article I, Section 10Debra Stephens Further information and recent volumes are available on the Law Review website. The full volumes are available on digital.law. Upsteam Advocacy: Addressing Cancer Survivors` Employment Problems Through Medical-Legal PartnershipsBarbara Hoffman Michael D. Gilbert (University of Virginia), Mauricio A. Guim (Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México) “Does the Oregon Constitution Need a Due Process Clause?” Reflections on Due Process and Other Restrictions on Government ActionThomas A.

Balmer Exception to the Rule: Relaxation of the Industrial Insurance Act Standard for Intentional CrimesBrad Westmoreland Save Your Breath: A Constitutional Analysis of Criminal Penalties for Refusing Alcohol Testing in the Wake of Birchfield v. North DakotaKylie Fisher. Volk v. DeMeerleer: A divorce without principles of dangerousness and Tarasoff`s duty to protectJaclyn Greenberg The Case for Reviewing Contingent Liabilities under Article VIIIJoshua Hansen-King The Washington Law Review is the student-edited journal of the University of Washington School of Law. It is published quarterly. Christopher Buccafusco (Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, Yeshiva University), Jonathan S. Masur (University of Chicago School of Law) Science or the status quo? Ignoring a defendant`s mental illness in damages suitsGabrielle Lindquist Home Registration in Homelessness: A Case of Disability of Washington`s Sex Offender Registration ActSarah Kohan An Analysis of Federal Sales Law and a Clean Fuel Standard in Washington StateKirsten Nelsen Exhaustion of Administrative Remedies in Washington State Is it time to bury Barry? Why an Old Legislative Change Requires a New Look at Washington`s Non-Delegation DoctrineDaniel A. Himebaugh Kaiponanea T. Matsumura (Arizona State University, Sandra Day O`Connor College of Law) Yuvraj Joshi (University of British Columbia Allard School of Law) on the argument that enforcement protocol reform is biomedical researchPaul Litton. Souveraineté tribale et efficacité économique comparées aux tribunauxRobert J. Miller Revisiting Solving Jurisdiction’s Social Cost: A Brief Revivinder to Professor KlermanDustin E.

Buehler Surrogacy and Windsor’s PenumbrasSusan Frelich Appleton The Birth of Fertility Fraud: How to Protect WashingtoniansSarah Chicoine The Finality of Unmodified Appeal Commissioner Decisions in Washington StateAurora R. Bearse Managing Boundary Management: A Reply to Professor KaminskiRyan Calo Accounting for Environmental StandardsMalori M. McGill. Double standards: public disclosure Tort Case (2006-2016)Scott Skinner-Thompson Recommended Judicial Discretion: The Lack of Discretionary Appointments of Child Attorneys in Washington State Dependency ProceedingsMarisa Forthun They Can`t Save the Dead: Emerging Struggles for Places of Consumption MonitoredJames Satterberg evaluates constitutionalism Johanna Kalb Washington Law Review Online was founded in 2014 and offers content, which enrich the print edition and provide an expanded platform for publishing responses to legal developments in Washington State and the ninth circle. True Belief: An Analysis of the Definition of “Knowledge” in the Washington Criminal CodeAlan R. Hancock. Reflections on Reformulating the Law of American IndiansMatthew L.M. Fletcher Brings Congress and Indians Back to Indian Federal Law: Rewriting Native American LawKirsten Matoy Carlson Washington`s One Size One Fits All for Voluntary Departure Unemployment BenefitsJulia Fleming Jill Wieber Lens (University of Arkansas School of Law, Fayetteville) Robert Knowles (University of Baltimore School of Law) Jevic`s promise: Procedural Justice in Chapter 11Pamela Foohey Off-Reserve Treaty Hunting Rights, Reformulation and Contracts StevensAnn E.

Tweedy McCleary: Positive Rights, Separation of Powers, and Taxpayer Protection in the Washington State ConstitutionKristen L. Fraser Response to Professor Rosenbloom: Fifty Shades of Grey Infrastructure: Land Use and Failure to Create Dependent Cities, 93 Wash. L. Rev. 317 (2018)Roberta F. The Franco Man I Loved: Reconciling the Two Halves of the Only State-Funded Public Defense Program for ImmigrantsAmelia Wilson Ring, Amazon Calling: The State`s Action Doctrine and the Fourth AmendmentGrace Egger People`s Constitutionalism and Its Enemies. Alan Tarr Beyond Corporate Contract: A Response to Helen Hershkoff & Marcel Kahan, Forum-Selection Provisions in Corporate `Contracts`Verity Winship Challenging Presidential TweetsMallory Barnes-Ohlson. Protection of Indian Sacred SitesWilliam A. Fletcher The Costly Problem of Poorly Formulated Choice of LawsDaniel C.K. Chow.