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Unisa Law Tutorial Classes

Tutorials Campus offers contact and online courses for group and private (private) courses for all challenging UNISA modules in our college, online and/or from the comfort of your home or any location. Our tutorials also aim to help students with all their homework and exam repetition courses, ensuring their success. Unitutorials offers intensive hands-on group courses as part of a part-time learning program for working professionals on weekends, weekdays, evening sessions and daily full-time sessions for full-time students Monday to Friday. Tutorials Campus is the only college offering Unisa Computer Science Module teaching in South Africa and we are proud to have supported our students mainly from Gauteng province through our contact (face-to-face) courses and throughout South Africa and beyond through our web-based online tutorials. Computer Science is our largest and largest department with the largest number of students and tutors and allocated resources. Students are assured of individual attention as online courses are small. Our students are often professionals who work and are hosted in the evenings and weekends with online courses. To register online, send an e-mail to [email protected] with the course codes of your modules (e.g. INF2603) and your personal data (name, surname and telephone number). Exam rehearsal courses take place in time for the exam. Previous assignments are discussed and students come to the exam with confidence.

I am an LLB graduate from Unisa and offer tutorials specifically for law school modules, I also offer guides on how to structure and write your allocations, proposals and portfolios. We also offer two intensive revision courses just before each exam, each with seven hours of emotional lessons. Courses are designed to work in depth on the questions, solutions, and scope of the exam to ensure students pass with distinction. We also offer additional online tutorials and email correspondence to facilitate learning when students have contact sessions and interact with our online tutors. This facility is used when additional support is needed, when it is the only method of organizing courses for our distance students who cannot come to our campus regularly for classes. Our tutors are experienced and qualified experts in the particular modules they carry out and will guide you through the modules, give you detailed explanations through practical examples, assist you in all tasks and highlight important points for exams. I am versatile for online and offline help. I keep the interests of my students in my heart and I am available all the clock.

Our lecturers have all completed their LLB studies and have many years of experience teaching the LLB program as well as practical experience in the legal environment. R900 for revisions on all other modules. These include: CLS packages available for the R900 and videos for 10 before the corresponding exam) She is a patient, supportive and very competent person. I can`t thank him enough for all the help he gives me. With his help, I was able to take my work to the next level. I will definitely recommend him as a tutor! All applicants will be informed by letter of the outcome of their application. He is very easygoing, hardworking, committed, excels under pressure and works well in a team. He is very honest and has the initiative to solve any problem. I have a strong desire for every client to become a successful learner. As a goal-oriented, imaginative and committed online provider. Classes are small with a maximum of 5 students per class.

Our lecturers and tutors are experienced and have helped many students succeed. The price of the module includes lectures for the semester (whether full-time/part-time). It all depends on which modules you sign up for and where you need help. I am currently studying for a bachelor`s degree in electrical engineering (2020-2024). Since 2020, I teach many students to get. He is a hard-working gentleman and very passionate about his work. His relationship with his customers always ends with a price and a smile on everyone`s face. We offer tutoring courses for modules from the first year to the Honours level in the Faculty: JOEL PULENG`s profile and contact details have been verified by our team. Students are supported in planning their Unisa LL.B modules to ensure they make the most of their valuable time.

This department has most of its lecturers who exercise their professions in trade and industry concerned in public and private companies and public institutions that allow them to give relevant and practical lessons to our students. He is very knowledgeable and very patient with his students, I highly recommend He not only helps you in your studies but also pushes you to be the best version of yourself, unlike other tutors, he goes the extra mile just to see how you do your work on time. One of the best tutors I have met, very patient and passionate about his job applications are open. Classes start at the end of August 2022 My teaching method is child-based. I find out how they learn best and follow this approach. Every child. RRLLB; LME; MRI; TLI; Legal Philosophy & Damage doesn`t always have a video – they`re on Zoom; via email/WhatsApp; based on the evaluation of a student`s efforts, etc. It depends on the tasks assigned by the department during a given semester. A lot of time and effort is spent on these courses by CLS lecturers, and therefore the cost is R3500 per R3300 module for all other modules – this then includes videos of the modules presented by CLS lecturers who teach as in a physical classroom and cover all the work required for homework and exams. The price also includes CLS packs; Inclusion in a CLS WhatsApp group for the module, with the lecturer and other students in the class; Assistance with assignment and, if applicable, grading, any other information and kit that the professor may have or prepare during the semester. Specialization module prices must be indicated at the time of registration My teaching style varies with each student.

The need of a student is my first observation and I prepare myself accordingly. At Tutors Campus, we provide our students with hands-on experience during their studies, enabling them to understand how the laws they study are applied in practice. Direct approach, encouragement and building of trust between students of all levels and backgrounds. Revision, practical tests,. I like to spend a few minutes in first grade to get to know my student, his abilities, his favorite method. I hold a Bachelor of Laws from the University of South Africa. I assist students in exam preparation around Pretoria Tutorial Campus also provides teaching in research modules and research methods for Unisa students in various academic disciplines where qualitative and quantitative research as well as office research is carried out to meet the client`s needs. We are also efficient and effective in delivering our research services to ensure that all work is completed and delivered on time.

This department offers all management, accounting, business and all other support modules (e.g. finance modules, etc.) from Year 1 to Honorary level. Campus Tutorials also has excellent tutors with specialist knowledge in tutoring these Unisa modules gained years of service. Please inquire about booking a refresher course by filling out [email protected] form and sending us an email with proof of payment. My teaching method as a law professor is as follows! I enjoy interacting with students and engaging with them by allowing them to understand the content by also participating in my activities. I also give motivation to my students and I also understand a sense of faith and trust. Task and portfolio guidance is provided to students in a timely manner so that they can submit their work. This institution really helped me get my law degree through UNISA. The atmosphere in the classroom is great and the teachers are of the highest quality.

Thank you Baobab He is dedicated to his work, he is patient with students and he goes the extra mile to ensure that students get the best results. What I liked most about him is that he is easily accessible and can help at any time. There is nothing better than a teacher who is always prepared and really wants his students to excel.