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Stretched Tyres Legal

In some countries, cars with stretched tires were inspected and confiscated. We have heard of drivers who are also receiving fines and penalties on the spot. Tags: Euro tires, MOT, TUV failure, stretched tires, tires, wheel Don`t like stretched tires I just took my three-day MOT course and recorded it with the tutor, the fun thing was mine, so it`s in all these euro style wheels, so driving down an alley with its euro style tires, He hit a rock on the road only at 30 mph he totally pulled out his tire and turned it egg-shaped. So this is a good reason, Why this method of tyre fitting should not be practiced, he had to get new tyres mounted, this time he got the right sizes. If tire pressure is maintained properly, there should be no risk of the tire bouncing off the rim when cornering. Many of those with stretched tires operate at much higher pressures than a conventionally mounted tire. What this would clarify is that the indication of the width of the tire cannot be less than 90% of the width of the wheel. So, let`s say putting a 215/35/19 on a 9J wheel would be an 8.46″ wide tire on a 9-inch wheel. 94% (6% stretch) In this example, we could say that it is a passage, but perhaps a tip because it is really the least ideal tire for the width of the wheel, but on a 10D wheel of the same size. 215/35/19 it would be a more extreme stretch and gives 84.6 (15.6%), so it`s illegal Decoding these 2 arguments now won`t be easy. There will be lovers and enemies of stretched tires and neither side will give in. The diagram is ridiculous. A tire bead wouldn`t turn sideways like that, no matter how wide the wheel was, and it wouldn`t inflate if it did.

I equipped car tires with earth-moving machinery with locking heels. The only danger with stretched tires is that the sidewalls are more susceptible to damage, tire lengthening has been a popular term in car maintenance for decades. In particular, stretched tires have long been hype among many car enthusiasts. Many people have actively opted for this add-on in recent years. Indeed, the lengthening of tires makes their vehicles more powerful and robust. Stretched tires are narrow tires that have been stretched to get a wider rim or wheel. It is a modification of the wheels by widening them by a few centimeters. The ideal distance is one to three inches. The stretching technique makes it possible to mount a wider wheel that does not rub the wing. They will rest perfectly on the lip of the wheel. It should also be noted that the driver of a vehicle with narrow tires on wide rims may find that his insurance is invalid in case of damage. When you first hear the term tire lengthening or stretched tire, the first thought that comes to mind is why? Why would anyone want to stretch a tire? The answer is: because of their appearance.

And finally. Like all the examples I have seen and followed, all seem to have retained the standard tyres on extra-wide wheels, the tyre remaining in the body line but the wheel itself protruding from it, and are therefore a justified failure of the technical inspection. We must admit that stretched tires can be completely safe in certain situations where the stretch is not excessive, the car is not driven too hard and the tires are properly maintained. Extendable tires are a death trap, a tire has been designed in such a way that the tire wall bends a little or a lot when driving in curves and curves, but with stretched tires, the sidewalls are already extremely stretched, so the only thing that can happen to them is that it pulls the tire bead out of its seat and empties. If you have examples of extremely tight tires, please email [email protected] photos. At the end of the day, you`ll never see that chart, so the stretched tires are fine. Thanks for this information, he is grateful for my son whose car needs new tires that I have been driving on stretched tires for 4 years, the current car drives comfortably, flat corners, everywhere at 285bhp with a 215 on a 10″ rim”. The reason we do this is because the rim can sit flush with the body and, because we. Why not? I like to read people trying to talk about the dangers of this, etc., without any solid evidence.

People live so conservatively! Many people stretched their cars without any problems. The argument of the narrower footprint is also irrelevant, because in general, the size of the rim has been increased and standard tire widths are used. Finally, stretched tires also improve mileage. It is possible to replace weak punctures with stretched tires inexpensively. Illegally, I fear so, and the police are conducting a massive crackdown on stretch tires, to the point that the police themselves will now go to the tyre fitters, who can now get more trouble if they send a car into a dangerous state than the driver to use the car! They will indicate that stretched tires are no longer within this ideal tolerance and probably 80 or 70 degrees from the rim, so they are exposed to additional loads and loads. A vehicle with excessively tight tires fails its technical inspection, confirmed the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency. The agency has also produced guidelines for evaluators to confirm how much stretching is excessive and what is tolerable. An elongated tyre – or European look tyre – is attached to a wheel that is too narrow; hence “stretching”. In this example, the rim and tire are incompatible and there is a clear gap between the bead and rim because the tire is stretched too much. This article was updated on May 26, 2016 to include clearer tables of right-hand and ill-fitting tires. Arguments against stretched tires cite that car tires are designed to fit a certain rim width. I find it scary that cars presented with this “style” usually have economical tires.

The tires are therefore not only inferior, but also operate outside their intended parameters. Perhaps tire manufacturers should make a list of the maximum rim size by tire width. I also think that not only the racing boys are to blame, but also the incompetent tyre assemblers who fit these tyres. Soon there will be a serious incident with this stupidity. Must be sorted before someone is seriously injured. Shaun under normal circumstances, you would be right, these so-called stretched tires are inflated by igniting a flammable gas in the tire, which is a rapid expansion when they rest on the rim. All tire manufacturers design tires for specific rim sizes and all rims are also designed for specific tire sizes and use the guidelines created by ETRTO. This optimizes the design of a tire`s four functions to provide friction during braking and acceleration, steering, support load and vehicle suspension. Combined with these basic functions, fuel efficiency and long service life, all these points cancel out the function of an extendable or euro-style tyre. In my opinion, they do not correspond to the design and use of vehicles, but I am pleased that these instructions and recommendations have been issued to vehicle testers, that technical data for tires and wheels are available (ETRTO www.etrto.org).