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State Register of Legal Entities Yerevan

Nevertheless, the companies named on the site are not responsible for its accuracy and expressly disclaim any liability for damages that would result from the use of the information on this website or the use of the site itself. The Website contains links to other websites that are not the responsibility of the companies named on the Website. Despite legal standards, there is no practical mechanism for issuing work permits to foreign citizens. In Armenia, the name of a legal entity is verified, as it must be unique. According to the Law of the Republic of Armenia on State Registration of Legal Entities, State Accounting of Independent Subdivisions of Legal Entities, Institutions and Sole Proprietors, a preferred name of a legal entity is also submitted when registering a legal entity. A limited partnership (trust company) is also made up of two or more persons who own or contribute to the partnership. The main difference between this and a full-fledged partnership is the shareholder liability status. A limited partnership has two types of partners – general partners and limited partners. The general partner has the right to manage the partnership and also assumes full responsibility for the debts and obligations of the partnerships with all their property.

Limited partners are liable to a limited extent up to the amount of their contribution to the share capital. The law allows the incorporation of complementary liability companies and cooperatives as legal persons, but these vehicles are not widely used. In order to choose which corporate legal structure is best for you, you can hire us to conduct legal research on this topic, where we compare the advantages and disadvantages of doing business in Armenia, as well as the tax burden of a particular legal form. In private corporations, shares are distributed only among their founders or a predetermined group of individuals or organizations. A private company cannot hold an open subscription for its shares or otherwise offer them to an unlimited number of purchasers. The Agency for the State Register of Legal Entities provides services in the field of State registration of legal entities – performing the functions of State registration of legal entities (except banks and credit institutions) and individual traders established in the territory of the Republic of Armenia, as well as registration of subdivisions and separate institutions of legal entities and media registration, and Media. A corporation may be constituted by a single natural person and its property may consist of a single person if that person acquires all the shares of the corporation. The articles of association of the company must be registered and published.

Representative offices and branches. Foreign companies can operate in Armenia without creating a new legal entity by registering as a representative office or branch of a foreign legal entity. Representative branches do not have the status of independent legal entity and are subject to the rules and regulations of the foreign legal entity. The approved activities of a representative office serve to represent and safeguard the interests of the home office, but may not carry on an independent commercial activity. Nevertheless, the permissible scope of activity of a branch is broad insofar as it can perform all the necessary functions and business activities on behalf of the head office. These directors can perform various tasks, interact with tax control, customs or banks. The main requirement for the use of this service is the complete legality of the customer`s business. When a company name is entered in the information system, it is automatically compared to the database of registered company names. A corporation is a legal entity that can be established by two or more persons (general partners) who represent the business entity and act as owners of the corporation. The shareholders are jointly and severally liable in full for the debts and obligations of the company. An individual can only be a general partner in a partnership.

By consulting this site, the user grants the most complete and irrevocable waiver to all companies mentioned on the site, absolutely releasing them from any responsibility and agreeing to refrain from any action or demand. For participants from CIS countries (Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Georgia), no apostillation or legalization of documents is required in accordance with the Minsk Convention on Legal Assistance and Legal Relations in Civil, Family and Criminal Matters (dated 23 January 1993) (note – depending on the nature of the legal action, There may be some exceptions in the apostylization of documents given). All documents provided must be notarized and legalized and legalized in the Armenian embassy of the country of a participant (shareholder) or apostilled by the competent authorities after notarization in accordance with the 1961 Hague Convention. A private corporation should not have more than 49 shareholders. A private corporation may establish separate subdivisions, branches and representative offices in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. In accordance with Article 1168 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Armenia, the use of the words “Armenia”, “Armenian” is permitted only in the procedure established by the Government of the Republic of Armenia. ATTENDANCE OF PARTICIPANTS WHEN REGISTERING A COMPANY: *All documents must be provided in advance so that we have time to translate them into Armenian. A business partnership is an association of two or more individuals or organizations who own a for-profit business. The partners are personally involved in the management of the partnership. An individual cannot be a partner in more than one partnership. Business partnerships can be established in the form of full-fledged or limited partnerships.

Every effort has been made to ensure that the data and documents published on this website reflect actual administrative standards and practices. The registration of a foreign LLC in Armenia takes on average about 2 working days from the moment of submission of documents to the authorities. Please take into account the time required for the preparation and translation of documents. The registration of the submitted company name takes place at the same time as the registration of a company. They may appoint either an Armenian citizen or a foreign citizen to the post of Director General. A public company is a commercial entity whose equity is divided into a number of shares that define the rights and obligations of its shareholder vis-à-vis the company. Only joint-stock companies have the right to issue shares. The shareholders of a public limited company are not responsible for its obligations, but bear the risk of loss in the value of their shares.

However, if you need the permanent presence of a general manager for the regulation of administrative matters, our company offers you the service of temporary directors in Armenia. Foreign investors are allowed to establish any type of company protected by the Armenian Civil Code, the Law on Joint Stock Companies, the Law on Limited Liability Companies and the Law on State Registration of Legal Persons, their Subdivisions, Companies and Individual Traders. The following types of businesses are defined by law: Save my name, email address, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. In Armenia, we can resolve all matters for you within the framework of a duly signed power of attorney. The managing director should only be present when bank accounts are opened. Please copy and paste the following HTML code into your page: MINIMUM AUTHORIZED CAPITAL OF THE LLC IN ARMENIA: There are no requirements for the minimum authorized capital of an LLC in Armenia. A limited liability company (SARL) consists of one or more persons whose capital is divided into shareholdings whose nominal value is determined by the articles of association. The participants of a limited liability company are not responsible for their obligations, but bear the risk of losses related to the company`s activity in the value of their initial investment. The founders share the profit according to the participation rate.

The LLC and its founders are taxed separately. Armenian legislation defines two types of joint-stock companies – open and closed. The public joint-stock company has an open subscription of shares. Shares are sold to the public without the consent of other shareholders, and the number of shareholders of this type of company is not limited. BASIC DATA REQUIRED FOR REGISTRATION OF LLC IN ARMENIA*: Civil Code of the Republic of Armenia (28 July 1998), Law on Enterprises and Entrepreneurship (17 June 1998).