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Sea Watch Legal Team

To facilitate the maintenance of the environment, the team decided not to install a single server. Instead, they distributed some services – without losing sight of the target group (15 users), since such a configuration also involves additional time costs. However, the simplified maintenance and the ability to adapt services and outsource them to other instances as the number of accesses increases, justify this effort. The services are not directly accessible, but are provided through a reverse proxy. The legal department is looking for a volunteer to support the team with energy and motivation. ROC boats operated by former illegal fishermen patrol day and night All information on this site has been carefully selected. Sea-Watch e.V., as the provider of this website, assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or quality of the information provided. In addition, we cannot be held liable for indirect damages resulting from the use. Insofar as an exclusion of liability is not possible, the provider of this website can only be held liable in the event of serious delay. As a service provider, we are responsible for the content exclusively in accordance with the general laws (§ 6 Abs.1 MDStV and § 8 Abs.1 TDG). Service providers are not required to monitor third-party information provided or stored on our website or to investigate facts that may indicate illegal activity.

Obligations to delete or block the use of this information are excluded under general laws. However, we will remove the content immediately upon notification of violations of the law. In such a case, our liability begins with knowledge of the respective breach. The Sea-Watch Legal Aid Fund is supporting an exciting and important legal challenge led by Prakken dâOliveira lawyers against the European Border and Coast Guard Agency. To fulfill its mission, the RHF provides funding and other forms of legal assistance. Decisions on the distribution of funds, as well as other possible means of support, are taken by experts whose fundamental motive and absolute priority is to safeguard and protect the rights of human rights defenders. Two weeks after the rescue, the 49 migrants were still stranded off Malta on the Sea-Watch 3 and Sea-Eye,[13] despite an appeal from Pope Francis. [14] On 9 January, they were finally allowed to disembark in Malta[15] after an agreement was reached to relocate them to eight other European countries. [16] [17] On January 19, Sea-Watch 3 rescued another 47 migrants.

The Italian government banned him from entering the port and took legal action against the Netherlands. [18] The organization appealed to the European Court of Human Rights. [19] On 29th January Italy, Germany, France, Malta, Portugal, Romania and Luxembourg agreed to relocate the 47 migrants. [20] Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini called for the arrest of Sea-Watch 3. [20] When the ship was docked in the Italian city of Catania to bring the migrants ashore, it was blocked by the Italian army for “several non-conformities”; The organization called the obstruction political pressure. [21] We are committed to an inclusive society, free of racism and freedom of movement for all. For equal qualifications, we prefer applications from women*, LGBTQI*, BIPoC, people with disabilities, people with migration experience and people from other under-represented groups in the maritime and legal world. If you feel challenged here, we invite you to provide the appropriate information in your request. You are invited to dispense with application photos and information on age and marital status. Sea-Watch e.V. is a non-profit initiative dedicated to the civilian rescue of refugees at sea. In view of the humanitarian catastrophe in the Central Mediterranean, Sea-Watch provides emergency aid, at the same time demands and forces rescue by the responsible European institutions and publicly advocates for legal escape routes.

After a thorough and comprehensive evaluation of specialized applications for case and contract management, the lawyers of the legal aid team chose LECARE software. It is developed and maintained by the Hamburger Gesellschaft für Softwareentwicklung mbH of the same name and awarded the Pitch Fever Award. Together with the LECARE support team, Sea-Watch`s IT team carried out the planning and implementation of the platform. The LECARE software is accessible via an Apache Tomcat web server, which is part of a Microsoft-based environment. In many cases, other services, such as the database server, are installed on the same system. Thus, the server acts as a domain controller. However, this single-server configuration is quite difficult to manage, mainly due to the large number of complex services. LECARE leaves it to its customers to determine on which server the database is located, so that it can also be hosted externally. Therefore, the team chose this path because of the flexibility it offers. In the future, the team plans to upgrade the platform from UCS 4.x to UCS 5. Currently, applications are connected to the directory service using standard LDAP and Kerberos binding. However, you want to migrate your applications to a SAML or OpenID connection to enable true web single sign-on.

Therefore, the team opted for Univention Corporate Server (UCS) as their dedicated identity management system. UCS brings it all together: Kerberos, SAML, and OpenID. All applications use the same user account source. A UCS IDM automatically takes care of the necessary synchronization and replication and also provides a portal. Examine! A young Palestinian man was sentenced to life imprisonment for illegally transporting third-country nationals without the benefit of a fair trial. Now, the Sea-Watch Legal Aid Fund is supporting his appeal. Seawatch`s IT team would like to thank the companies Hetzner, LECARE, Nextcloud, OnlyOffice and Kopano for their support as well as very committed people such as Zara, Folkert, Mareike, Harald, Peter, Moritz, Jonas, Naeydar, Sea, Joshi, Nic and all the other supporters who made this project possible. Sea-Watch`s legal team supports the organization in all legal matters, both related to the project and in the day-to-day work. The team combines experience and expertise in the SAR context and in various areas of law.

Despite or perhaps because of the escalation of the political situation, the protection of individuals and groups in the activities, requirements and objectives of rescue at sea is essential. The purpose of the Sea-Watch Legal Aid Fund is to help people protect and enforce their rights in the field of rescue at sea. The aim is to ensure that the humanitarian and international law obligation to rescue at sea will continue to be fulfilled in the future. In 2009, SeaWatch, in collaboration with local supporters, launched a citizen vigilance to stop illegal fishing that caught 20 tons of fish in La Paz Bay every night, every day. The criminal proceedings many of them face are lengthy and costly — a strategy aimed at preventing rescue initiatives, according to Seawatch. As a result, commercial and private vessels have been increasingly reluctant to rescue people in distress at sea, and the additional risks and challenges make the work of activists even more difficult.