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If you are a tenant and have questions about harassment by your landlord, repairs to your apartment or building, or your rights as a tenant, please call 311 and ask for the tenant helpline or visit the city`s online tenant resource portal for information and resources for New York City tenants. including free legal advice from the non-profit legal service providers of the CJOC. OCJ`s helpline is available Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to provide legal advice and telephone information to New York tenants who need help with legal questions regarding rent, lease, or other landlord-tenant matters. “Sarah Arayess is technically astute and explains complex legal issues clearly and effectively. All tenants who are currently subject to an eviction order are eligible, regardless of their postal code, immigration status, or whether the tenant has previously refused or was not eligible for legal representation under the universal access program, and regardless of household income under an income exemption from the OCJC. If you are faced with a request from your landlord to make an eviction order against you, the OCJ can provide you with free legal services through our not-for-profit legal service provider partners under the City`s Right to Counsel Act. If your landlord refuses to fix a serious or dangerous situation in your home, such as mold, peeling lead paint, or leakage, or if your landlord doesn`t provide the essential services you`re legally entitled to, such as heating, hot water, gas, electricity, or adequate security, you can file a complaint with the housing court (an HP lawsuit) asking a judge to order your landlord to perform these Repairs. Legal advice is free, available in any zip code, and available regardless of immigration status. For OCJ legal advice on tenant housing, please call 311 and ask for the City`s Tenant Helpline. The OCJ has partnered with Legal Services to provide tenants in New York City with free access to telephone legal advice and information. Under New York City`s Right to Attorneys Act (RTC), the DSS/HRA Office of Civil Justice (OCJ) offers tenants facing eviction in housing court or NYCHA administrative proceedings free access to legal representation and advice from nonprofit legal aid organizations in all five boroughs.

If you believe you have been illegally locked out of your home by your landlord, the OCL may offer free legal services through our non-profit legal service providers to assist you in an “illegal lockout case” in housing court. If you are facing an eviction case, the CJO may provide free legal assistance through our non-profit legal service providers to provide you with legal representation or other assistance in your housing court case under city law to a lawyer. It is illegal for a landlord to evict you without bringing an eviction action against you in court or before there is a court order authorizing a commissioner to evict you. If you believe you have been illegally locked out, you can take legal action (an “illegal lockout” or “restitution of property”) in the housing court. “Let`s say Legal`s position was crystal clear and very practical.” I recently received an eviction order or an application for restoration/enforcement of eviction. “Sarah Arayess has excellent expertise, especially in food marketing in the Netherlands.” “Sarah Arayess combines deep knowledge and understanding of food law with contagious positive energy and problem-solving skills.” Is deportation imminent? Call 311 and ask for “right to advice”. If you receive court documents that your landlord is trying to evict you, or a notice from the housing court that plans to appear in an eviction case, you should talk to a lawyer who can advise you on what you need to do next to protect your rights as a tenant. “. Uitmuntend geschreven [artikel] over een onderwerp dat daardoor toegankelijk werd gemaakt voor de praktijk van de gemachtigden maar ook voor advocaten en bedrijfsjuristen. After your first meeting with Sarah Arayess, you know she`s a food advocate who will help you get where you need to go. Do you think your friends might be familiar with this company? Ask your friends on Facebook what they think. “Sarah Arayess is an excellent and dedicated lawyer in the food industry. She is very responsive and takes a practical approach to dealing with an issue.

My apartment needs serious repairs and my landlord won`t do them, or I have other questions about my housing situation For more information about your rights as a tenant, including answers to questions about your lease or what to do if you are late with your rent: I have a case of termination of the tenancy, filed by the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA). “Sarah Arayess is a very lively and positive person and has not hesitated to take on a challenge.” 84% of tenants who had a lawyer under the Right to Counsel program avoided eviction. I was locked out of my apartment by my landlord, without a court order or warrant “I use this expert firm when clients need cross-border advice for the Netherlands”. Advertising Code Committee, Board of Appeal, Keuringsraad KOAG/KAG. NEW: Visit our COVID-19 Customer Resources page for the latest updates on benefits and resources during the COVID-19 crisis. I have an eviction case pending in the housing court (before or after the onset of the COVID-19 emergency). “Sarah Arayess has many valuable international contacts.” .