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Robinhood Game Rules

Some people may not like the simplicity of the game and the over-reliance on the story. Which I would respect. But if you want a great storytelling game, then this one might be one for you. What he does with the board, rules and a few other surprises are all great. But it`s the story at the end that makes you love or hate. And for my part, I am ready to join Robin and his group of happy men and women and live many more adventures. I am convinced that this game will see several expansions as Andor did. And the second they`re out, I`m going to buy them. It`s really a great game. After my first match, I rated it 10/10.

I knew I was too quick to make a big judgment, but I firmly believed that I wouldn`t feel so different after graduation. After playing the game several times, in different numbers of players and trying different arches and methods, I can safely say that my first verdict has been confirmed. This game is special because it is special. OK, maybe I was a little involved in the initial hype of the game, but it`s definitely still close to a ten for me. And with each subsequent chapter, we were amazed. We noticed new details on the chart that we had overlooked. Then the game changed them. It developed with our action and I sat there and marveled at it like a Rembrandt or a Renoir.

I think my daughter would have gotten along well at six. Of course, the adult should ensure a strong presence in terms of rules and guidance, but the child would still be able to contribute and make decisions. As Robin Hood and up to three members of his party – Little John, Maid Marian or Will Scarlett – players work together to achieve a different goal in each scenario, with the former serving as a tutorial for the game. The Adventures of Robin Hood comes with a huge board with several dozen stones that you`ll remove and flip when the game asks, often to mark that you`ve already done what was on that tile, whether it`s talking to someone or examining the area for a clue. The story itself comes in a 200-page book that includes all nine scenarios of the game, with pages that include specific text and options for each tile you can visit in each session. In this bag there will be a mixture of different things. I don`t want to dwell on it too much for fear of spoilers. But they`re all different sizes and shapes, so they`re easy to spot when navigating in the dark. One of those things will be hard drives, which are specific to each player. If you remove them one by one, you determine who will move on to the next round. But there will be other colorful discs that will represent the game`s AI.

Part of this will be the ever-shrinking amount of time available in the game to complete your current mission. Complete the finish before the last hourglass is removed and you are victorious. Each chapter offers you two main attempts to complete it, with clever mechanics and specific formulations in the novel that adapt according to your first or second attempt. Each game follows a chapter of the book and continues the story that links to the previous one. There will be a specific mission and objective for each chapter, which, once completed, will complete the particular game. You will try to achieve this against the game`s clock, which sets a certain number of turns for each number of players. This is done perfectly with a single bag. One of the great joys of The Adventures of Robin Hood is the way it all comes together. They move along physical paths on the plateau and avoid obstacles. You escape detection by sticking to clearly marked shaded areas.

The less you move, the more energy you have to eliminate the enemy. Learning everything while you play makes it easier to absorb, although it`s a good idea to ignore the rigor of the rulebook and flip through it after your first game or two. This makes things much clearer and serves as a practical reference. All of this brings me to why I love this game so much. The story is captivating. The art is lush. The mechanics are smooth and original. But what sets this game apart is the captivating way the game draws you into its clutches. From the first minute, I was completely absorbed in this game and what he wanted to show me. We put so much thought into it and put a lot of care into the design.

As a player, you can`t help but enjoy it. The best way to describe this is to compare it to a theme park. Be patient with me! While some may disagree, I don`t think it will succeed in your typical amateur group. This is not a title for someone who regularly plays Eclipse or Dune: Imperium. But it`s one for my eight-year-old daughter and her dad who play these games. The adventures of Robin Hood promise to be something different. It comes from designer Michael Menzel, the mastermind behind the family cooperative fantasy adventure Legends of Andor. He tries to reshape Robin Hood in the same kind of image, as a narrative board game for families, with the group winning or losing together. The Adventures of Robin Hood is set in the space between legacy games, where the board and characters change from game to game and a second game is impossible.

and traditional games, where each game is independent of the previous session. There`s a narrative line here, with each session assuming you played the previous one so you can follow the story, but you can always go back to repeat a previous storyline, whether it`s trying it out with new people at the table or using different characters. It`s also pretty easy for family games, as long as a person feels comfortable as a narrator, as there`s a lot of text involved. Menzel seems to have a real niche here, and I hope he doesn`t stay eight years before his next game. However, the function of the guards is interesting. Once the flip is complete, any character trapped outside with an active soldier will be captured. This puts you in a dilemma and wastes your time. In the next turn, you have to fight them with intelligent dice movement dynamics and try to escape.

But you can avoid arrest by sticking to the shade. This simple yet atmospheric flourish expands the board`s engagement and draws you further into its depths. This sense of immersion underscores the greatness of this game and what Menzel was able to achieve. There are many narrative and narrative games on the market, but I would say that none offer as smooth or elegant an experience as this new version from Kosmos Games. The Adventures of Robin Hood was conceived and drawn by Michael Menzel, the genius behind Legends of Andor, and this game has a lot of taste in its appearance, design and rules. If you were a fan of this game, I think it is very likely that you will like this game too. A number is assigned to each part of the board with which you interact. Depending on the chapter of the game you`re playing, you`ll then scroll down to the appropriate page in the book and read the next part of the story, which often gives you the choices you need to make in this branching adventure. Everything works like clockwork and unfolds like a wonderful winding adventure around a campfire. A story in which you are very involved.

My daughter didn`t know Robin Hood. After the first chapter, she came home from school the next day and demanded that we play the game of “Red Robin”. I didn`t tell him that Nottingham had cut bottomless fries years ago, but I did accede to his request. Even before we opened the box for The Adventures of Robin Hood, we were fascinated by the art style. It`s serious, but not dark. When we started putting the board together, and especially when we held the hardcover storybook in our hands, we fell in love with the game. Get a copy today on Amazon or your local friendly game store! The mechanics here are very simple and the promise of the game that you will play your first scenario within five minutes is true – you assemble the board, place your chips, and then follow the text on the first dozen pages of the book. It guides you through the first scenario, explaining movement, combat, and how to use the board. Each scenario has a unique setup, which is clearly explained at the beginning of its section, where you flip some stones on the board and fill the bag with a certain combination of cubes. The scenarios are well calibrated to be winnable even for new players, so they may be too easy for serious players, although they are still fun to play as the nature of the challenges requires some deductions and careful consideration of the board. The game takes place on the edge of Sherwood Forest, next to Nottingham Castle and the surrounding village. The panel is a beautiful work of art that begins with a minimum of symbols, words or images that do not correspond to the drawings themselves.

He immediately seized me with his simplicity and beauty, but he also buried so many hidden treasures. The game elegantly introduces you to the movement mechanics and your actions available in the first level tutorial that you will play a few minutes after opening the box. There are no rules for learning intelligent motion mechanics; You just start playing. And it`s not just inevitable because sometimes you`re captured. Hope is constantly sinking and will sink your game if you don`t maintain it by intentionally attacking guards and nobles. These also offer an additional reward of items that you can exchange for bonuses.