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Prospect Union Legal Helpline

If you work in an organization that has potential local representatives, you should talk to them about any work-related issues. On the “Your union contacts” page, you will find a list of your local representatives (registered users only). If you are not sure if you have a local representative, please use one of our other contact options and we can advise you on the best person to talk to. Our knowledge of the workplace, combined with our legal expertise, offers you an invaluable service from initial consultation to legal representation in court. Every year we receive millions of pounds for members in court proceedings without them having to pay for legal fees. In some cases, tens of thousands of pounds were awarded to individual members. The PAL service ensures union representation for non-union members. We can provide you with expert advice and support if you have a problem at work, including the provision of a union representative at work meetings. In addition to the consultation packages listed above or as a standalone service, our experienced advisors offer comprehensive legal advice on a settlement agreement. Retired and unemployed members are entitled to most legal services.

The exception is assistance with labour-related matters – such as workers` rights, workplace injuries or regulatory issues – if these arise when paying contributions for pensioners or the unemployed. Workplace representatives play an important role in supporting co-workers and strengthening the union. If you are interested in becoming a representative, we offer extensive training to develop your knowledge and skills to ensure you become a competent and confident representative. Legal advice and assistance is at the discretion of the union and is decided on the basis of the facts and case of each case. In our legal guide you will find the details of our services and the terms and conditions of the advice. Please click here to download this guide in Welsh. Signing up for a prospect brings a number of benefits that support you in the workplace and beyond. In addition to the collective bargaining rights you get by joining a union, we offer a range of services that can provide you with one-on-one support. We specialise in providing legal advice on issues such as dismissal, unfair dismissal and discrimination. We can guide you through a complaint or disciplinary procedure and accompany you to a company meeting. Check with your full-time negotiator at Prospect or the union`s legal department for more information on services in these areas. In addition to work-related advice and support, your Prospect membership gives you access to a range of high-quality, responsive and effective non-work related legal services.

Members should contact the union directly for advice on workplace and employment issues. Interested parties can call the Member Contact Centre on 0300 600 1878 and Bectu members on 020 7346 0900. We support our members with regular mentorship and networking opportunities. The more you get involved in the union, the more beneficial it can be for your career to connect with older colleagues in your workplace or across your industry. At PAL, we are at your side. Our Employee Advice Line is staffed by a dedicated team of union labour law specialists supported by an experienced team of labour lawyers. If you are facing an existing problem in the workplace and do not have access to union support, contact PAL for legal advice and expert representation. The PAL service is specifically aimed at workers in non-unionized organizations that do not yet have the support of a union. We are unable to advise on legal matters abroad or on contracts submitted to other jurisdictions. We strive to ensure the most comprehensive coverage of our legal services possible. But not all services apply (or exactly the same) to members living in Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands.

This is due to the different legal systems and the availability of advice. If you are not a union member, the cost of such support and advice can be high. Most of our members pay less than £15 a month – less than the price of a pub crawl – and are confident knowing that at different points in their careers they have access to a wealth of advice from trained professionals. If we need to take a claim against your employer to court, our dedicated team of employment law specialists will work on your behalf and we will cover your legal costs. Discrimination in the workplace, unfair dismissals and dismissals still occur in the workplace. However, non-unionized workers often have difficulty coping with their employer if they are treated unfairly. If you become a member of Prospect, you are not one of them. Expert legal advice if you have a problem at work. Prospect provides its members with expert advice and support on and off the job. As a Prospect member, you`ll have access to legal services, professional support and training, and professional advocacy. Members can also take advantage of a free telephone consultation, which provides initial consultation on any non-employment law related questions or issues. We also provide comprehensive legal advice and help you negotiate the best deal for a settlement agreement.

Whether you`re struggling with a problem at work or looking for the right support to advance your career, our free expert legal advice, professional development and training can help you get the most out of union membership. If Prospect members are unfairly fired, fired, or discriminated against, we will pay their legal fees. Legal advice and assistance is at the discretion of the union and is decided on the basis of the facts and case of each case. Members can call the lawyers on 0800 587 1278 or fill out our online form to start applying for a will. Please note that you will need your membership number and chapter name to complete this application form. Expert advice and career support Savings rebates We will regularly review the merits of each case and discuss it with the member. Decisions on the representation or funding of boards are reviewed regularly. A simple will is defined as a will in which personal property (as opposed to business) is left to a spouse, partner, children, relative or friend. We act ethically and advise you if we think we can`t help you without charging you a fee. We are different from online lawyers and street lawyers who may not regularly handle employment law matters and may not have the right to represent you in your workplace, such as at a grievance or disciplinary hearing.

The Service is intended for fully remunerated members of Prospect. Find out more about who is eligible to use the service and what factors we consider when deciding a case Our support packages are listed below, please contact us on 020 3292 0367 to discuss which package is best for you. “I contacted PAL with a very stressful situation at work where there was discrimination and harassment. It was clear that my representative was very knowledgeable and supportive throughout the process by attending all my complaint and appeal hearings. Advising and supporting members in their work is a fundamental part of what we do. You can call Prospect on 0300 600 1878 anytime between 8.30am and 6.00pm Monday to Friday. PAL is an employment law advisor for employees. Employment law is complex and you can feel very lonely when a problem arises and you need support. We`re here to help. Prospect`s lawyers provide members and their partners with a simple will free of charge. Joining potential clients offers a number of benefits that will help you succeed in your workplace and advance in your career. Contact our Data Protection Officer at [email protected] if you wish: “My employer has agreed to settle the matter amicably.

I highly recommend the services of the PAL team. “I really appreciated your advice, especially during the hearing on a long and busy day for everyone. When you register for our service, you will receive a 15-minute telephone triage consultation from one of our advisors to assess your situation. Our dedicated training and skills team offers a range of in-person and online employability training courses covering topics such as digital skills or creative problem solving. As a member, you`ll have exclusive access to a library of recorded videos and podcasts, as well as webinar invitations ranging from retirement tips to mental health and wellness. Most non-work benefits, including personal injury insurance and telephone advice from LegalLine, are also available to the partner, spouse or one of their children under the age of 19.