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Part Time Law Degree Ireland

If you have already earned a law degree, our LLB offers you the opportunity to broaden your legal knowledge portfolio in a wider area of law to prepare you for a specific practice or further study. UCC Law School operates a fee reduction scheme for students enrolled in the evening BCL degree and provides financial support in the form of a contribution from the school to the expense of a successful applicant in a given academic year. The amounts awarded may vary depending on financial needs and total resources available. The maximum amount of a fee reduction granted may not exceed 50% of the fee for this academic year. Applicants for fee reductions must provide proof of their needs (e.g. proof of receipt of social assistance benefits, change in financial situation, etc.). Prizes are awarded for one year at a time, but students may apply for the program in any academic year if their situation continues to warrant it (provided the applicant has passed the previous year`s exams and subject to the continued availability of funding at the law school). The operation of the fund is reassessed annually and cannot be guaranteed. All scholarships are at the discretion of the Faculty of Law. Students will study core courses and choose electives that will allow them to tailor their degree to focus on key areas of interest such as criminal law, human rights law or corporate law. The central objective of the programme is to provide students with the knowledge and skills normally associated with a university-level legal education that includes legal knowledge, research skills, analytical skills, conflict resolution, conflict prevention, critical appraisal, personal skills and legal ethics.

LLB Law Graduate – 1 year full-time or 2 years part-time; Bachelor of Laws without a law degree – 2 years full-time or 4 years part-time Applicants must be approved by the Faculty of Law and must normally have a second-class honours bachelor`s degree in an honours primary bachelor`s degree (NFQ, level 8). INTRODUCTION This course provides participants with in-depth practical knowledge of urban planning and environmental law relevant to professionals involved in advising on planning and strategic infrastructure applications, application issues, development plans and strategic planning, […] The Irish legal system is based on constitutional, customary and statutory law. The laws of the land are enshrined in the Irish Constitution. The country`s common law system is based on the parliamentary style of the British system. The legal system continues to collapse with much more traditional local laws based on cultural influences. However, the country`s constitution is the cornerstone of the entire Irish legal system, and the study of law in this area focuses on this particular area. If you have graduated from a non-legal discipline, the LLB is a two-year postgraduate law degree that provides you with enough core and optional legal modules to complete professional legal training upon completion of your studies, if you wish. It is designed to ensure that graduates have a solid legal background upon completion of their two-year (full-time) studies as well as an appropriate critical understanding of key legal issues. There is nothing more beautiful than Ireland, a country that is part of Europe and is located in the northwestern part of the continent. More than 6.4 million people live in this island nation, including about 4.6 million in the Republic of Ireland. From low mountains to green plains, Ireland is a beautiful country. It is also an important and powerful economic force in Europe.

The area has a rich culture, a vibrant and modern lifestyle and a lot of tradition. A law degree will provide you with lifelong skills that can be tailored to a variety of careers. The law school uses a system of tender rounds to facilitate decision-making and early notification of applicants. Candidates are encouraged to apply as early as possible. Candidates who do not have their final grades available may be offered a conditional (provisional) offer. Assessment in law degrees is carried out through a combination of courses and semester exams. Various assessment methods are used to reflect various teaching practices, including case notes, essays, mock experiments, reflection reviews, mock parliaments, contributions to online discussion forums, response papers, and research papers. At the beginning of the semester, students are advised on the examination methods in the different modules.

After completing your law degree, you can choose to stay at university and pursue a postgraduate degree. The University of Limerick Law School offers a range of innovative and interesting postgraduate programmes: the law degree will appeal to you if you are interested in society and how it works, and the wider issue of regulating interpersonal relationships. A general interest in history and political developments will be beneficial, as law is closely linked to its historical and political context. However, given the wide range of legal modules on offer, this degree attracts students with a wide range of interests. The study of law involves learning legal rules as well as interpreting, applying and criticizing legal principles. This requires the development of argumentation and advocacy skills, as well as critical analysis and argumentation. Legal education requires the ability to think logically and critically. Accurate and careful use of language, good writing skills and the ability to express oneself are key attributes for lawyers.

It offers great flexibility as all classes are scheduled in the evening to accommodate those who work.