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Open Door Legal San Francisco Ca

We serve low-income San Francisco communities in Bayview, Excelsior and Western Addition. Open Door Legal represents clients in custody and visitation hearings in family court, prevents unlawful evictions, designs living trusts, sues employers for unlawful discrimination, requests changes in immigration status for individuals, helps clients improve their credit scores, and assists in almost every other civil matter. At Open Door Legal, we have proven that universal access to civil representation significantly reduces poverty and that the law can truly belong to all of us. We are an award-winning, non-profit organization that strives to show that poverty is significantly reduced when everyone has access to the law. She tried to find help, but was repeatedly rejected. We created Open Door Legal so that women like Claudia would never have to face these struggles alone. Key holders are monthly donors who continually advocate for equal access to the law. “It always seems impossible until it`s over.” – Nelson Mandela The law belongs to all of us at Open Door Legal on Vimeo.