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Naac Requirements for Library

The library has separate archives of self-study reports (SSR), re-accreditation reports (RARs), internal quality assurance unit reports (IQACs), and peer team documents from NACC-accredited colleges and universities, codified and computerized to facilitate retrieval. The collection is recognized as a valuable reference document for those in the process of accreditation and educational research. Access is on request for internal and external users. The library provides access to all NAAC publications for NAAC faculty and university users as well as other institutions. The library subscribes to the online and print versions of a hundred national and international journals as well as to the international databases of Emerald and ERIC. Research and documentation are important aspects of the accreditation process and NAAC has built a well-stocked library and active publishing unit. NAAC publications aim to raise faculty awareness of the importance of accreditation. Textbooks from various universities are available in print and electronic form. NAAC also conducts a variety of research studies, impact analyses and feedback surveys that provide valuable policy feedback. Sir, I need documents from the dental college for the library and the librarian. Minimum number of systems for the 521-student digital library The library is open every working day from 9:15 a.m.

to 5 p.m. 4 p.m. NAAC has been using NewGenlib Library software since 2009. All library activities such as ordering, technical editing, membership, as well as the document distribution process are carried out by NewGenlib. Users can submit details on the library`s current inventory, book condition, conference reports worked with NAAC and an interlibrary loan request. To access the NCAC Library OPAC, please click on the following link. The collection covers the areas of assessment and accreditation, teaching-learning process, teaching techniques, curriculum development, ICT in higher education, higher education, educational planning and management, faculty development, student support and progress, women`s studies, total quality management, management, library and information science, student development and general reference materials. The library also holds a special collection of publications from the UGC, IAU, World Bank, UNESCO, Common Wealth of Learning and other international accreditation bodies. The library`s collections are classified according to the Dewey decimal classification system.

7. Hod recommended book file. 8. Offer a copy file. 9. 5 years Journals Bills. 10. Online log file. 11.

Library Advisory Board Act. (At least 3-4 sessions / annually). 12. Library software, phone number, barcode for books. 13. Paper newspapers (5 years). 14.Library computers. 15.NTPL in the library.

16. Newspapers and magazines 17. Photos of the orientation program. 18.PPT About the library. 19 CD library. 20. Update of the ACC Registry. 21. Update of the register of journals.

Presentation of the college library to the NAAC peer team. The CCNAQA has a well-stocked library covering all areas of higher education, with a particular focus on the quality of higher education and accreditation. The library is fully automated with barcode for computer-assisted loans and OPAC via intranet. Library report, library booklet tools and details of these records Recently, we received an “A” grade from the NAAC committee, so we prepared some documents during that time, so I will mention some of the following library materials. I want to know how to prepare the library for NAAC. What will the questions be and how can we address them? You can prepare a presentation and give it to the NAAC peer team. Recently, I presented you with a ppt. It would be a handy tool for you. so many discussions were available in this LIS link NAAC search in the discussion forum. Dr. Wahidul Hasan The Librarian(i/c) National Assessment and Accreditation Council, P.O. Box No.

1075, Nagarabhavi, Bangalore-560 072. India Phone: 080-23005150 The NAAC Library has an extensive collection of books on higher education, NAAC and UGC conference proceedings, and SSR/SAR, RAR and CQA reports. These are in high demand among academic staff, researchers, as well as those seeking accreditation. 1. Library report. 2. Library brochure. 3.PPT. 4. Library advisory measures.