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Ministry of Transportation Legal Department

The Department of Transport is responsible for the planning and coordination of federal transportation projects. It also establishes safety rules for all major modes of transport. The Department is affiliated with the following independent bodies: The General Counsel acts as the Department`s Chief Legal Officer with ultimate legal authority. The General Counsel is the legal advisor to the Secretary and is responsible for supervising, coordinating and reviewing the legal work of the approximately 500 lawyers in the DOT. The General Counsel is responsible for the Aviation Consumer Protection Office and also coordinates the Department`s legislative efforts, regulatory agenda, and participation in prosecutions before other agencies, as well as various international operational and legal matters. The Office of the General Counsel (OGC) consists of approximately 90 lawyers, analysts and administrative professionals. Exploring new technologies to prepare for the future of transportation The Ministry administers the following legislation: The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure plans and improves transportation networks, builds new infrastructure, provides transportation services and implements transportation policies to enable the safe and efficient movement of people and goods. The General Counsel also oversees and supports the offices of the Chief Legal Counsel of operational jurisdictions. For more information on Chief Counsel offices, please see the links below: TxDOT is managed by the Texas Transportation Commission and an Executive Director is selected by the Commission. Looking for something specific? Take a look at the following resources offered by the Ministry of Transportation. We offer free safety seat inspections throughout the year. Arrange a car seat check with a road safety specialist in SaveMeWithaSeat.org. Learn more about the work of the Ministry of Transportation.

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