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Michigan Law Review First Impressions

First Impressions, the online companion of Michigan Law Review, publishes articles written by academics, judges, and practitioners on current legal issues. This expansion of the print journal allows for a rapid dissemination of the legal community`s first impressions of important judicial decisions, legislative developments and current legal policy issues. The Michigan Law Review is a peer-reviewed law journal. Eight issues are published each year. Seven of the eight editions of each volume generally consist of two main parts: articles written by lawyers and practitioners, and notes written by student editors. One edition of each volume is devoted to book reviews. United States. For a complete archive of the Michigan Law Review, organized by issue, please visit our repository. Activity levels according to the manual formula: A comment on Gilo and Guttel Redemption Song: Graham v. Florida and the Evolution of “False but Very Compelling” Eighth Amendment Jurisprudence: How Likely Estimates in McDaniel v. Were Brown wrong? Response to “Snyder v.

Louisiana: Continuing the historical trend towards increased scrutiny of compelling challenges” How not to apply the rule of reason: The O`Bannon case reconstructs the individual mandate as an escrow account.