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Meaningful Legal Jobs

One of the most important aspects of your practice will be your technical legal skills. You will be told that to gain legal skills, you will have to work hard in your early years of practice to learn the law of black letters and the day-to-day procedures or nuances of your field of practice. After all, surveys like this one give a very broad picture, and a given job can vary considerably from these reported rates. Do lawyers who work in criminal defense feel the same way as those who work in corporate litigation? Unlikely, but that`s not the granularity we have here. Our advice is to start small. Try joining local legal organizations – such as your provincial bar association – or participating in community initiatives you enjoy. Marc Luber founded JD Careers Out There “to help you find professional fulfillment with your law degree.” There is a free downloadable self-assessment on the website to help you on your career path to non-legal employment. Marc`s YouTube channel contains over thirty free video interviews with lawyers in non-traditional careers and other videos designed to support lawyers` career transitions. While there are free resources on the JD Careers Out There website, it`s primarily a membership site ($24.97/month with discounts for longer subscriptions and a 30-day money-back guarantee). Member content includes over 250 videos, including interviews with a wide range of lawyers pursuing alternative legal careers and professional development videos covering the career planning and job search process. Membership also includes the members-only newsletter. Marc`s eBook 99 Things You Can Do with Your Law Degree ($9.99) is an introduction to non-legal careers for lawyers. The ebook includes a list of potential jobs, detailed discussions of many positions, a section on “How to Find Your Passion or Driving Force,” and worksheets that “help you discover and articulate your superpowers.” I couldn`t finish this list without a shameless reference to my book Professional Prosperity For Lawyers – Find The Perfect Job And Create Your Ideal Career.

Whether you`re in law school or a senior partner at an Am Law 100 firm, this book can help you jump-start your career to find the perfect job and create your ideal career. There is a disconnect between lawyers` passions and their work. Some lawyers abhor their work. Others tolerate their paycheck work. In any case, these lawyers are distant and dissatisfied with their work. They want something deeper and more meaningful in their work and career. This book can help you jump-start your career and achieve success, prosperity, and personal fulfillment. Success, prosperity and personal fulfillment when you and you alone define these terms. Jasper Kim has written a book that should appeal to most lawyers considering a career change in or out of law.

You`ll get an idea of what it`s like to work in twenty-four different jobs, some legal, some non-traditional. “Whether you want to be a full-time corporate lawyer, work as a legal counsel while pursuing your music career, or anything in between, this book gives you a `unique pass` full access to the real-time personal and professional world of twenty-four law school graduates. “These professionals each present you with a `profile` that recounts a typical twenty-four-hour day in their traditional and non-traditional careers. You`ll read actual twenty-four-hour reports from the perspective of a venture capitalist, a Wall Street lawyer, a lobbyist, an entertainment lawyer, an intellectual property lawyer, a sports broadcaster, a JAG officer, a prosecutor, a defense attorney, an ombudsman, and a politician, to name a few. Of course, not everyone prioritizes finding “meaningful” work, and the report adds that job satisfaction “isn`t necessarily related to the importance of work.” Gaming supervisors – the people who manage tables in casinos – say they are very satisfied with their work (80%) but not very important (22%). On the other hand, OBGYNs do not find their work very satisfying, but find it meaningful (they are also well paid for it – more than $ 200,000). Interviews with Casey Berman of Leave the Law Behind and other legal career change experts. Great tips on how to maximize your chances of an alternative career. Interview with Joe Patrice, editor-in-chief of the website Above the Law. Joe discusses his transition from the practice of law and gives his opinion on why and how many other lawyers can pursue other legal careers.

The main attraction here, and it`s a big attraction, is the thirteen-page guide for those looking for alternative jobs for lawyers. The guide provides a reliable alternative career process for lawyers` job search with plenty of tips to help along the way. There are also several resume examples for lawyers looking for an alternative career. In this seven-year-old Wall Street Journal article, Cari Sommer went from a seventh-year employee at a law firm to an entrepreneur and co-founder of Urban Interns, a website that connected small business owners with people looking for part-time opportunities. Well, Cari is still an entrepreneur who became CEO of Sommer Communications Group, a successful public relations and thought leadership firm in technology. This new career transition is a lesson to all of us about the ongoing need to be open to new jobs and revised versions of our ideal careers. Casey Berman writes that our “unique genius is those abilities, these strengths, and this joy that are so natural to us, so authentic to us, so light to us that we do not even consider them a skill. We just do. Casey elaborates on the idea that “at the heart of leaving the law: instead of pursuing jobs and careers based on reasons that are not the most satisfying (money, status, titles, security, what others think is right), we can use our unique genius to inform and identify a more authentic career path and job search. aligned and happier.

This page from the Canadian Bar Association discusses the alternative job search process and offers a long list of resources for lawyers looking for another career.