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Master Online Legal English

Faculty of Law Scholarships are available to students pursuing studies in law and law, not just Young Women students. Students who wish to enroll online or on campus for a Master of Laws degree can also seek university scholarships and state tuition assistance. Students may also consider scholarships from their employer or offer opportunities to further offset costs. Delivery: Format: 100% online, with selected course options on campusTeaching style: Asynchronous Complete your Master of Arts in History online at Norwich University. The online Master`s programme in History is designed to fit your busy professional schedule. + At Liberty, we pride ourselves on offering a truly unique legal education that integrates faith and reason into your law studies. Our law school consists of partners in private practice, lawyers, accountants, certified mediators and many other professionals with many years of practical experience in the legal field. If you`re looking for a flexible, affordable, and 100% online law graduate program, Liberty may have the right LLM program for you. Laura Shields is Director of the Office of International and Non-JD Programs at Fordham Law School, where she co-directs the Legal English Institute, Summer Institute, Pre-Law Institute, and other short-term international and executive education programs. It also helps coordinate study abroad, student exchanges, and the visiting program for foreign scholars and researchers, as well as some non-JD graduate programs. Laura has spent most of her career in legal education, spending ten years in various roles at the Practising Law Institute, most recently as Vice President of Programs, and was Associate Director of Research and Development and Associate Director of Personnel at the American Law Institute-American Bar Association (now ALI CLE). Laura practiced law at a litigation firm and legal advisory organization in Philadelphia, worked at the university as a planned fundraiser, and consulted with organizations such as the New York Open Center. She is a graduate of the University of Delaware and Villanova University School of Law.

When deciding which Master of Juridical Studies program is right for you, you should consider whether you prefer to study in sync with other students on a fixed schedule or whether you prefer the flexibility to study in your free time, independent of an online classroom. OnlineMasterofLegalStudies.com was created to help students search for LLM programs online. With this page as a guide, you can understand what a Master of Laws is, decide if an MLS is a good next step for your career, and which program is best suited to your needs. The Master of Laws (M.S.L.) at the Cumberland School of Law is a 34-hour master`s program designed for individuals without a Juris Doctor (JD). Through courses and training, the program can better prepare students for their careers. Students may specialize in one of five regulatory compliance concentrations and pursue relevant professional qualifications from organizations. ASU`s 30-credit MLS program explores the relationship between law and other topics such as business, criminal justice, engineering, and many more. Graduates will gain a deeper understanding of U.S. law, legal structures and legal reasoning, and how to apply the law to situations that affect their careers.

Bernard Daraz is Deputy Director of International and Non-J.D. Programs at Fordham Law School, where he oversees the Non-Degree Certificate and Executive Education programs. He received his B.A. in English Literature from Fairfield University with minors in Spanish and Political Science. He attended Fordham University and earned a Master of Arts in English Literature in 2013. During his master`s degree, Bernard held positions in the Undergraduate Admissions Office, the Gabelli School of Business and the Summer Session Office. Bernard holds a Doctor of Education (EdD) in Leadership, Policy and Administration of Education from Fordham University Graduate School of Education, where his research focused on academic counseling strategies for international students. Hofstra University is a private institution.

The university offers two Master of Arts in Law programs in online format. Do you have a job where you interact regularly with lawyers? Maybe you work in human resources or another field of activity where you need to understand the laws that govern contracts. If you need a deeper understanding of the law but don`t need to be a practicing attorney, consider Liberty University Juris Master (J.M.) 100% Online Law School in American Legal Studies. This Master of Legal Studies offers the flexibility you need to juggle life and school while receiving a quality education. Mr. Nonaj is an active member of FALDEF, a non-profit organization focused on helping international students with various legal issues. He has published on the crime of genocide in international criminal law. When choosing the right Master of Legal Studies program for you, there are many factors to consider. Is the legal program or school accredited? What are the concentrations? Is it 100% online or a hybrid model? Can you interact with other students? For which programs do you need to pass the GRE? What is the minimum cumulative average for the bachelor`s degree required to apply? Online education can offer more flexibility for your schedule. For example, some online educational programs may offer part-time enrollment with the option whenever you want, rather than at fixed times. You may be able to continue working while pursuing a Master of Legal Studies online.

There are very little to no transportation costs associated with online learning, which could potentially reduce the overall cost of schooling. Online LL.M. programs can require approximately 30 credits and take anywhere from 12 to 36 months. Depending on the school and programs offered, each course can range from one to four credits. The University of Arizona is a public lands research university that offers a 30-unit Master of Laws in Legal Studies (MLS) program to help students understand U.S. legal systems and regulations, enhance their career and development prospects, and gain critical thinking skills. It aims to provide students with knowledge about the legal issues faced by businesses and organizations and how to comply with regulations. The core curriculum includes subjects in law, legal analysis and risk assessment and management. Classes can be taken online, and students have the opportunity to take some Young Women courses. Some schools may also require courses in finance or economics prior to MLS applications, as well as writing samples or work experience in the legal field. Upon completion of your master`s degree in American legal studies, you will have the opportunity to enter the workforce in a variety of professional fields. Understanding U.S.

law, for example, is a necessity for those who wish to take up a leadership position in government. The U.S. legal system is complex and requires critical attention from leaders with strong moral values. We need passionate Christians who have a heart for America and who are trying to secure the future for generations to come. Synchronous Master of Juridical Studies programs allow students to attend classes on a set schedule in coordination with their peers, similar to a traditional classroom. Via webcam, students connect at specific times to watch lectures, interact with classmates, and study together. Many online and on-campus LLM programs offer a choice of law majors.