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Legal Thriller Movies on Hulu

After many years and many exceptional films, Bound is perhaps still the culmination of the Wachowskis` illustrious career. Tilly and Gershon are both awesome (and we had a great time; You should read this excellent interview with them), and the film is very erotic, both in its sex scenes and in other moments (Corky, working with his hands on the pipes, is deeply sensual and satisfying, both for the audience and for an overwhelmed Violet). It is an unforgettable romantic thriller and one of the sexiest American films ever made. A legal drama doesn`t have to focus on court scenes to be satisfying. Civil lawsuits also exist, and Erin Brockovich is a crackling thriller about the law and lawyers, as well as a character study and a breakup of Corporate America. Steven Soderbergh`s film is probably best known for Julia Roberts` Oscar-winning performance and her cheeky, vicious and utterly endearing real-life portrayal of the eponymous paralegal aide exposing environmental negligence and cover-up by California`s largest electric and gas utility. It`s also a sunny investigation into how companies knowingly poison people and do nothing about it, and the kind of bravery and tenacity it takes to bring them down. First of all, this is an open and closed case for everyone except the judge, played by Henry Fonda. But as the volume grows and the arguments unfold, one by one, Fonda`s fellow judges are convinced that things are not as clear as they initially seemed. While it`s the longest-running movie on this list, ironically, you might say it the most relevant, as it gives us a narrow slice of a population forced to stop, step back, and find a way to look at things in a different light. Among the men behind so many right-wing dramas on television, David E.

Kelley (Boston Legal, Ally McBeal) and Ted Humphrey (The Good Wife), is The Lincoln Lawyer — a cleverly written legal drama that bursts into action, mystery, and even comedy. Based on the novels of the same name by Michael Connelly, the premise of The Lincoln Lawyer is simple: he is a lawyer practicing law from his Lincoln Town Car. But the story gets more and more complicated over time. Manuel Garcia-Rulfo (Murder on the Orient Express) has taken over the lead role previously played by Matthew McConaughey in the film adaptation alongside the incredible Neve Campbell (Scream) and the underrated Becki Newton (Ugly Betty). – Yael Tygiel Before we raise your objections, let`s set aside a few caveats. For the purposes of this list, we mainly think of thrillers or neighbors of thrillers that have been ripped from the headlines – meaning we`ve left out a number of classic dramas and courtroom trends around the `90s and today. Roman J. Israel, Esq., director Dan Gilroy`s sequel to his 2014 breakthrough Nightcrawler, is a character sketch with all the ornate lines. The film, which came and went in 2017 with little fanfare, shows Denzel Washington as the grumpy defender of the old-school title. His gaudy suits, vintage afro and trusty Walkman distinguish him as a timeless man, like the Rip Van Winkle of the civil rights movement, trapped in a modern legal thriller. When the brilliant but heavy Israel works in a skillful commercial law firm owned by Colin Farrell, he is forced to answer a difficult question: Will he stay true to his ideals or will he sell himself? Gilroy`s script is as serious as it is wobbly, oscillating between thoughtful graceful notes and ridiculous action rhythms.

It clearly wants to be one of those movies where you say, “They don`t do them like that anymore,” but it`s often much more looped than a lot of New Hollywood movies from the `70s that it imitates. They`ve never done it this way – and probably won`t anytime soon. Ryoo Seung-wan`s Escape From Mogadishu, a densely twisting political thriller set at the start of the Somali civil war, is both an exciting action film and a moving plea for the world to overcome the superficial divisions that prevent us from helping each other. The Wachowskis make their directorial debut in this dazzling neo-noir thriller about two women who fall in love and steal $2 million in mafia money. Jennifer Tilly plays Violet, Mafia girlfriend Caesar (Joe Pantoliano). Gina Gershon is Corky, an ex-cop who works as a janitor in the building where Violet and Caesar live. When Corky and Violet catch their eye in the elevator, the seduction begins when they are irresistibly drawn to each other and have the possibility of a better life outside of their respective limited circumstances. Before raising your objections, let us eliminate a few reservations. For the purposes of this list, we mainly think of thrillers or titles adjacent to thrillers that have been ripped from headlines – meaning we`ve omitted a number of classic court dramas and are looking back to the `90s and today.

(With no disrespect to Witness for the Prosecution, Anatomy of A Murder, 12 Angry Men, The Verdict, or a number of other legal classics.) Think of John Grisham and the scenes where Tom Cruise beats Wilford Brimley with a briefcase. Fritz Lang`s 1931 thriller M is widely regarded as his magnum opus – perhaps only after his groundbreaking 1927 sci-fi epic Metropolis – but also one of the greatest films of all time. The film is set in Berlin and follows the investigation of a psychotic child murderer whose reign of terror has plunged the city into a fit of hysteria and mistrust. When Berlin`s criminal undergrounding tightens the noose around them in the police`s unsuccessful campaign to catch him, they take it upon themselves to eradicate this evil and bring it to justice. —TE The Samurai is one of the purest distillations of “cool” ever seen in films, and has been cited by filmmakers such as John Woo, Jim Jarmusch and Johnnie To as influences on his work. —PV heist thriller Michael Bay is one of our favorite movies of the year, so of course, it will find its way onto this list. The Court of Justice is currently sitting. Although they`ve largely disappeared from the multiplex in recent years, it`s still the perfect time to escape into the twisted, monologue-filled world of a legal thriller. While ethically compromised lawyers have mostly retreated to the small screen, where shows like Billions and The Good Fight continue the tradition of the legal thriller, there`s no shortage of great legal thrillers to watch. At least it`s cheaper than law school.

This 92-minute ride is one of many notable French crime novels on Netflix. In it, Lino (former stuntman Alban Lenoir) is an experienced mechanic who was forced to work for a group of dirty cops. When charged with murder, Lino must find what can prove his innocence: a stray bullet in a missing car. With high-octane action sequences and stunning automotive stunts, director Guillaume Pierret perfectly implements a simple premise. If you enjoy a thriller, your body can know before your mind. Thrillers can touch many different subgenres, but they live and die from whether they convey suspense, fear, suspense, and surprise to viewers. From classic thrillers like John Cassavetes` The Killing of a Chinese Bookie and Bong Joon-ho`s Memories of Murder to underrated gems like John Hyams` Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning or Antonio Banderas Mall`s crime thriller Security, the genre offers a rich and extensive selection for every imaginable audience. John Schlesinger`s 1976 thriller Marathon Man is perhaps best known for a scene in which Dustin Hoffman`s character, Thomas “Babe” Levy—a New York graduate student writing his thesis on American fascism—is brutally tortured with dental tools by an old Nazi war criminal when asked: “Is it safe?” The entire film is worth seeing in its entirety, with a Byzantine conspiracy with devious assassins, undercover government agents, a hidden cache of stolen diamonds, and an unfortunate layman thrown into the mix by a whim of unfortunate circumstances. In addition to possessing one of Hoffman`s most iconic roles, Marathon Man is a tight and scary film that stands the test of time as an utterly entertaining thriller.

—TE Escape From Mogadishu deftly strikes the balance between thoughtful historical film and thriller, and one scene stands out in the latter category: a caravan shot down by soldiers trying to retreat from a difficult situation, while the camera zooms in on each car one by one in an absolutely breathless sequence that leaves you on the edge of your seat. –PV Directed by Steven Knight (Peaky Blinders, Serenity 2019), Locke is an impressive technical feat and an economic thriller to the bone, skillfully showcasing the skills of its star and director. —PV Jean-Pierre Melville`s hugely influential neo-noir is a meticulously timed, slow-burning crime thriller. Silent hitman Jef (played by Alain Delon in one of his most memorable roles) is drawn into a difficult situation when he is discovered after killing a target. Soon, Jef is on the run not only from the police, but also from other figures in the underworld of organized crime.