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Legal Salary Survey Middle East

“Salaries have certainly risen year over year and will continue on this path for 2022, with proportionately more pay increases this year than in the last three years,” Sarah Dixon, chief executive of Hays Middle East, told The National in January. In these uncertain times, companies will be looking for strong financial, legal and business numbers that are “thinkers outside the box”; Self-managed and can work remotely with minimal convenient management. Ideally, business-minded professionals are more in demand as companies try to establish a new normal. Based on the results of a survey of more than 800 Saudi-based employers and workers, the report examines trends in wages, employment and benefits, as well as staff turnover in the Kingdom. It also includes average salaries for the most in-demand positions in 10 different specialties, including: accounting and finance, construction and real estate, human resources, legal, manufacturing, marketing and digital marketing, oil and gas, procurement and supply chain, sales and technology. The trend in recent years has shown that most company-wide wage increases represent an increase of less than 5 percent, but that likely won`t be enough to retain candidates looking to change jobs for the rest of 2022 based on salary, Dixon says. Companies must offer a competitive benefits package to attract top talent, according to the 2022 Robert Half Salary Guide. Professionals looking to increase their income should probably look for new opportunities, but newcomers should always expect cautious salary increases when switching roles. We expect there to be a cautious outlook on wage levels and progressive hiring. We are considering marginal increases and sideways offers with enhanced benefits that should be more attractive to future employees. The digital edition of the Robert Walters Salary Survey gives you easy access to all the salary and market trends you need to be aware of, whether you`re in the office, at home or on the go. Welcome to the Robert Half 2022 Salary Guide – your online resource for projected salary ranges, benefits and hiring trends for more than 150 positions in finance and accounting, law, financial services, human resources and technology.

Start your salary discussions here, based on data from thousands of job postings. The recruitment market in the Middle East continues to be an attractive location for international lawyers and offers excellent career opportunities in law firms. It`s fast, exciting, and continues to attract global organizations to the region. It offers lawyers state-of-the-art legal work, good client contact, relatively small but high-quality teams and impressive salary packages. Our salary benchmarking team focuses on customized salary and rewards reports based on your individual needs Among executives surveyed by Cooper Fitch for its salary guide, 74% of UAE companies planned to offer bonus programs in 2022, with 46% saying they would pay one to two months of gross salary and 21% said they would pay employees three to five. Reward gross monthly salaries. However, since the outbreak of Covid-19, candidates are increasingly demanding to work from home at least two days a week and are asking for flexible work schedules and training opportunities, according to the Robert Half report. “Companies are increasing their benefits to retain and attract employees,” says Gareth El Mettouri, Robert Half`s deputy director for the Middle East, in the payroll report. Employment levels also remained stable over the survey period, and “further increases in demand and arrears could support employment growth sooner rather than later,” said David Owen, an economist at IHS Markit. The legal market is still very much run by Dubai, and many companies and corporations still use Dubai as their main base in the Middle East because of its liberal regime, world-class infrastructure, and excellent facilities for living abroad.

Given the increase in hiring, what are the salary and employment prospects for job seekers this year? Read on to find out. Get your personal salary forecasts for 2022 and check salaries for similar roles Salaries are usually paid at a flat rate and the “expat package” that divides salary, accommodation, and other costs rarely exists these days. Housing costs are now very competitive compared to other major jurisdictions, with new high-quality villas and apartments. In the Middle East, we expect companies to continue to be conservative when it comes to wage increases. Overall, wages need to remain stable and be reduced in some areas. The Middle East is a cosmopolitan region and this is reflected in the diversity of the local legal population. As regional experience becomes increasingly important, hiring managers are often willing to pay a premium to those already established in the market. However, in a good market, there are still plenty of opportunities for those based outside the UAE. With expats now able to buy real estate in various locations and with high standards of education and healthcare, moving to the area is no longer a “pit stop”, but often a long-term move.

In all major cities in Africa, there has been a partial or complete shutdown of economies, which has affected the industry in different ways. The outbreak has caused disruptions across sectors, with countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Rwanda still recording a number of attitudes. However, “the sentiment in the UAE and the surrounding Gulf region is very positive,” she notes. The climate is excellent for most of the year and wall-to-wall air conditioning makes hot summers bearable, no matter what activity you want to participate in. If you want to take a break, the Middle East is a great transportation hub as it`s located between Europe, Africa, and Asia, making them all accessible within a few hours. However, education grants for children are an important “pull factor” for UAE professionals when considering a new role, says Hays Middle East`s Dixon. Other places such as Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Saudi Arabia have the potential to grow due to their income from nature reserves and also offer excellent opportunities for avocados looking for a less developed market. Offices and teams tend to be much smaller, but still offer great career opportunities. However, not all industries will offer bonuses to employees this year, said Trefor Murphy, CEO of Cooper Fitch. Get an overview of the hiring landscape and find out which skills are most in demand. According to the Hays 2022 Salary Guide released at the end of January, around 73% of UAE employers expect their salaries in their organisations to increase by up to 5% this year, up from 37% in 2021.

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a catalyst for long-term changes in the workplace, as many companies now allow their employees to work from home full-time or one to three days a week. If you need to grow your team or simply keep the talent you have, the salary survey will give you the information you need to have the right team to move your business forward. Commercial activity in the UAE`s non-oil private sector improved to its highest level in about two and a half years in November 2021, boosted by Expo 2020 Dubai, a surge in tourism and increased spending amid the post-pandemic economic recovery. This is a challenge for organizations because tuition fees in the UAE are relatively high, and in our experience, child-rearing allowances are usually only offered to higher-level applicants. They also vary in how they are offered – some employers provide an annual lump sum, while others cover up to two children or are limited to a certain amount of expenses. However, maintaining employee motivation and engagement as well as onboarding new remote employees are the biggest challenges, which employers will face in 2022. “We have seen business confidence and hiring activity return to pre-pandemic and beyond levels, with a lot of optimism for 2022.” The region has been a bit more subdued in recent years, but the market is expected to increase in 2018 as the region develops and matures after oil prices stabilize. The majority of law firms are full-service firms and will perform corporate, financial, project/construction, real estate and litigation/arbitration work from their regional offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Saudi Arabia.

For more than 20 years, employers and professionals have relied on the Robert Walters Salary Survey to make critical decisions for their business and career. “Candidates` expectations have changed since the pandemic and they expect more than salaries and bonuses,” the report said. Understanding what attracts, motivates and retains talent has never been more important – understanding these aspects should influence a company`s people management strategy. This guide is a practical and valuable resource for designing your talent acquisition strategy or job search for 2022. Mandatory benefits like private health insurance are standard, but old-school benefits like education and car allowances are scarce. Premiums at all levels remain discretionary, and our results suggest that there is no alternative to the one offered by the majority of organizations in the region. Jason Grundy, Managing Director, Middle East and Africa The most resilient sectors this year include technology, human resources, healthcare and life sciences, while accelerating demand for digital and data management and project management professionals, says recruitment specialist Michael Page in his UAE Salary Guide & Hiring Insights 2022 report.