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Legal Profession Act Section 37(1) and 40(1)

(11) An order made by a hearing panel under subsection (10) may be appealed to the Court of Appeal under section 49. 2004, c. 28, p. 36; 2010, c. 56, p. 12. (b) at the request of the authority regulating the legal profession in that territory, communicate to it the name of any jurisdiction in which the member belongs to the legal profession. 2004, c. 28, p. 19.

16 (1) In this section, “governing body” means the body that governs the legal professions of another province or territory of Canada. 35 The conduct, ability, practice or professional competence of a member of the corporation may be investigated under this Part. 2010, c. 56, p. 11. 3. Reports shall be admissible in judicial proceedings only if the committee responsible determines that it is in the public interest to make the report available and authorises the Executive Director to make it available in judicial proceedings. 7. Proceedings for the use or execution of an indictment under this Section may be instituted only after a request for directions has been made to the competent court. 44.1 (1) For the purposes of proceedings under Part 2, 3, 4 or 5 of this Act, sections 48, 49 and 56 of the Administrative Tribunal Act apply subject to, 62 (1) The Association shall implement a mandatory professional liability claims program in accordance with this section and sections 63 and 64 and may implement a voluntary franchise program. (3) The costs of enforcing an order under subsection (1) shall initially be borne by the company and may be awarded as costs to a member of the company in accordance with subsection (4). 8.

The Foundation shall indemnify the Company against all claims under paragraph 6 in respect of sums received from the Company under paragraph 7, including interest paid by the Company in accordance with paragraph 6 for the period during which the money was in the possession of the Foundation. (7) No person may resign as a member of the company unless this is authorised by decision of the Council or by order of a hearing body in accordance with Article 45 (4). (b) the granting of scholarships, scholarships and loans to persons participating in a legal education programme; 3. If, notwithstanding paragraph 2, the term of office of a member of the Management Board expires and no successor has been appointed, the term of office of that member of the Management Board shall last until a successor is appointed. (a) includes, in Division 1 of Part 2, a member of the governing body of the legal profession of another province or territory of Canada who is licensed to practise as a prosecutor in that province or territory; 44 (1) Subject to paragraph 2, a hearing before a hearing panel is public. (b) enter into a group insurance contract with an insurer, alone or jointly with one or more legal professional bodies of foreign jurisdictions or one or more bodies designated by such a management body and established for purposes similar to those of the association. (b) persons who were members of the society when a question concerning their character or professional capacity arose; (c) each voting share is legally and economically owned by a lawyer or bar association; (ii) programs to assist lawyers in resolving matters arising from legal practice under the Association`s mandatory professional liability program; (b) fix each element of the fee payable under paragraph 2; (v) if the defendant is an individual who is not a member of the Society, conduct that, if the defendant were a member, would constitute professional misconduct, unprofessional conduct or a violation of this Act or the rules. (d) Negotiate legal rights or obligations on behalf of a person. (5) Every person who is a voting shareholder of a corporation and every person who is a voting shareholder of a corporation that holds voting shares of the Law Corporation is liable to any person to whom the professional services of a lawyer are provided by Law Corporation in respect of those professional services to the same extent and in the same manner, as if shareholders with voting rights were exercising this practice. of the law in a limited liability company or, in the absence of a single shareholder with voting rights, as a natural person practising the profession of lawyer. 2004, c. 28, p.

22. (6) The entire sum of the foundation shall be paid to a savings institution designated in accordance with Article 33 (3) letter b until it is invested or used in accordance with this article and used for the purposes of the foundation. (4) The relationship between a law firm that carries on business under this Part and the Rules and a person that receives legal services provided by the company is subject to all applicable laws relating to fiduciary, confidential and ethical relationships between a lawyer and a client. (c) may limit the amounts that may be paid out of the Compensation Fund established under subsection (6) in respect of a claim against a lawyer under the Trust Protection Indemnification Program. (5) A lawyer may apply to the court for approval of a contingency fee agreement for services related to a matrimonial dispute, subsections 66(7) to (9) applying. 3. If a member of the partnership that is not a law firm meets any of the requirements imposed on him by virtue of the powers conferred on him by subsection 2, the Complaints Investigation Committee may order that the member be suspended until he or she complies with the requirements. 9. For the purposes of a complaint referred to in paragraph 6, the hearing panel shall have access to all correspondence, records, reports and other documents in its possession or production.

(b) all directors and officers of a person who require the person to comply with a subpoena served by a party under paragraph 2; 9. Advisers shall not pay money under paragraph 8 unless they are satisfied that they will be reimbursed or compensated by agreements entered into under paragraph 10 or by insurance taken out under paragraph 7; for each amount paid. 4. No injunction shall be issued under paragraph 3 to prevent the publication of anything that is otherwise available to the public. 2. A judgement creditor`s claim against the beneficiary of paragraph 1 shall be subject to the same rules of equity as would have been applied in favour of the beneficiary if the judgment had been enforced by the lawyer. 38 (1) If a member of the Society has been convicted or convicted in Canada or outside Canada of an offence inconsistent with the good professional conduct of a member of the Society, including a conviction under 81 (1) The Law Society Association is entitled to engage in the business of providing legal services to the public by one or more persons, each (4) An association of the Law Society, while licensed, shall not engage in any activity prohibited by the Regulation, and no act of a corporation, including the transfer of ownership to or by a corporation, shall be invalid merely because it contravenes this subsection. 5. A hearing panel may order that the public be excluded from that part of the hearing relating to an application for an injunction made under subsection 2. (c) order the member to undergo an assessment or examination to determine whether the member is professionally qualified to practise law and to submit the assessment or audit report to the hearing panel; (3) Nothing in this Part affects, amends or limits the laws applicable to fiduciary, confidential or ethical relationships between an attorney and any person who uses the attorney`s professional services.