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Legal Meaning of Curtail

Trim — [kər tāl′] vt. [ME curtailen, modified (in connection with the size < OFr tailor: see TAILOR) < OFr curtald, CURTAL]; reduce; SHORTEN SYN. SHORTEN Reduction n. Deutsch World Dictionary A mortgage was satisfied by reduction if the balance was prepaid. Are you railing against the fanatics in Washington on television who want to restrict equality? A number of recent news items have been linked to the announced cuts, including the following: The gentlemen accepted the settlers` petition and announced that they had no intention of restricting their freedoms. The first precious boxes loaded with the frozen elixir arrived in December and promised to contain the pandemic that has paralyzed the region and the world. Moreover, efforts to restrict early voting without excuses have nothing to do with election security. Shorten — ► Reduce the VERB ▪ in volume or quantity. DERIVATIVES reduction name. ORIGIN of the obsolete curtal "horse with cut tail", from the Latin curtus, influenced by TAIL (cf. ↑tailless). English Term Dictionary Search the Legal Abbreviations and Acronyms Dictionary for acronyms and/or abbreviations that contain a limit. The county approved hundreds of temporary permits for outdoor dining last year, allowing businesses to use unused sidewalks, alleys and parking lanes, creating a lifeline as indoor dining was closed or severely restricted.

curtail — end 15c., abbreviated by M.Fr. courtault, by Court short (O.Fr. cort, by L. curtus; see CURT (cf. curt)) + ault pejorative suffix of Germanic origin. Originally curtal; Use of horses with a cut tail, which are probably.. Etymological dictionary Therefore, anything that curbs our suffering and contributes to our pleasures or powers must be sought as the greatest good. While the exhibition advocates resource conservation and the fight against the unbridled consumption that is destroying the planet, it does so in the vernacular of plenty.

But it is also time to curb demand for ivory in Asia. A company may choose to reduce some of its business activities in response to financial difficulties. This may include temporarily or permanently stopping parts of the operation to focus on the core business. Leading Democrats in the House of Representatives proposed Monday night to send $1,400 in stimulus payments to Americans whose annual income does not exceed $75,000 and rejected an earlier plan currently under consideration to slash benefits. After that, severe repressive measures were taken to reduce his power. Despite its common use to describe business cuts and electricity restrictions, consumers are more likely to encounter the word cut in the fine print on mortgage securities. At least in this context, a discount is always a good outcome for the consumer. The word reduction is also often used by energy companies to describe a reduction in deliveries to customers due to a temporary shortage of supply. curtail — cur‧tail [kɜːˈteɪl ǁ kɜːr ] verb [transitive] reduce or limit somewhat: • Critics of the Federal Bank in Congress are eager to reduce its power. • Investment plans may be limited by high interest rates. * * * abbreviate UK US /kɜːˈteɪl/ verb… Limit financial and commercial terms — *shorten, shorten, shorten, shorten Similar words: reduce, *reduce, decrease: *cut, cut Antonyms: length, lengthen Contrasting words: *lengthen, lengthen, lengthen..

New thesaurus Bill de Blasio successfully ran for mayor on a promise to reduce it. Value propositions are wrong, and government action to curb this type of fraud is long overdue. In the run-up to the World Cup, Brazil is trying to curtail its controversial football fan clubs. curtail — [[t]kɜː(r)te͟ɪl[/t]] reduced, reduced, restricted VERB When you restrict something, reduce or limit it. [FORMAL] [V n] NATO plans to reduce the number of troops deployed in the region. [V n] I told Louie that age would limit her. English Dictionary Nobles and clergy stubbornly clung to their privileges, and the court would not reduce any of its unnecessary expenses. The narrator lingered lovingly and abundantly with flirting, but here we are forced to limit it. You might be interested in the historical significance of this term. Search or search Curtail in Historical Law in the Encyclopedia of Law. To shorten, shorten, shorten, shorten, shorten means to reduce in scope. Shortening means reducing the length or duration.

Truncating a language shortening adds a cutting implication that, in some ways, deprives it of completeness or relevance. Ceremonies that are shortened due to shortening rain usually involve shortening by omitting a part. The use of a short title implies a reduction in size or scope while retaining the essential elements and a relative completeness of the result. The abridged version of the novel Retrench suggests a reduction in the scope or cost of what is perceived as excessive. The decline in business forced the company to pull out The word truncation can be applied to an intentional restriction or reduction of an activity, but it has found its way into a variety of applications related to business operations. A company may impose a reduction in production in response to short-term market conditions. This is particularly common in the oil and gas industry, which must react quickly to changes in supply and demand. Search or search abbreviated in the American Encyclopedia of Law, Asian Encyclopedia of Law, European Encyclopedia of Law, UK Encyclopedia of Law, or Latin American and Spanish Encyclopedia of Law.

Curtail — Cur*tail (k[u^]r*t[=a]l ), v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Curtailed} ( t[=a]ld ); p. pr. & vb.

n. {Curtailing}.] [See {Curtal}.] Cut off the end or tail or part of it; shorten; shorten; reduce; to be reduced. [1913 Webster] Me, that is.. The Collaborative International Dictionary of English Curtailment is the act of restricting, reducing or shortening something. The word is often used in commercial advertisements and has several uses in the mortgage industry: Black`s Law Dictionary. HENRY CAMPBELL BLACK, M. A. 1990. Die Bildlaufbeendigung eines beliebigen Architekturelements ab einem Schritt usw. [1913 Webster] .

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English by popular etymology from primitive curtal to the tail of an animal, from curtal, noun, animal with a moored tail, from Middle French courtault – more to curtal.