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Law Firms in Yorkton Saskatchewan

For anyone living in Yorkton, this online directory is the best way to find out about local service providers. It is easy to determine which lawyers or law firms are best placed to represent you or manage your legal affairs once you have consulted the entries in the Mysask411 directory. Here you will find comprehensive information about law firms in the area, including their contact details, the types of law they practice, additional legal services, and more. And all this on an easy-to-use website that can be searched from your smartphone, laptop or desktop! Whether you`re starting a business, selling your home, discisitating, or simply need legal advice, Cogent Law is committed to providing professional and efficient services to help all clients meet their legal needs. Documentation and legal processes can be complex; Adeola strives to make legal language understandable by providing the necessary guidance to adequately meet your legal requirements. I have experience in various areas of law. Call, email or visit the office to find out how Cogent Law can help you. We are available in the evenings and weekends by appointment. and in the future, as we adapt to changing circumstances.

1976 Government Medal of Valour, 1968-1970: Primary Reserve (militia) Fort Garry Horse; honorably released; Protect yourself from costly mistakes with professional legal advice. If you need to hand over documents, we have a Dropbox at the entrance of our main offices at the top of the stairs. Our office is located in the heart of downtown Yorkton at the corner of Broadway and First Avenue, including a ground floor office where we are happy to meet you if you have difficulty using the stairs. Lawyers and employees would like to thank our clients once again for their I look forward to providing you with legal advice for your unique situation. Please contact the office at the above number if you need more information about payment. Kondratoff Persick LLP is the largest law firm in Yorkton and the region with 9 lawyers supported by an incredible staff. With offices in Yorkton, Kamsack and Canora, we offer a wide range of legal services and look forward to serving our clients at the highest level. Collaborative Law Dispute Resolution Procedure The Collaborative Dispute Resolution Procedure is an alternative to the judicial resolution of disputes in family, estate and contract law. Bernard N. Stephaniuk is a lawyer who can practice collaborative litigation and as a dispute resolution mediator.

He has attended the following courses and workshops: Part I Interest-Based Negotiation: Part II Collaborative Law: Part III of the Training; “Effective Negotiation: Working with Clients and Advisors,” moderated by J. Glen Gardner, Director, Saskatchewan Dispute Resolution Office and a team of co-facilitators, presented by Collaborative Lawyers of Saskatchewan Inc., March 12, 2010. INTRODUCTION TO MEDIATION TRAINING March 1, 2 and 3, 2011 by the Dispute Resolution Office, the Ministry of Justice and the Attorney General of Saskatchewan. The moderators were J. Glen Gardner and Ray Friesen; Take advantage! Negotiation Strategies for Lawyers, December 2, 2015, Martin E. Latz Speaker, Latz Negotiation Institute; Keeping Interests at the Table and Managing Conflict, March 9, 2016. I will consider all possible defences when preparing your case. – real estate (residential and commercial), leases, transfers, mortgages, purchase agreements, offers to purchase and the survival of joint lease applications; Our firm is composed of 4 partners, 5 partners and 1 law student as well as an experienced and dedicated support team.

“Very helpful and knowledgeable. I can`t say enough good things about them. Yorkton lawyers who are not currently listed in our online offerings are missing out on a huge opportunity. Mysask411 offers you the opportunity to place information about your practice directly in front of residents who are currently looking for lawyers. Don`t miss the opportunity to win a new customer! Call now to find out more. Patience, support and understanding over the past few months Finding the right lawyers can take time you simply don`t have. Of course, you can check your phone book and call any law firm you see there to get information about the legal services they offer. Or you can search for lawyers in Yorkton in the most efficient and convenient way – start and finish your search here at Mysask411. – Administration of the estate, including applications for probate and comfort letters, wills, powers of attorney and court health directives; Rusnak Balacko Kachur Rusnak remains open to meet the needs of our customers in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Clients are asked to answer screening questions before entering the office. – family law, including divorce applications, otherwise through collaborative law or mediation and contracts between spouses; Bernard has been a member of the Bar of Saskatchewan www.lawsociety.sk.ca, the www.collabsask.com and a mediator with Collaborative Lawyers of Saskatchewan Inc. since August 1985. FITT INTERNATIONAL TRADE CERTIFICATE: 1995-2007: International Trade Training Forum Module 3 International Trade Finance, Module 2 International Marketing, Module 4 International Trade Logistics, Module 1 Global Entrepreneurship BERNARD N. STEPHANIUK M.B., B.A., LL. B. #5 5TH AVENUE NORTH BOX 20006 YORKTON, SASKATCHEWAN CANADA S3N 4A9 (306) 783-2424 (Office) (306) 782-1595 (fax) Email: [email protected] Randy has been a partner since January 1983. In 2013, he was appointed Queen`s Counsel. David worked at Rusnak Balacko Kachur in 1981 and 1982 and was a partner from 1982 to 1987. He became a partner in 1987. David was appointed Queen`s Counsel in 2015. Comprehensive legal advice in and around Yorkton, Saskatchewan.

Cogent Law handles complex life situations with you and is dedicated to your success. Our front doors are still locked, but we now have regular appointments. Office visits are still only possible by appointment. Aginukraine.com – Last updated July 04, 2021 by Becquet Enterprises English Ukrainian: fluent, reads and writes with translation experience Polish and Russian: Some understanding deals with general legal practice with a focus on civil litigation and labour relations. He has acted as counsel at all levels of the court, including the Provincial Court, the Court of Queen`s Bench, the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada, as well as in the Manitoba courts. Please note that we always accept payments by phone by credit card or email with electronic transfer. “Very helpful, honest and compassionate during a very difficult process. In addition to general legal practice, Adeola may also provide notarial services and act as an official witness in the execution of contracts, agreements or other legal documents. If you need the authority of a notary, contact Cogent Law today.

Cogent Law provides the following legal services to Yorkton: We take precautions to ensure the health and safety of our clients and employees. Bernard limits his practice to the following areas: We carefully open our offices to the public.