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Law Empire Tycoon Special Cases

Are you ready to run your own law firm and become a renowned lawyer? Accept the challenge and get rich while winning important exams for your clients! Start by running a small business and work hard to gain prestige and grow your reputation. Study every detail, follow all the tracks to transform your business into a successful one. Meet your clients` needs and defend them in court in a fair trial. Choose your cases and hire outside detectives and interns to gather evidence and convince the jury. Change the judge`s final verdict through intensive research and prove to a judge that your accused is not guilty. Invest your money wisely in your business to win tougher cases and impress other famous lawyers with your good work. Make smart decisions and adjust your strategy accordingly. WIN DEALS AND STAND OUT FROM THE REST OF THE LAW FIRMS: Accept cases that you think can improve your reputation. Specializes in prosecutions related to robbery, corruption, extortion, threats, fraud, drug trafficking; or even solving crimes of passion, murder, love triangles and crimes related to the mafia. Show the prosecutor that your clients are innocent! Use the prestige you earn after each win to grow your business if you want to handle more special cases. INVESTIGATE AND DEFEND YOUR WORK IN COURT: All previous investigations must be defended before a judge. Everything will be useless if you don`t properly endorse all your research and results.

The judge must be convinced before hitting the table with the mallet. In any case, pay attention to the acquittal of your accused. Negotiate with the prosecutors and prove them wrong! MANAGE YOUR EMPLOYEES: You need the best work team in your company. Study the situation and hire lawyers, articling students, or investigators based on your workflow and growth strategy. All departments need the best equipment and lawyers to cover all your business needs. Manage your team wisely to make your business profitable and well-known. MAKE CONTACTS AND JOIN EXCLUSIVE LAW CLUBS: Gain prestige and be invited to the Lawyers Club by famous lawyers. Take on their challenges to increase your reputation and prove your worth in front of all members.

Climb the career ladder and cultivate influential contacts in the club. If you like management and idle games, you`ll enjoy Law Empire Tycoon! A casual game where strategic decisions must be made to run a law firm with profitable results. Upgrade your empire from a small, modest desktop and unlock visible progress on your premises. Turn your small business into the best law firm and become the best bar association in the world!- Casual and strategic gameplay for every player- Multiple lines of investigation and legal affairs- Dozens of items to unlock and upgrade- Lots of characters and interactions- Fun 3D graphics and great animations- Managing a successful business- A small living world in miniature. Oh! Our secret informants have found a leak in some top secret cases, and we know that special guests will be coming to our company soon. Stay calm, take a deep breath, and be prepared to defend these exclusive clients in court like only you can. It seems that you get juicy rewards when you win these cases. This is by far my favorite game, but I`m a tycoon and I`ve installed your other apps to try them out. But like other games, this game has some very annoying problems 1) If you try to train a lawyer and then close and reopen the app, the skill will change or switch to another 2) If you unlock detectives and get longer cases, icons such as court, file, and paperwork icons will not appear in Law Office 3 (the first one behind the meeting room) and will instead appear in other offices, It becomes very confusing. 3) Another thing is that once you accept a case as a crime, $94,000 once you enter a courtroom, the money and title change to something else.

(Money is going down and the title could change to mean theft) Please fix them as they are very annoying and maintain the quality of the game 🙂 I say this and anyone of you who play the game will probably agree that this game is quite fun, but after a few hours, I realize that the game only upgrades the desktops, which currently takes about 4-8 hours, which makes me not play the game during this time since there is nothing else. what I can do. I paid for the game to be added for free, which makes a big difference, and I also paid for an additional builder, so now I can build two things at once, but no matter how many builders you have, the concept is always the same.