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Law Books in Ghana

Are you looking for legal books for lawyers in Ghana? Find legal books for lawyers online on Ubuy at the lowest prices. Stay up to date with our special offers, festive offers and discounts. The answer is Ubuy Ghana, where you can easily get law books for international market lawyers at very affordable prices. It covers a substantial part of the topics covered in the compulsory course on the legal system and method of Ghana, which is taught in all law faculties in the country. The course covers a variety of topics, including writing legal exams, legal research, problem identification, and problem solving. These topics should address the problems faced by students; Problems that most people who start studying law will also encounter. The Guide to the Study of Law in Ghana is an attempt to demystify key issues such as tort, contract and real estate liability among many others. It provides guidance on other substantive issues, including teaching the essential skills of legal thinking, understanding and analysis; It exposes readers to current trends in legal thought; and introduces readers to the framework of Ghana`s legal system. The Guide to the Study of Law in Ghana is a book on legal methods and legal communication with a distinct Ghanaian accent, written by an author with conference experience. Ubuy is secured with SSL certification and works with HTTPS. Our payment process is secured by advanced encryption systems to ensure complete security of our customers` valuable data and funds.