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Laos Gun Control Laws

Both of these firearms laws are enforceable by every peace officer certified in the state. It is important to note that even if laws differ in language, it is a person`s responsibility to comply with all sections of each law in order to agree. A separate licence is required for each firearm, calibre conversion kit or silencer. There is no codified limit to the number of licences a person can hold, but in practice, a licence holder can possess up to six shotguns, ten handguns or a mixture of eight rifles and handguns. Firearms must be stored in an approved safe. A firearm registered for hunting can be used for sport shooting, but not vice versa. Hunting licences are implicitly limited to rapid-fire weapons or, more rarely, semi-automatic rifles that are “applicable to hunting” without the latter being strictly defined in the laws, which is controversial. [378] In 2012, Iraq relaxed its gun laws. “Possession of one rifle or pistol per apartment” was allowed by simple registration in local police stations.

[238] The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republika Srpska have relatively strict firearms laws compared to the rest of Europe. Weapons are regulated by the Arms and Ammunition Act. [24] Persons over the age of 21 may apply for a permit. Individuals with a history of criminal activity, mental disorder, alcohol or drug use will be denied permission. There is also a thorough background check where neighbours and family are interviewed, and the candidate must take a course and pass a multiple-choice exam. The police have the final say in this matter, with a call to a possible police captain. Firearms must be stored in a “safe place” inside a home and can be confiscated by police if the owner is deemed “irresponsible”. Concealed wearing is permitted with a permit. Pepper spray can be worn by women if they are registered with the police. [ref. needed] In 2014, Russia relaxed its gun laws by allowing secret firearms for self-defense. [111] Officially, only 139 people in the Central African Republic have a firearms licence, most of them MPs.

You are eligible to own a 12-gauge shotgun and a 9mm automatic pistol. [153] In any event, illegal possession and carrying of firearms is widespread in a country where large parts are under the control of various armed groups. Anti-balaka and ex-Seleka militias possess and transport shotguns, automatic rifles, and homemade rocket launchers. [154] Gun control has been largely unsuccessful in Lebanon due to a historical context of weapons availability and use, a lack of control or effective central government authority over many parts of the country, and the turbulent nature of the region. Although the armory was once important in the area, it has almost ceased since the mid-1930s, but remains legal with a license. Lebanon has become one of the largest arms markets in the Middle East. [259] Several factors may disqualify applicants. A prison sentence of three months to three years disqualifies candidates for five years of dismissal; Three years or more disqualify candidates for life. “Excessive habits” such as substance use can disqualify applicants.

An “unhealthy mind” – a history of mental illness or other relevant medical conditions – may disqualify applicants, but there are no conditions that “automatically render them unfit to possess a firearm,” and police will contact the applicant`s general practitioner, who will flag all licensees` records. [382] Applicants must also have appropriate measures in place to store firearms and ammunition, such as a firearms safe. The RTC also requires proof of valid reason for each firearm the applicant wishes to possess (e.g. hunting, pest control, gathering or sport shooting). Self-defence is accepted only as a good reason in Northern Ireland. The United Kingdom has tightened firearms regulations through several firearms laws,[380] resulting in a complete ban on automatic firearms and many semi-automatic firearms. Breech-loading handguns are also strictly controlled. [381] There are three types of weapons that require different permits: According to 16 USC 1a-7b, a person is permitted to possess a firearm in any national park if such possession complies with the laws of the state in which the national park area is located.

Therefore, Colorado laws would apply in any national park in the state of Colorado. Another federal law, specifically 18 USC 930, prohibits firearms or other dangerous weapons in a “federal facility,” defined as “a building or part thereof owned or leased by the federal government where federal employees are regularly present for the performance of their official duties.” In national parks, these facilities may include visitor centres, administrative offices, and/or maintenance buildings. These facilities are clearly signposted at all public entrances. For more information about national parks and park-specific regulations, visit the National Park Service website and search by park name, location (state), activity, or topic. Under Jordan`s gun control law, passed in 1952, Jordanian residents are allowed to keep rifles and handguns with the amount of ammunition needed to defend themselves at home, provided they obtain a permit. Permits are denied to persons under the age of 21 who have been convicted of criminal offences. The possession and carrying of automatic weapons requires a special permit. Jamaica`s firearms laws are set out in the Firearms Act and regulated by the Firearms Licensing Authority. [195] Applicants must pass a police background check and go through a certification process to obtain a firearms licence for shotguns, handguns and rifles. Shotguns and rifles for hunting or sporting purposes are easier to obtain than handguns. Fully automatic weapons are prohibited. Handguns are limited to those below .45 caliber for revolvers or 10mm for pistols.

The purchase of ammunition is limited to 250 rounds per year for shotguns and 50 rounds for handguns, with requests for additional ammunition generally accepted during the hunting season. A firearms safe is required to store all firearms and ammunition. [196] Once a licence is obtained, no additional authorization is required to carry a firearm openly or secretly, unless the carrying of firearms has been temporarily prohibited under section 22 of the Act. [197] Cuba`s 2008 gun control law divides firearms licenses into six categories: Firearms laws in Honduras are defined in the 2000 Law on the Control of Firearms, Ammunition, Explosives, and Other Related Materials. [191] In April 2002, the National Firearms Registry was established, requiring all citizens to register their firearms with the Ministry of Defence. [192] In addition, Article 11a sets further restrictions on the purchase, possession and carrying of all weapons and ammunition for asylum seekers and many third-country nationals.