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Is Tcs Good Company to Work

I hope you landed in better company and are better now that you have left TCS. My experience is that career decisions can be made by heart to get you into big trouble. For example, I found myself in the worst company imaginable. With a few jokers who consider themselves HR. They are glorified APs of a one-man army that has gone mad! The company where I ended up is the Rashmi Group In TCS Research, I work on client/POC projects with the latest ML/AI models. We are also involved in published academic research/presented at international Level 1 conferences on machine learning. The main thing that disappointed me was the salary and the reviews. Since we were 3 members in the team and 2 of them specialized in different technologies, I was overwhelmed by the development work. I worked overtime for almost a year after the lockdown and management knows it, I kept asking another employee to join the team, but they didn`t respond to any of the requests I made to them. Revision, we did not have a TL, so we were in direct contact with the customer.

You know how much time I spent doing things right, and I was available on weekends to finish the project on time. During the exam period, I was very sure that I would get 4.5/5 reviews, but things didn`t turn out as I expected. I had 4 I was disappointed, I went to the reporting manager and asked why, he referred another employee with whom I had no contact and asked me to talk to him. When I approached him, he told me I hadn`t completed the required courses, so he reduced the grade. First of all, this guy doesn`t even know what work I`ve done on this team and all that over time. How is it that he can decide on the evaluation? I was frustrated, but I didn`t show it. At that point, I decided to leave TCS. I thought I would be released from the project, but I know that will never happen. So I prepared for a week and attended an interview, which was rejected in the first round.

I was preparing for another week and was selected in a service company. During the 90-day notice period, 3 employees were added to the team, which was the request I made earlier. I worked on 5 different technical tools and prepared a document for each individual process. I was asked to train the new carpenters. I trained them well in the first couple of weeks and shared all the materials I had and enjoyed the rest of the notice period. Read more I can only do one thing. “TCS as a brand, the outside name is great. But inside, it`s just garbage like any other business. » No growth. Once U is assigned to a project.

It is very difficult to get released. Most projects are government projects. Obviously, project budgets are smaller, which means you have to work with a smaller team and get more done. No work-life balance. The evaluation of the exercise is a joke. The highest band, i.e. band A, gives u an increment of about 7.5% and band B gives u 5% of the increment. That`s good for a well-paid employee, what about the guys who joined as a rookie with a salary of 3.36 liters. He will only stay on a low salary for years and promotions here are a different kind of joke.

Overall, I can say of the advantages: 1. High job security (such as government employment) 2. Learning (not in the project, but gives access to different learning platforms). 3. Decent health insurance. Cons: 1. No one cares about your problems. 2.Manager never gives a version. 3.Hr is a model. 4. Very, very few salary increases for employees who started their careers at the TCS.

5.no growth. 6. Overwork if you are in a government budget project. 7. No work-life balance. I can say that newcomers never join the TCS. You will not be working on the desired role. They are deployed on projects according to the needs of the company. Read more The annual salary increase at the TCS is almost negligible.

The “average increase of 12-14% in six months” was promised to employees in 2020 and has not yet been realized. TCS employees give total compensation and benefits a 3.2/5-star rating due to low increases and lack of incentives, but the company offers good treatment benefits. Some employees feel that the projects proposed by the company are not stimulating enough. TCS is a good company for those who want to start their career or want some stability in life. Skills and development depend entirely on the project. Hiking – very low. Career growth – below average. Although you are assigned as a developer and have done some good developments in the past, there are few projects that require you to do manual testing/support simply because they don`t have enough resources for bad opportunities on the ground like Uruguay (where the salary is too low) as a nearby coast for the US. And force employees to move in. Our request will never come into play.

It`s always about what the project and the management want, and there`s no way out if you don`t like the project unless we make a drama to get published. If you are an essential resource in a project, especially if it is support and you have worked as a developer. The chances of having a happy life are zero and stress levels are 500%. Read more Personally, I have had enriching experiences over 3 and a half years.