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Is It Legal to Have an Otter as a Pet in Florida

Fun fact: Otters are one of the lesser-known tool users in the animal kingdom. Sea otters carry a favorite stone in a bag under the arm between meals, with which they open the shells of various crustaceans. They prefer flat stones as wide as a large orange. Who knew? I understand that people strongly resist the idea of having otters as pets. Expenses like the ones mentioned above aren`t the only unfavorable factors in keeping an otter as a pet. Smell may be a minor consideration, but it should not be overlooked. Due to their diet rich in fish, the feces of an otter are particularly lazy. However, they also mark the territory with scent glands at the base of their tails. Aggressiveness in otters is also something important to consider.

The otter is not a domesticated species. There are many otters in captivity, but these are in animal welfare centers, zoos or nature reserves. Some will say that an animal like the cat was not originally domesticated, but now functions well under human coexistence. However, there is also DNA evidence suggesting that cats were sensitive to the domestication process and may even have domesticated[3]. There is little similar evidence that otters want to do the same. So, here are some of the reasons why you shouldn`t keep an otter as a pet: As we mentioned earlier, these are not pets. Although they have a better chance of coexistence with people if they are socialized at a young age, it is not easy to predict their actions. When an otter attacks, it has sharp teeth, which can be very dangerous, especially for children. Parasites and general hygiene problems caused by otters are also important factors why you should not keep an otter as a pet. The fact that these otters need a tropical climate could be the reason why they are mainly kept by professional pets. You need to provide them with a heated zone when temperatures drop below 50°F. The ideal temperature for their pool is 75-85°F, but they also need a dry place because if they get wet all the time, they can develop health problems.

Depending on the size, the cage must provide at least 30% water. Otters climb, which increases the complexity of the habitat, so a woodpecker is necessary. Fences should extend into the ground, as they can also dig. Charismatic sea otters are illegal throughout the country due to the Marine Mammal Protection Act. Asian otters are not illegal at the federal level because they are not marine animals, but they are certainly not legal in all states. Plus, even compared to other zoo-type animals, it would be incredibly difficult to own otters in your home, perhaps with one exception if you can afford a beautiful outdoor enclosure with a drainable water source and temperature controls. Keep in mind that this piece of water must also have a good lockdown. They travel in groups and maintain family ties throughout their lives. Keeping an otter away from its natural family group is a tragedy, so if you still plan to keep an otter, know that you will need to keep multiple otters to maintain everyone`s sanity and mental well-being! In Nebraska, only a captive wildlife permit is required to keep river otters. Asian otters are legal and unregulated without a permit.

It costs $33 to buy a permit, and an official will visit your home to make sure you have the right pen and habitat for your pet otter. In most of the United States, it is completely illegal to keep an otter as a pet. All pets have at least some prohibitions on exotic animals, although sometimes it doesn`t make sense. For example, lions and elephants are actually legal in Nevada, but fennec foxes (which weigh 3 pounds) are not. Answer: Since pet otters are rare, a merchant has a lot of latitude to name his price. Expect to pay at least $3000; It could also be much higher. This species is not for beginners. If you have some kind of metal cage and want to live in a winter climate, I should make a small room with heating Great job on this article, Melissa! Sometimes people can`t handle the truth. I think they would much rather be pampered and get all SMH Some U.S.

states have additional regulations for owning a raccoon as a pet. For example, in North Carolina, a veterinarian must approve the animal before it is transported to the state. In Arkansas, you can`t keep more than 5 raccoons at a time. The yellow states on the map created by user Reddit toddrjones show the states where it is legal to own a raccoon. There are many exotic animals that people dream of – baby penguins, pandas, dragons – but they are often shocked to learn that some people can legally keep exotic animals such as fennec foxes, feral cats and marmosets. Other zoological animals such as meerkats, raccoon dogs, slow lorikeets, and pangolins cannot be privately owned for many reasons, at least in the United States. Native birds are also protected by the state. If you`re trying to teach an otter good or wrong, such as throwing it out of the litter box, it will likely perform the negative action just to provoke a reaction on your part. They are cunning! With this in mind, most or all states are likely to prohibit the possession of native otters, and the federal Marine Mammal Protection Act strongly protects marine species (sea otters). But there is one species, the Asian small-clawed otter, that could be legal in some states. Question: What exactly is required to own an otter in North Carolina and what type of otter can you have? Most “pet” otters actually belong to private zoos and animal educators.

Very few are privately owned and live in domestic environments. 4. Asian Small-clawed Otter: This is the only otter that has entered the pet trade. It is the smallest otter species in the world, reaching a length of only 3 feet or 90 cm. This is the otter species I`m going to focus on in this guide, as it`s the only one you can keep as a domestic otter. To stay warm in the water for so long, otters have incredibly thick coats and a very fast metabolism, which means they have to eat a lot in certain months – 20% of their body weight per day. I just bought a baby otter and he is really scared and he attacks me how to tame me and make him bite Otters can be legally acquired for private property. What is a good pet? I`m inclined to say that there is no such thing as a good or bad pet – it depends on what you`re looking for in an animal. Asian small-clawed otters, although they are the most suitable otter species for captivity, are not kept frequently, even in the exotic breeding community. I was stubborn about owning an otter, and this article actually prevented me from doing so. People are crazy these days, would you rather not have found this information there than grab an otter and regret it? Or someone actually gets it and doesn`t have the proper information on how to deal with it? Listen, guys, trying to stifle information will only lead to more of what you`re trying to stop. Don`t be ignorant.

If you have successfully acquired an otter, make sure you know how to properly care for it and commit to keeping it for life.