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How to Cite Internet Article Bluebook

Directly cite an Internet source that cannot be cited according to another Bluebook rule. The citation must include title, pagination, publication date, and URL. Note: Previous versions of the Bluebook required URLs to be preceded by “available at” – this is no longer the case. The URL simply follows a comma at the end of the citation. These citations do not need to include a URL unless: they are not clear; Citing a URL improves access to the cited source; or if the online source has sufficient characteristics of the printed source to allow it to be cited in its entirety under another rule, in which case the URL may be added to the end of the citation [Rule 18.2.1(b)]. (4) Data. Indicate a year if the date clearly refers to the material cited, otherwise use “date of last visit X” in parentheses (Rule 18.2.2(c)). A digital copy of a printed source may be cited provided it is authenticated, official or an exact copy of the printed source; otherwise, the printed source must be cited [Rules 18.2 and 18.2.1]. (3) Indicate that a page number appears in the document itself, e.g. PDF files, and that there is no screen number (Rule 18.2.2(g)).

Human Rights Watch, World Report (2020), www.hrw.org/sites/default/files/world_report_download/hrw_world_report_2020_0.pdf. (5) URL. The URL must take the reader directly to the page, with no links between the two. If the URL is long and cumbersome, specify the root URL with a parenthetical explaining how to access the information [Rule 18.2.2(d)]. (2) Where an author is unclear, only one title may be used, unless there is a clear institutional author (Rule 18.2.2(b)). (1) Write the title or name of the party as in a normal quote. Do not underline the URL. Elizabeth Yuko, How to Change Someone`s Mind, Lifehacker (August 6, 2020, 2:00 p.m.), lifehacker.com/how-to-change-someones-mind-1844634727. Author, title, title of the main page, (date or date and time), URL.