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How Do You Legally Change Your Last Name in Michigan

Visit the Michigan Legal Help website for details on a name change to Michigan. Yes, it`s a long process, but there`s good news: if you, your spouse, and any children you share are considering adopting the same new name, you may just need to file a petition. Contact your district court for more information. Anyone who wants to change their name after getting married in Michigan must follow a few steps, including getting a marriage license and notifying the Social Security Administration (SSA) of the name change. It`s important to notify the SSA first, as most agencies use a Social Security card to make changes. After receiving a marriage certificate and notifying the SSA, the next step is to obtain a newly issued government ID with the new name. After that, it is necessary to update the international passport and other travel documents. Thereafter, the person who changes their name must inform other government agencies, employers and private service providers. You or your future spouse must go to a local licensing office in the county where you live.

Those leaving must present a valid photo ID and bring a birth certificate to be safe. All other name changes usually require legal action. In Michigan, residents can apply to the family division of their local district court for a name order change. have been able to pay you assistance, but have not provided you with substantial assistance in the past two years AND have had the opportunity to visit or contact you, but have not had significant contact with you in the past two years, OR You must have resided in Oakland County for at least one year to apply to the court for a name change. Children must be over one year old to change their surname. Visit Michigan courts for full instructions and Michigan laws regarding name change procedures. How you change your name to Michigan depends on the type of name change you`re aiming for. If you plan to adopt your spouse`s surname after marriage, use your Michigan marriage certificate as your legal name change document. Here`s how to get one if you haven`t already.

If you are a minor and at least 14 years old, you can ask the judge to change your name, but both parents must agree. If your non-custodial parent objects to the name change, the judge can still approve it if that parent: In addition to the other information required in your petition, you must indicate why you want to change your name. You cannot change your name for fraudulent reasons. Fraudulent reasons are the desire to deceive creditors or escape a criminal past. If the judge orders that your name change records be kept confidential, they will be kept in a sealed envelope marked confidential and filed in a private file. Only you have access to these records, unless a judge decides otherwise. 10. Call your insurance company to let them know about your name change. They have to send you new cards. Also call your doctor`s various offices to let them know so they can update you in their system. Once the local newspaper has published your notice of name change, submit a copy of the published notice and affidavit to the court for publication.

The newspaper must complete the affidavit of publication, not you. The affidavit of publication must list the qualifications of the newspaper and the date(s) of publication of the notice. Subsequently, the petitioner must publish a notice of name change in a local newspaper. However, the judge may, in certain circumstances, decide not to publish the name change. Publication fees vary by newspaper. If you change your name after marriage in Michigan, the person must have a marriage license. A certified marriage certificate can be obtained from the Department of Vital Statistics and Vital Records The marriage certificate is proof of a person`s new name and is also an important requirement for changing the name after marriage in Michigan. The Department of Life Archives and Health Statistics records, maintains and issues certified copies of all life certificates, including marriage certificates.

The division`s records began in 1867. A name change can take up to six months or more, depending on the agency. This usually starts with an update to the Social Security card. While the name change process can be exhausting, it is advisable to visit the relevant agencies in person and follow their guidelines to speed up the change. Updating the Social Security card is the first step to changing your name after marriage. No one can change their name in other agencies without first updating their Social Security card. The requirements for updating a Social Security card after marriage are an original or certified copy of the marriage certificate (or court order), valid identification, and proof of citizenship. In addition to these documents, individuals must submit a form for a Social Security card application. The Social Security Administration (SSA) provides detailed information on the form.

The form can be used to apply for an original Social Security card, request a replacement, or change/correct the information on the Social Security card. We know what you may be thinking: I`m not traveling abroad anytime soon, so why is updating my passport a priority? Well, according to HitchSwitch`s Wolff, an updated passport serves as further proof of your name change. Think of it as insurance you can whip if you`re having trouble updating your driver`s license. Do not update your passport before the end of your honeymoon if you are celebrating abroad. You booked your tickets before the wedding and the names on all your travel documents must match. Here are the basic steps to change a minor`s name: If the court receives the Michigan State Police report, it will schedule a hearing. All notices of name change hearings must be published in a local newspaper. This gives people who change your name the opportunity to object. You can use the do-it-yourself name change tool to complete your Notice of Hearing publication form. According to article 552.391, a woman involved in a divorce may change her name as part of the court proceedings and have the change of name recorded in her divorce decree.

Under this rule, a woman can revert to her maiden name or adopt a surname, as long as she does not do so for fraudulent purposes. Michigan men are not allowed to change their names as part of the divorce process. Instead, they must file a name change application with their district court. If a woman wants to change her name after a divorce has already taken place, she must also file an application with the court. You are eligible if you have your current passport, if it is in good condition, if it was issued when you were at least 16 years old and it was issued within the last 15 years. 9. Apply for a new passport. From U.S.

Passports & International Travel: Submit Form DS-5504 by mail with your current passport, the original or certified name change document (no photocopies or notarized copies) and a color passport photo. Details here. The passport office will return your certified marriage certificate and your old passport. You may not change your name for fraudulent purposes, for example to avoid a debt, you may not change your name to a name that could affect the rights of another person, for example: a celebrity, you may not use a swearing, racist insult, obscene and/or offensive word in your name and you may not change to a name that would intentionally cause confusion (for example, a name with punctuation and/or number). Unless the judge sees sufficient reason to keep a private name change, the applicant must publish a notice of the name change in a local newspaper. This gives the public the opportunity to object to the name change. After the notice is published, the newspaper sends an affidavit to the plaintiff or the court. Most newspapers have their own affidavit publication form, if they do not, they should receive the affidavit proving publication in addition to a certified copy of the subject`s name change application.

Once the name change is published, the applicant must ensure that the court receives a copy of the completed affidavit and the published notice. The application and document must be sent by email to [email protected] or by fax to (517) 284-8836. Do an internet search to find limited lawyers in your area. If you get a legal name change in court, the name on your birth certificate does not change automatically. This process can only be done through the Change Unit of the Vital Statistics Office. You must submit a completed and signed request for correction, a fee of $50.00 in the form of a personal check or money order payable to the State of Michigan in U.S. dollars, a copy of your valid current photo ID and a copy of the court order for documentation. The $50.00 fee includes a certified copy of the record of changes made. Additional copies cost $16.00 each when ordered at the same time. Updating information with utilities varies in Michigan.

Some utilities allow customers to manage their accounts online. Therefore, anyone can easily update their name by following the procedures highlighted by the company. However, others may require the person to visit their stores to make the changes. At the same time, some utilities allow people who want to update their information to send the required documents by mail.