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How Do I Give Someone Legal Guardianship of My Child

To establish legal guardianship of minors in California, a person must file for guardianship in the county where the child lives. In addition, they must complete the following forms when applying for guardianship for minor children: A friend of Min`s lives in Nevada, she let her in-laws take care of their children who live in Orange County for a few weeks. Meanwhile, the in-laws decided to file a temporary guardianship for the 2 children and it was granted. She did not receive any pre-hearing notification and did not receive the documents until the day of the hearing. What steps should she take now to get her children back? Hi Robin – I think you should at least consider filing a legal guardianship, and you may even consider adoption. Let us know if you`d like to move forward with either option. 800-747-2780. Probate guardianship is established because a child lives with an adult who is not the child`s parent and the adult needs a court order to make decisions on behalf of the child. In general, inheritance guardianship is for children under the age of 18. In the case of immigrant youth applying for special youth immigration status, the law allows for the application (or extension) of guardianship for a youth who is already 18 years of age but still under 21 years of age. Click here to learn how.

If you receive temporary guardianship, you have the right to be informed if the parent tries to end the guardianship. You have the right to object to termination. If you wish to resign from your position as guardian, you have the right to ask the court for your resignation. You can only stop if the court grants your request. If you appoint a guardian for your child in your will, the guardian will raise your child after your death. My daughter and her husband passed away recently, leaving behind one child, their 18-month-old daughter. I would like to apply as a legal guardian. Many years ago, I was serving a sentence for a crime, a “white-collar crime” related to finance, and I`ve been working hard to get through it ever since. I continue to make amends. I have excellent references from my current employer, etc. I live in California and so do my children. I take care of my granddaughter now.

In your experience, would this kind of crime automatically make me ineligible to be my granddaughter`s guardian? Would adoption even be possible one day? I rent my house and have limited funds for legal fees. The other grandmother, my son-in-law`s mother, would be willing to support this decision and would be willing to serve as guardian of the children`s estates (there is a paid house and a small insurance policy) if it made a difference. Sometimes a child has two guardians who are known as the guardian of the person and the guardian of the estate. Cps was called and spoke to my daughter and before she spoke to them, she asked to call me and they refused her that and told her she had to talk to them by director, then Sw contacted me about the traumatic experiences I had been through, I recidivated the consent to the drug test said the first Sw test would be dirty, then tested 6 more times and everyone was clean. How involved were you in your life? What is your relationship? The court will often consider what is in the best interests of the child. If you`ve been away from your life for a long time, it`s probably not in your favor. If you want to get involved, you`ll likely need to file documents to take the case to a judge for decision. My 13-year-old nephew`s mother is trying to get full custody of him to get child support, but he has only been living with her for less than 2 years. It was hell for him.

He has already written a statement expressing his fear and abuse towards his mother. His father is in prison but recently challenged his mother`s request and his parents recently applied for emergency guardianship. How likely is it that the courts will allow my nephew to return to my in-laws? She has a rap sheet long enough for drugs and is always verbally and physically abusive. Will the judge ask her what her true intentions are and why she left my nephew with her grandparents for over 7 years? Thank you for reading and helping. Hello, my aunt is seriously ill and wants my mother to be the guardian of her two children. She comes to California from the state of Georgia to live with us. My question is: In order to establish temporary guardianship for children, do the documents required for the process have to be filed in the state of Georgia or California? Or both. Does the father have visitors? She may be able to apply for formal guardianship.

Contact us for help with paperwork. Judicial guardianship requires a court order. The investigation is usually not conducted by the CPS, but by Family Court Services. It would be necessary to inform potential fathers, but from what seems to indicate that they will not respond when they are out of state. Let us know if you need help with the formalities as they are quite extensive. I think you should apply for a new guardianship. Yes, and it`s good planning. In the unfortunate event that you can`t raise your children, consider setting up guardianship for your children with someone you trust. The best way to do this is to spell it out in your will. What puzzles me is whether this means that guardianship is permanent.

Or just a message that the lawyer no longer represents them? In many states, your child must also agree with your choice of guardian if they are over 14. In some states, guardians are called conservatives. I wondered if I had a friend who was imprisoned and her family took care of her 2 children. Since she came out, she has seen them and even given her brother money for them. And there have never been any documents on guardianship or kinship ect. have been signed. And she went to see her children, and her brother didn`t let her see. What should it do? What is the reason you are applying for guardianship? You may want to call us at 800-747-2780. My daughter has a drug problem and is unable to care for her son I want full custody of my grandson and she is willing to give me the paperwork we need. Do you have to be married to have custody? Do you need to earn some income to have custody? What procedures do we have to follow? Becoming a child`s legal guardian is a huge responsibility with a lot to consider. Think carefully about the above questions and plan accordingly. I am not aware of any process to start guardianship before the baby is born.

You may want to contact a lawyer for legal advice, and then, if you wish to proceed with guardianship, call us at 800-747-2780. Hi, I need help and what we can do. My niece and nephew were taken from their mother for abuse. But now they want to give the children to their mother, even if she was present during all the abuse? Now that the children are not with them, she is considered for them and cares so much about them, but when the children were in her mother, she never bothered to buy them food, diapers, rags, etc. It was always my parents. Even take them to the doctor. My brother is imprisoned and wants to give children to my mother for both. Where to start the process? The next court date is April 17, and we are really afraid that the children will go back to mom or grandma`s house. We have photos and videos of children who have been abused in the last three years. I hope I can 🙂 My name is Jessica, I am currently taking care of my 2 month old niece who I had since the day after her birth and imprisonment. When her mother was released a week later, she returned to the streets. I could not locate his mother in order to obtain a written Gaurdianschaft.

What would be the best way to obtain legal guardianship for her without a written document edited by her? A temporary guardian is responsible for the child until the end of the guardianship. Guardianship remains in effect until one of the following occurs: Anyone who already has custody of the child has the right to apply to the probate court for temporary guardianship. However, a guardian cannot be: it is not an easy task to be the legal guardian of a minor. There are many responsibilities, including financial obligations and time spent with the child.