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High Court of Justice Business and Property Courts London Address

The Chancery Division (located in the Rolls Building) deals with commercial law, trust law, estate law, insolvency and land law in matters of equity. It has specialised courts (patent court and company court) dealing with patents and registered designs or company law issues. All tax appeals are assigned to the Chancery Division. The Head of the Chancery Division was known as the Vice-Chancellor until October 2005, when the title was changed to Chancellor of the High Court by the Constitutional Reform Act 2005. The first chancellor (and last vice-chancellor) was Sir Andrew Morritt, who retired in 2013 and was replaced by Sir Terence Etherton. In 2016, Sir Geoffrey Vos succeeded Sir Terence as Chancellor when he was appointed Master of the Rolls. Cases heard by the Chancery Division are reported in the Chancery Division`s legal reports. In practice, there is some overlap between case law and KBD. The financial list is a specialised transnational list established to meet the specific commercial needs of parties litigating in financial matters.

29. I gave a similar answer when a delegation of French judges and officials from the new international chambers of commerce visited London and Paris last month. As you already know, they have set up a tribunal of English-speaking judges who are proficient in the common law and are responsible for resolving international disputes. They also asked me for advice and, in addition to wishing them all the best for their project, I advised them to focus on the information technology needed to set up their new dishes. For any such system, whether new or old, it is crucial to offer state-of-the-art legal technology in terms of e-filing and electronic case management systems, which I will come back to in a moment. The High Court hears all major civil (non-criminal) cases at first instance and also exercises control over all lower courts and tribunals, with some exceptions, although the effectiveness of these exceptions is debated. [3] In addition, the Divisional Court of King`s Bench hears appeals from the Magistrates` Courts[a] and the Crown Court. [b] Appeals are referred to as points of law are examined solely on the basis of the facts established and established by the authority to be reviewed. Commercial and Property Courts are specialised courts within the High Court that adjudicate commercial, commercial, real estate and other law firm disputes, as well as technological and construction disputes, both domestically and abroad, to ensure that: The other specialised courts of the King`s Bench Division are the Technology and Construction Court, the Commercial Court and the Admiralty Court. The specialized judges and procedures of these courts are adapted to their type of activity, but do not differ significantly from other KBD courts.

32. The question you may be asking yourself is: what are the most important aspects of a successful commercial court in Europe or perhaps in today`s world? The Family Division is relatively modern. The Judicature Acts originally consolidated the Court of Succession, the Court of Divorce and Matrimonial Causes and the High Court of the Admiralty into the Estates, Divorce and Admiralty Division of the High Court, or the Court of Wills, Wives and Wrecks as it was informally known. It was renamed the Family Division in 1971 when the Admiralty and the disputed real estate company were moved to another location. [ref. court hours, facilities and directions: www.find-court-tribunal.service.gov.uk/courts/birmingham-civil-and-family-justice-centreNews and judicial information: www.judiciary.uk/you-and-the-judiciary/going-to-court/high-court/courts-of-the-chancery-division/the-business-and-property-courts-in-birmingham/ Since October 2015, the Chancery Division and the Commercial Court have been maintaining the financial list of cases resulting from a hearing by the judges would benefit from it. have appropriate expertise and experience in financial markets or raise issues of general interest to financial markets. The procedure was introduced to enable quick, efficient and high-quality settlement of financial market disputes. [8] Cases heard by economic and real estate courts are heard through one of the above-mentioned lists or courts. Courts operate in London and England and Wales.

This means that high-quality commercial judges are available all over the country, not just in London. High Court cases – serious or high-profile criminal or civil matters Judges of Her Majesty`s High Court of Justice are informally referred to as High Court judges and, in court cases, officially referred to as “The Honourable Mr(s) Justice (Forename) Surname”, abbreviated as “Surname J”. In court, they are properly called My Lord or My Wife. As they are knighted by convention upon appointment, they are socially referred to as Sir Forename or Dame Forename. High Court judges are sometimes called red judges after the color of their formal robes, as opposed to junior district judges, who are called purple judges for the same reason. Masters (also High Court judges) are called “Masters” regardless of gender and wear dark blue robes with pink tabs that reflect the red of the High Court judges` robes. Within the Chancery Division of the High Court, there are also judges of the bankruptcy and corporate courts who hear the majority of High Court insolvency cases (private and corporate) and corporate law, as well as some appeals to the county courts. They also wear dark blue robes with pink tabs and are called “judges” in court. • international and national companies receive assistance in resolving their disputes, • each case is dealt with in such a way that the process proceeds quickly, • cases are heard by the most appropriate judge (whether a member of the specialised local court or a judge of the High Court) and appeals are heard, and • judges provide an efficient and effective service, making optimal use of modern technologies. Judges of the High Court, judges and captains of the insolvency and corporate courts are appointed by the King on the recommendation of the Judicial Appointments Commission from among qualified lawyers. The Lord Chancellor and all government ministers are required by law to “preserve the continued independence of the judiciary,”[17] and both Houses of Parliament have rules of procedure having a similar effect.

Judges of the High Court may be removed before the statutory retirement age only by a procedure requiring the approval of both Houses of Parliament. It is the world`s largest specialized center for the resolution of financial, economic and real estate disputes and a center of excellence for high-quality dispute resolution. Scammers imitate real HMCTS phone numbers and email addresses. You can demand payment and demand to be from HMRC or execution. If you are not sure, do not pay anything and report the scam to Action Fraud. 26. The judiciary in England and Wales is therefore not immobile. I hope he is not seen as complacent. She can`t afford it. What I want to achieve is that we face the challenges of Brexit and work with our European colleagues to find solutions that work for British and European businesses. The Rolls Building is a leading court facility in the heart of London`s legal district – 7 Rolls Building, Fetter Lane, London EC4A 1NL.

35. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is another issue that our judges in the UK now very actively support and it is important to have a robust alternative dispute resolution offer to support judicial dispute resolution. The Department of Chancery carries out a wide range of civil work and includes several lists of specialists. It is the largest judicial center in the world to deal with financial, commercial and real estate matters. Judges of the High Court (usually of the Kings`s Bench Division) also sit in the Crown Court, which hears the most important criminal cases, but High Court judges hear only the most serious and important cases, with district judges and registrars hearing the majority. 20. As I always say, at a time when people can get any type of service immediately or, at worst, the next day by calling them on their smartphones, it is inconceivable that in the long run they would accept the delays inherent in almost all justice systems. We need to move quickly to expand online dispute resolution and other forms of alternative dispute resolution faster before millennials lose faith in how the older generation simply creates justice. The Technology and Construction Tribunal (“TCC”) is a specialized court that deals primarily with technology and construction disputes.

The King`s Bench Division – or Queen`s Bench Division if the monarch is a woman – has two roles. It handles a large number of common law cases and also has a special responsibility as a reviewing court. Until 2005, the head of KBD was the Lord Chief Justice.