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Help the Aged Free Legal Advice

It could also include determining how to pay for long-term care, qualify for Medicaid, or deal with housing issues and other litigation that require legal action. A legal claimant helped an elderly woman obtain her Social Security funds after they were seized from an account held jointly with her son. The son had a judgment against him and the creditor filed a lawsuit against the account. The woman resided in a care facility and non-payment of her bill may have resulted in her dismissal. This could include developing an estate plan or ensuring that important legal documents such as a living will and power of attorney are in place. Their regional agency on aging provides community resources for seniors and caregivers. They will be able to connect you with local organizations that offer free, low-cost legal aid to seniors. The Economic Security and Health Care practice operates through enhanced legal advice to ensure seniors receive the income, benefits and services to which they are entitled. There are approximately 1,000 OAA-funded legal service providers nationwide, providing nearly one million hours of legal assistance each year. Legal assistance may include: As we are not lawyers, we cannot provide legal advice. It would be best to contact a lawyer in your area to find out if a trust created in this way would be valid.

For individuals under the age of 60 who meet certain income and resource requirements, Georgia Legal Services Program, Inc. and the Atlanta Legal Aid Society offer free, discounted legal assistance in certain types of cases. A 73-year-old woman was contacted by a telemarketer and invited to join a discount buyers` club. She told the company she wasn`t interested. However, when her checks started bouncing, she contacted her bank and found that an electronic transfer had been made to the buyers` club. The intervention of senior legal services resulted in a full refund plus additional costs. New Yorkers 60 and older who are at risk of being evicted from their homes in Brooklyn and Manhattan may be eligible for free legal representation and case support through DFTA`s Tenancy and Eviction Support Services, formerly known as the Assigned Counsel Project. Personal legal insurance is not very well known in the United States, but it is a legitimate service and may be a more affordable way to obtain necessary legal services. Here we have compiled 7 sources of free legal aid for seniors. However, income qualifications and legal services available vary by location. Find a legal aid program near you An 80-year-old man found the position as part of a guardianship application, but didn`t think he needed a guardian. A legal claimant defended the man against the imposition of guardianship by showing that the criteria for granting guardianship had not been met.

LSC-funded programs generally assist individuals living in households with an annual income of 125% or less of the federal poverty guidelines. With federal funding, Georgians aged 60 and older can access lawyers and paralegals, be represented in non-criminal legal matters, provide information on many topics of interest to seniors, and educate the community to prevent harm that can be caused by lack of access to legal aid. 7. Additional low-cost legal services for seniors If you don`t have access to timely help from organizations that offer free legal services or if your senior doesn`t qualify, you may want to find low-cost or discounted legal help. Here are some options: 4. LegalHotlines.org A legal helpline allows seniors to ask legal questions over the phone. If you can`t answer the question over the phone, the hotline can also help you find legal aid services in your area. Find senior legal assistance programs in your state For a flat monthly fee, you usually get free phone consultations and some legal services covered.

For legal services that are not covered, you can benefit from discounted rates if you use lawyers on the company`s network. If you are currently in a housing court proceeding and have not sought a lawyer, ask the judge overseeing your case about DFTA`s rental and eviction support services, email [email protected] or call the Kings County Help Center at 646-386-5556 or the New York County Help Center at 646-386-5555. You can also send an email to the help center of both counties in [email protected]. I am a senior with a disability and need help drafting a will Legal assistance under Title III-B is a core of AoA`s legal aid and elder rights programs. The Legal Advisory Network can provide important assistance to seniors in accessing long-term care and other community services. Legal services also protect older adults from direct attacks on their independence, freedom of choice and financial security. These legal services are specifically for “older persons with economic or social needs”. Legal Aid of North Carolina`s Senior Law Project provides free civil legal aid to North Carolina residents 60 years of age or older. The Senior Law Project runs our Senior Legal Helpline, a toll-free helpline for seniors across the state.