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Hate Crime Laws a Savage Hypocrisy

Hate crime laws exist precisely because minorities are not the target of crime for any reason other than what they are. Because black people are attacked and killed because they are black. Because gay children are beaten and murdered for no more reason than looking at someone of the same sex for more than three seconds. Because when the coronavirus started spreading, Asians were blamed and beaten. Hate crimes occur regardless of the existence of hate crime laws. Just look at Germany in the first half of the 20th century. To put it simply, a man who kills the man who slept with his wife will probably kill no one but this fool and perhaps his wife; A man who kills another man because he is black will most likely find another black man to kill him if he is not arrested. A hate crime can therefore have an impact on the community. Think, for example, of how nervous people get when news about a serial killer becomes more frequent in their city. Next, consider how some people become a little more relaxed when they learn that there is a pattern in murders that doesn`t specifically include them; Conversely, people who fit the model begin to fear more for their safety. This is called a false equivalence.

A man who kills another man because he sleeps with his wife is far from doing the same thing as a man who kills another man because he belongs to a different race. I hear you ask, “How? They are both murders! And that`s true, but we also have to consider the motivation behind these crimes; What for? Because hate crimes tend to increase over time. The boys realize that they have always taken Cartman`s “” for granted and without his weight on the back of their sled, they are doomed to lose. Clyde takes over from Cartman, as he is the second fattest in the class (despite the fact that Clyde has a normal weight like everyone else), and everyone immediately starts calling him “Fatass”. Clyde tries to get her arrested, shouting “God fuck” since he`s like Cartman. However, as they sled down the hill, they find that they only have average speed, as Cartman`s biggest helped the boys go faster. They throw Clyde out and instead use bricks disguised as a child (with pants and a jacket on them) to help them go faster. But the sled goes too fast and starts turning. Stan and Kyle manage to jump, but Kenny flies off the sled into a tree, where he is crushed by the brick person.

Stan and Kyle then realize that the only way to win is to get tokens to award Cartman. Token is willing to forgive Cartman, but Token`s father, who opposes hate crime laws himself, tells the boys that they must convince the governor of Colorado to release Cartman after an unsuccessful attempt to slip a nail file into a cake so that Cartman can get out of jail for not being allowed to bring gifts to his cell (that and he has their pig-Latin message). on B. the nail file). The boys then made a presentation to the governor, along with visual aids, detailing their opposition to hate crime laws, calling them “savage hypocrisy” (their image called it “savage hypocrisy”) and claiming that all forms of crime justify some kind of hatred and that laws only serve to further promote discrimination. The governor is impressed, saying it made more sense than anything he`s heard in the past three years. One could argue that the episode only attempted to mock the hate crime process and, as proving that bias played a role in the commission of the crime, only prolongs the trial if it is sufficient to convict the accused only for an ordinary crime, but Stan and Kyle`s final sermon only emphasizes that the main thesis of the episode is, how all crimes are hate crimes. and should therefore not be pursued otherwise. If Token had defended Black Cartman in the episode by saying, “You locked him up for the wrong reasons; Cartman didn`t hit me with the stone because he hates black people, he hit me with the stone because it`s a sissy thought that can`t stand insult – so the episode would have made a highlight of how hate crimes should be taken MORE seriously, rather than just calling every negative interracial incident a hate crime. Unfortunately, the episode went in a more muted direction. Hate crime laws are a promise made by the agency to marginalized people; the promise that they will be protected by the law and that those who violate that protection will be punished.

This is what South Park has never been able to explain; not that you expect anyone working on South Park to actually understand. The third-grade girls, led by Lizzy, challenge the boys to a toboggan race on Phil Collins Hill. After the boys accept the challenge, Cartman argues with Token because he keeps reminding him of his obesity. Cartman threatens to throw a stone in Token`s face if he calls him fat again. Kyle calls Cartman a fatass instead, prompting him to throw the stone at tokens, which gives him a black eye, much to Kyle`s surprise. Because Token is African-American, the FBI and the entire media are overreacting to the situation. Assuming the stone was thrown for racism and not provocation, the Cartman government is taking the case to the Federal Court. The prosecution`s case, although completely absurd, is accepted by the judge, who wants to make an example of Cartman to warn against racists.

Cartman was convicted of a hate crime and sentenced to juvenile prison until the age of 21. Cartman escapes from the courtroom and recruits Kenny and his Go Go Action Bronco toy car to try to escape to Mexico, but the small car drives extremely slowly and they eventually break down after the battery runs out. Cartman is taken to jail and given the number 24601. Why did I write this? Because twenty years later, people still cling to this episode as their first and last stop when it comes to understanding hate crimes. Because South Park is considered the “voice of reason” in a sea of dogma, although the series is as reactionary as it gets. Because maybe the show that treated global warming as a hoax for more than a decade shouldn`t be held in such high regard. But what does this have to do with hate crimes? Because a hate crime is motivated by prejudice against people based on what they cannot control: their skin color, sexual orientation, nationality, etc. Just as we understand that there is a difference between waiting ten hours to kill your ex who is in a new relationship and running over someone while driving drunk, there is a difference between killing someone who sleeps with our partner and killing because they are of a different ethnicity. And it is BECAUSE this difference exists that conviction must be influenced; Just as we don`t fine the man who intentionally killed his ex-wife fifty dollars, we don`t just give two years in prison for someone who killed a black man because he was black.

After the success of this campaign against hate crimes, Stan found himself naked again and in San Diego. This is the first episode in which Adrien Beard is voiced for the character of Token. According to Parker, the episode is the creator`s statement against hate crime legislation, which Parker and Stone find “stupid.” Phil Collins Hill is an allusion to Parker losing the Oscar for Best Original Song to Collins. When Cartman goes to prison, the music that is played is the music from the television series Oz. [2] My point is that motivation helps us determine the conviction of a crime because not all crimes are committed with the same intentions.