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Handelsbanken Legal Internship

It`s easy to apply, just send [email protected] an email with your CV and the completed application form. Even if the branch is responsible for the business, there is no room for all the bank`s know-how in each branch. At headquarters, there are central resources and expertise to support and support branches. Some examples include product specialists, legal support, administrative roles, and human resources. “I really enjoyed my internship at Handelsbanken. I got a glimpse into everyday banking life, as I had come to the internship without any banking experience. The colleagues I had the opportunity to work with were very approachable and welcoming, a … » Read the full review The head office includes key functions such as the functions of staff, business units and specialists across the group. They all have the same main task: to support the branch network. In addition, the head office has departments responsible for corporate finance, risk control, compliance, communications, legal, credit, audit and human resources. Over the past 8 weeks I have had the pleasure of being an intern at Handelsbanken and I am very grateful for this valuable experience. I want to thank Richard Gillard and Keith Yeoman for welcoming me to their teams and helping me make the most of the 8 weeks and better understand the mechanics behind credit and risk. I would also like to thank Geraldine Brickell and Max Watson for supporting and helping me during my time at the bank. I am very grateful for the opportunity to gain significant exposure to the banking and financial sector.

#intern #internship #handelsbanken “We worked closely with various lending teams, worked on various short- and long-term projects for the bank, and visited branches to better understand the company`s culture.” Read the full review We believe that every individual should be a role model and that every decision should be made in the best interest of the client. To achieve customer satisfaction, we need knowledge, experience and real commitment. This applies to all our employees, in all processes and in all departments of the bank. Every employee and every role is equally important in our company. One of the most important tasks for the Bank`s leaders is to identify, promote and train new leaders in operations. To prepare future leaders, development programs are implemented that focus on change management and the further development of our business model. Our interns are talented, motivated and enjoy being empowered to make a difference. We are looking for people who share our values, put our clients at the centre of everything we do and always enjoy taking responsibility and working with colleagues. In commercial banks, everyone is important. Equality, diversity and an inclusive corporate culture are part of our core values and a natural part of our daily work.

The diversity of our backgrounds and experiences allows us all to contribute to the company with different perspectives. By the end of the internship, you will have completed work and projects that add value to the bank while developing your professional skills in a friendly and supportive environment. Handelsbanken is one of Sweden`s largest banks. We have expanded internationally by establishing our business model in selected markets. Whether you are at the beginning of your career or taking the next step, we offer you the opportunity to develop in different professional roles, in different areas of banking or in different countries in which the bank operates. We are strongly committed to integrating good equality and diversity practices into all our activities in order to be an inclusive, welcoming and inspiring workplace, regardless of age, disability, pregnancy and/or parental status, ethnicity, religion, gender, gender change or sexual orientation. In commercial banks, we develop and manage the majority of the IT infrastructure ourselves. In order to be able to control the chain from development to operational readiness, our employees form the heart of the company. The majority of commercial bank IT is based in Sweden, but we also have IT staff in other domestic markets. Among the various positions, you will find IT architects, researchers, developers, test designers, operators, and support staff. Capital Markets coordinates products, services and expertise for clients in all of our home markets.

It includes a variety of roles, such as business specialists, traders, analysts, economists, lawyers, communicators, product specialists, consultants, and system developers. Handelsbanken offers a wide range of career opportunities – in different roles, fields of activity or countries. Learn more about what you can work with in commercial banks and where in the organization you can find this type of work. Handelsbanken was founded in Sweden in 1871, had its first presence in the UK in 1982 and now has an extensive branch network throughout the UK. Kathrine has been a branch manager at Give since the summer of 2017. Would you like to know more about what it`s like to work in commercial banks or your career opportunities within the bank? Or do you have other human resources issues? Go to the page of the country you are interested in to find the relevant contact information. Effective management succession planning is crucial. This is in order to be able to satisfy current and future skills needs. This is an exciting opportunity to participate in the Handelsbanken internship program, where we hope to find our future leaders. 27 June 2022 Students and graduates start accounting and financial management at the University of Sheffield Close to customers Commercial banks use a decentralised way of working with a strong local presence through a national branch network and a long-term approach to customer relations. Each Handelsbank branch operates as a small business, allowing it to make decisions locally and offer a tailor-made service, always focused on the needs of each client.

Across the organization, individuals enjoy extensive responsibilities and the opportunity to pursue a unique career in a culture of openness, equality and professionalism. Our goal is to build relationships and achieve high customer satisfaction at low cost and through sustainable value to achieve strong long-term profitability. During your work in a branch, you will be responsible for all important business decisions of your customers. Working in a branch requires business skills and the ability to focus on the customer. In a branch, there are many opportunities to develop your skills. You can specialize in an area of particular interest or become a manager. It was a pleasure to welcome you, Jack. I`m glad you enjoyed the experience and benefited from it.

All the best for your return to university. Keep in touch. In order to retain employees, the right conditions for professional development must be in place and the phase of life in which they find themselves must also be taken into account. In late 2015, Kathrine`s manager at the time, along with her human resources manager, encouraged her to apply for the one-year program. It`s that time of year again, my JCFC colleagues and I will try to raise as much money as we can to support the Movember charity. With the money raised, the charity wants to fund innovative health projects in the areas of suicide prevention, mental health, prostate and testicular cancer. With many others. We lose 60 men by suicide every hour. They are our fathers, brothers, sons and friends. The men who should still be here today. So please donate to a good cause by clicking on the link below and also to see me swing an excellent mustache!! Jack As an intern, you will follow a structured programme covering all aspects of the bank`s operations and work with specialists from branches or functional departments.

You will spend your first few weeks understanding the fundamentals of our business before assuming your own responsibilities that will allow you to gain experience in all areas of banking. In commercial banks, we have a well-established and structured process to grow our business and our employees. Our strength results from the know-how and competence of our employees. As employees grow, the bank evolves. We believe in daily learning and that employees contribute to the development of the company, themselves and their colleagues. “I was able to combine personal and professional development while gaining a better understanding of our business model and a better understanding of what it takes to take on the role of manager.” Commercial bank executives must be exemplary ambassadors of the bank`s corporate culture, which is why most executives are recruited internally. We employ nearly 12,000 people in commercial banks. More than 40% are employed outside Sweden. In 2021, 41% of all executives were women.

There are many different roles here at Handelsbank, but they all share the same values: we all work with us to contribute and improve our customers` banking experience. We believe in economic, social and environmental sustainability and are committed to being responsible in our relationships and the impact we have. We will review applications on an ongoing basis, then conduct telephone interviews, and if you are selected, you will be invited to a virtual assessment.