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Good Legal Aid Lawyers in Toronto

Our philosophy is such that our lawyers are dedicated to providing excellent and professional legal services to anyone who has a legitimate family law and child protection case. We do not discriminate on the basis of income. We want to help and we have helped hundreds of people, whether or not they can afford a lawyer. Legal Aid Ontario is a provincially funded and regulated program that provides legal aid to people who cannot afford a lawyer. If you apply to LAO and meet the financial and legal requirements, you will receive a certificate of legal aid in the criminal context. If your chosen legal aid lawyer accepts your legal aid certificate, your lawyer`s fees will be covered by legal aid. Since most clients with family disputes don`t know how best to approach their case, Baker and Baker Family Lawyers offers a free 30-minute consultation with its experienced family law lawyers. Family law lawyers in Toronto handle all types of family disputes, from separation to custody. However, divorce remains one of the main reasons people use the services of family law lawyers.

When it comes to financial eligibility criteria, there is a threshold based on the amount of money your family earns in a year, as well as the number of family members in your home. LAO calculates your household`s gross family income: you must provide legal aid information about the number of people living in your household and the income of each family member. LAO requires you to send them proof – this can be done through bank statements, tax returns or mortgage information, if you have one. For more information on finding and working with your lawyer, see the Find a lawyer or paralegal section of the Legal Line. For more information about legal aid in Ontario, visit Legal Aid Ontario. If Legal Aid decides that you have enough money to pay for a lawyer yourself, you will not receive a certificate. If you receive a certificate, you may need to sign a payment agreement. This means that you agree to reimburse some or all of your lawyer`s fees and expenses. Looking for a good family law lawyer to handle legal aid cases in Ontario? Then you`ve come to the right place. Jane Mukongolo has 25+ years of experience as a family lawyer in Toronto and we accept legal aid cases. If you go to a legal aid office to apply for a legal aid certificate, you should take as much information as possible with you, including: First and foremost, in the criminal law context, LAO is reserved for people who are at risk of imprisonment, who belong to a vulnerable group, who are between the ages of 12 and 17 or who are facing serious immigration consequences.

if convicted. This is what we consider to be a legal eligibility requirement. Some legal aid certificates are given to a client for free legal services. Others require a contribution from the client (known as contribution receipts) and others require an agreement to place a lien on your property. Legal Aid Ontario determines at the outset which of these certificates applies to you. Regardless of the certificate issued, Legal Aid Ontario pays the lawyer, not you. If you require a contribution, it will go to Legal Aid Ontario. If a lien is required, your lien will be satisfied at the end of the procedure and when selling the property on which the lien is registered. Gottlieb`s lawyers can explain all these differences to you during your first admission interview. Both certificates give lawyers permission to work on your case for specific issues with specific time quotas.

Certificates should therefore not be understood as the ability to conduct cases before the courts on the basis of carte blanche. Certificates regulate the matters to be dealt with and allocate time to those matters. Clients and their lawyers are required to work diligently within approved expenses and time allocations. Lawyers and clients should take a reasonable approach to contentious issues and consider ways to resolve them at all times. Adequacy is a criterion used by Legal Aid Ontario to allocate funds and establish time quotas. Certificates may cover custody and access issues, injunctions and support issues. They may also cover cases where children are placed in the care of the Children`s Charity and return is justified or contact with the child is requested. There are also domestic violence certificates, injunctions and sexual assault certificates. Once you have the names of some lawyers you`d like to work with, call and ask them if they will take on your case. Spend a few minutes talking to the lawyer or someone at the law firm. Make a list of all the questions you want to ask to decide if this lawyer is right for you.

If you don`t feel comfortable, try another lawyer until you find one that understands you. Gottlieb Law Firm, in an ongoing historic effort to provide access to justice to those of modest means, continues its commitment to working with litigants who need public funds to pay for their legal services. We are one of the few law firms in the Greater Toronto Area to accept legal aid certificates for child protection and family law (domestic law) proceedings before the Ontario Court of Justice and the Superior Court of Justice. “I had David Tobin as a lawyer in a very complex and stressful family law situation. I can only say good things about him and his company (everyone who works there is very friendly and compassionate professionals). If you need a family law expert to help you and your family, don`t hesitate and hire them as a lawyer. David is also very tender and compassionate as a human being. I am aware and have personally experienced that many people become insensitive and cold in this profession. But that`s not the case with David and this law firm. Here are some comments proving that Benmor Family Law Group has some of the best family lawyers in Toronto: Given all of this, it`s no wonder Stanchieri Family Law is on our list of law firms with the best family law lawyers in Toronto. In family law, legal aid covers the following areas: One way to divorce in Canada without losing a lot of money is through an uncontested divorce. This is when one of the spouses files for divorce and the other spouse does not respond within the time limit.

In this case, the court assumes that the other spouse agrees to the divorce.