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Drexel Law School Tuition

This is what the school says it costs to participate, including tuition and living expenses. This figure usually reflects 9 or 10 months of cost of living. In general, the school`s published participation costs determine how much you are allowed to borrow in student loans. Students who withdraw from a course for the semester are subject to the university`s refund policy for “WITHDRAWAL OF ONE OR MORE COURSES FOR STUDENTS BILLED PER CREDIT HOUR”. In the table below, the above assumptions are used to estimate debt below 30 scenarios on the table. The first scenario – the cell at the top left – does not reflect a discount on tuition and borrowing the maximum amount for the cost of living ($23,943). Move right in the line to see the impact of a larger study discount on the loan that ends with a full study discount. The column on the far right shows a student who pays $0 in tuition each year. Each additional line reflects the annual savings on the cost of living. Using the example in the last column, the upper right cell reflects the loan of the maximum amount for the cost of living. The cell below reflects savings of 5% per year.

The net result reflects a student who spends 25% less than the maximum amount on the cost of living. 2-year and 3-year Summer Start students must submit 2 FAFSA. One for the current academic year 2020-21 for federal government summer aid and one for the upcoming academic year 2021-22 for federal aid from autumn 2021. The financial aid program is based on the 2020-2021 tuition fee until the new one is confirmed. If you have used your FAFSA 2020-21 to support students, please update the FAFSA as a graduate student. Student loan interest rates change each year based on the yield on 10-year U.S. Treasury bonds. To forecast your actual attendance costs and monthly payments, you must forecast 10-year Treasury bill yields for each of your three years in law school. The standard cash rate we use on this website is the most recent student loan yield, which is set annually based on the high yield of the last 10-year Treasury bill auction in May. Different parts of this website allow you to take into account assumptions that will adjust the maximum amount you can borrow. which are determined by the Faculty of Law`s self-reported participation costs. Factors include residency (for public schools), LDS creed (for BYU), tuition fee reductions, and monetary contributions.

Each factor compensates for the need to fully fund the cost of attending law schools. The average rate of increase in tuition and fees at Drexel University over the past 5 years is 1.86% per year. JD students will be charged a fixed fee. The summer semester is part of the 2020-2021 school year, and the JD tuition fee for the 2020-2021 school year is a flat fee of $23,850 per semester. The planned tuition fee for 2021-2022 is $24,450 per semester. The tuition changes will be approved by Drexel`s Board of Directors in March. The projected debt of a graduate who takes out loans to go to law school. The number is six months after closing, when the first payment of the loan is due; does not make any advance payments of interest; and takes into account tuition fee increases based on previous years of change. Interest accumulation calculations are urgent – depending on the repayment periods of the semesters – and use a mixed interest rate based on projected interest rates. These figures do not reflect advance loan payments, the usual six-month grace period and interest. We expect scholarship amounts to remain constant and do not adjust to tuition fee increases (with the exception of 100% study grants).

However, we expect the percentage to be lower than the estimated cost of living for the school with annual increases. Financial aid is the total amount of financial support (federal and non-federal) available to a student. The school`s financial support staff combines various forms of assistance into a single “package” to cover a student`s tuition costs. The following packaging data are estimates, as the schedule may change depending on when you submit your FAFSA. You can view tuition fees on the Drexel Central Kline School of Law Tuition page. Credit fees for the 2022-2023 academic year for master`s programs: The JD tuition fee for the 2022-2023 academic year is an annual lump sum of $50,700. The scholarship was awarded on the basis of this planned increase in tuition fees. The tuition changes will be approved by Drexel`s Board of Directors in March. Please check your grant account for updates. * The hourly rate per credit does not apply to 1L students participating in JD Start-up and Accelerated Summer Programs Students starting in the summer semester must submit 2 FAFSA.

One for the current academic year for summer loans and one for the upcoming academic year for fall loans. The attendance fee information on this page will help you see the differences between your first year and your subsequent years as a Drexel student.