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Dollar Tree Corporate Legal Department

Here you will find dollar tree`s mailing and mailing address, company office address, customer service help number, Dollar Tree head office address, customer service phone number, company headquarters address. I frequently shop at store #6573 which is located at 6828 14th St W, Bradenton FL 34207 since I moved here from Palm Beach County, FL. When I started shopping there, it was clean and tidy, with several friendly employees. When the current manager took over the store a few weeks ago, it became a mess. There are boxes in every aisle, so you can`t get anything off the shelves. I asked the manager twice and said how come the store is such a mess and things are not straight and are put on shelves or pen hooks. He said he knew it and was working on it, but nothing had changed. He said it was the same thing I asked him the last time I was inside. He seemed very annoyed when I asked what had happened, the store was never like that. Personally, I believe that the company needs regional leadership in order to make the store more professional and buyable and straightened. For obvious reasons, I don`t enter my full name for my safety.

Thank you for your understanding. I am an 80-year-old Vietnam veteran. Please treat my email address and name CONFIDENTIALLY. I waited for things to get better at the Dollar Tree store in Lake Wylie SC before writing this, but they only got worse. This is the most disorganized and dirtiest store I`ve ever been to. It`s embarrassing for our community. Not only is it dirty with garbage all over the floor and the front door dirty that I can`t even touch, but the shelves are mostly empty, to the point where I asked the girl who works there if she wanted to get out of the store. There are boxes everywhere and absolutely no one to set up the stock. When I asked the girl what was going on, she said that only she and another girl worked at the checkout. When I asked where the director was, she said “in the office.” I told her that with a store that seems to do this, she makes hers known and helps bring it together. I`m sure if your QC went through this store, they would agree that this store is not what you would want as a representation of the company.

As much as I like the idea and concept of the dollar tree, if I were asked to evaluate it, I would give it a star of -1. This rating would only apply to that store AND the head office that allows one of your stores to become so bad. Your increase in your retail price from one dollar to 1.25 cents is ridiculous, it`s a 25% price increase! This definitely changes my purchases from Dollar Tree to other stores We have given dollar Tree`s phone number here, and with that number you can contact Dollar Tree`s headquarters and customer service. You will be able to reach a person live at Dollar Tree Customer Service at the Dollar Tree contact phone number provided below and receive all important points of Dollar Tree`s services or properly process and purchase your request from the relevant authorities. Hello report to District Manager Jessica Reeves will not let me work at dollar tree commerce tx The Dollar Tree on 28th Street, which is closest to 96, has a store manager, which is shocking after observing and dealing with his blatant racism and prejudice against certain types of people. She is rude and cannot believe that she works in any type of retail. She is a taller woman and undoubtedly herself and her life and takes it to the customers of her store. She works the last shift from about 3:00 p.m. to no.

She is Caucasian and overweight. It`s 7:37 a.m. on Thursday, April 28, 2002 and I just left the store shaking my head, it will definitely call their manager shame on them tomorrow morning and shame on the dollar tree. Columbia, MO Broadway location. This shop requires a corporate pop-up visit. I know it`s hard to find help now, but you can do better than these girls here. The teenager who called me didn`t say a word to me. She had her friend, who doesn`t work there, behind the counter with her talking about oral sex. These girls should be ashamed. After she finished packing my stuff, she left them on the little silver thing where the bags are, and then walked away. How did we finish? I had to snatch my own receipt from the cash register and stick my bags behind the counter. I dare say that these employees are ghettos.

And you all need to do something about it. I just stayed in your dollar tree at Carbondale pa sore #3028 Your store is not suitable to be opened, the floors are with paper and other items everywhere. I do not understand why food can be sold under these conditions. If you have an inspector who comes to inspect the store, you`d better find someone to take care of your quilts. I would like a response to my complaint. Is it difficult to hire someone at night to clean the store? I doubt to go back to this store. also you have increased the prices, I think you could afford a cleaning service THANK YOU for your time BARBARA Bock Please also write the phone number of the company`s head office 1-757-321-5000 to speak to the headquarters staff. Please dial this phone number only during working hours! Now you need to change your business name from Dollarbaum to Dollars and more. I.is 1.25 now is an abuse of language, now people leave believing they get it for a dollar and not. I wanted to let you know that I was in the Dollor tree store and I asked for $20.00 back from my debit card and I forgot and I left, I the cashier came to my car and said, ma, my you have to come back, you left your money. I thanked her and I was really happy that she was an honest person, and she is always friendly and smiling.

I didn`t get his name until I was back in the store today and got his name. I hope her manager knows how nice she is. The store is #2936 in Fairhope Al. Phone #(251) 279 6240 The cashier`s name was Shellene. Thank you M,N. In this article, we have provided dollar Tree`s headquarters contact information, including headquarters address, headquarters phone number, CEO email address, email address format, and more. So, let`s see! www.dollartree.com/bulk/Corporate-Headquarters www.dollartree.com/custserv/custserv.jsp?pageName=CustomerService? NOT ALL DS IN NORTHEASTERN PENNSYLVANIA CONSIDER OR CARE ABOUT DISABILITY JUSTICE THROUGHOUT THE COMPANY. When I have my 36-year-old disabled son with me, it`s a constant obstacle in the shops. When I complain to employees or managers, they tell me that it`s the company that tells them how to set up things in the aisle for the announcement, which then blocks ADA compliance. There should be no signage in the aisles, as the aisles of the stores are not wide enough for display and a wheelchair, whether it is an electric or manual wheelchair. You need to stop and think about people with disabilities or special needs when using their special equipment in the store.

That`s why I haven`t been in a DT for a few years. Employees and managers also give an attitude when told. This should not happen!!!! I`m a big customer of dollar trees. I live in Schaumburg, IL, but my family lives in Huntley.IL My suggestion is to have an open dollar tree on Highway 47 north of the highway.