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Does Changing Your Last Name Affect Your Taxes

Hello, I got married on 29.12.16 and changed my name to SSA on 14.04.17. I received my new SSN with my husband name and the date I requested the change is also reflected in the map (4/14/17)I think the IRS will be updated automatically, but I don`t know how quickly their file will be updated. However, my ITR 2016 was submitted on 17.04.17 (3 days after the name change with SSA) and still has my maiden name, as well as my W2 and 1099. will there be a problem? I will really appreciate your answer. Thank you very much. If you filed your tax return with the IRS and don`t expect a tax refund. You can start your name change at any time because you have already filed your tax returns for the previous year. It`s tax time again, but this year there`s something completely different: someone`s name has changed in your family. This may be due to a marriage, divorce or adoption of your child. When you change your name, it is important to take the following steps to ensure that your tax return is accepted and processed by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) without any problems.

Hello. I divorced in February 2018 and immediately changed my name to SSA, DL, work, banks, etc. My W-2s are now all in my maiden name. I filed my tax return two weeks ago and have not yet received any updates. I called the IRS before filing my taxes electronically if I was going to have a problem, and they told me that once I filed my taxes, they should be able to check if my name changed with SS. Is there a reason why it is taking longer than expected? Look forward to your response. I did not file my 2017 tax returns and I was married. in 2018, I divorced and my last name returned to my maiden name. My SSN card has been changed to my maiden name with everything else, but what should I put on my tax papers for 2017?? ??? married name or maiden name Hi Stephanie. You can`t mark as single because it no longer applies to you.

You must mark your marital status as “married”, although you can file as “separately married deposit” instead of “married together deposit”. Hi Andrew. You would mark your marital status as married. How you submit is a separate question. You can submit submissions married together or submissions married separately. My wife and I got married, but she hasn`t changed her last name yet, so she wanted to know how she was going to sign up. Would she be single or married Hello, I have a question? I submit a tax return with my old name in the first week of February 2021. Because of the marriage, I changed my first and last name. It was the 1st week of March 2021 at the Social Security Office. Now I had a new social card with a new name.

So I`m wondering if I`m getting my refund or not? At this point, the IRS is not accepted in in-person visits and phone calls are busy at all. So, can I get an idea? How can I contact if necessary? Hello Pris. You can cross out your maiden name and write your married name on the W-2. If you prefer not to mark your W-2, you can attach a note explaining your name change. Hi Laura. There does not seem to be a problem. If you expect a return, it can take up to three weeks, which is not uncommon. You can search for the status of your refund using the “Where is my refund” tool on the IRS website.

My bank forms as well as mortgage forms are also under my married name. If you don`t report a name change – If a name on your tax return doesn`t match the SSA records, it can delay the IRS processing of that tax return. In this case, when you owe a refund, it will take them longer to receive your money. Report a change to SSA – You must notify the Social Security Administration of a name change as soon as possible. When you file your taxes, the IRS reviews the SSA records to make sure the names and Social Security numbers on the forms match. In this case, the good news is that because you go to the office, the system should process your name change in a day or two. Hurrah! No, your name change (or not) will not affect your ability to register as a groom. Hey, I have a question, my wife and I have been married for almost 9 years, we have never changed her last name on the SS card. We did it in November 2018, we also filled out THE IRS form 8822 for the change of address/name, we filled it out and we were confused where he asked for the signature, he says that if your last return was a joint statement, your spouse must sign We made a joint declaration last time and we had to use his maiden name, because we never changed his last name on the SS card.

We signed the 8822 with her new married name, we will accept the 8822 I got married in June, I changed my name with the SSA. But I`ve never changed my name at work, my w-2 will still have my maiden name on it, and I`ll have a hard time filing if you filed your tax return with the IRS and are waiting for a tax refund. Wait until you receive your IRS tax refund check/deposit before you begin the name change. A name discrepancy may result in a deferred tax refund. Once you have received confirmation of your name change from the SSA, use your new name on your tax return. If you don`t have enough time to change your name with the SSA before filing your tax return, use your current legal name as it appears on your Social Security card on your tax return. Hello hope. File with the name that is in your current Social Security folder. If you changed your name on your Social Security card, submit your taxes under that changed name. Otherwise, place the file in your name only. Hi Yolonda.

Delays can be the result of a name variation, for example if the name on your SS card does not match what you submitted. Otherwise, it could be for various other reasons. You may need to contact them to get the current status. Hello tea. This should not normally be a problem. If you change your name with SSA, they notify the IRS on your behalf. This is common. Did they provide details of what is being verified? Could the reported W-2s refer to your old name? Hello, I am a self-employed contract worker.

I changed my last name to SSA last week (January 2018). Do I need to contact my clients to have my 1099 reflect my new wedding name? Or can I file my tax return with my maiden name since it was my official name in 2017? I have a question, I got married in January 2017. Do I have to file my taxes alone or do I have to file a joint return with my husband? I`ve heard that if I file joints, I may have problems with the IRS because I wasn`t married in 2016 for the year I file taxes. An error occurred when reporting a name change. If a name on a taxpayer`s tax return does not match SSA records, it can delay the IRS`s processing of that tax return. In this case, if the taxpayer is entitled to a refund, it will take longer for the taxpayer to receive their money. You won`t know for sure if your name has been changed until you receive your new card or contact the SSA for confirmation of the change. The processing time after receiving your application is usually one to two weeks. The IRS may simply decide that since the information doesn`t match, it won`t process your taxes. As this is the “busy season” for them, you may not receive notification about it until well after the registration deadline. Not filing a case is not a boat that someone wants to sit in. I got married last year, but I couldn`t change my name.

All my documents are still under my maiden name. My question is: do I have to file my tax returns under my maiden name and wait until after my tax return to change them, or do I have to go to the SSA to possibly change them before submitting them and submitting them under my new name? I want to avoid any kind of delay or problem. Thank you very much! I got married on 15/04/2001 and I was a victim of identity theft in 2010 and 2011 and they continue to make me in my file of daughter name.my ssa, driver`s license and all my life is under my married name.