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Documentos Para Legalizar Un Auto

These cars are classified according to the rate of the law of general import and export taxes: in the case of vehicles for the transport of goods and for the transport of passengers over 16 years of age, including the driver, as is the case for buses of the Pulman type, vehicles that carry garbage and slag, in addition to concrete mixers and tractors for semi-trailers, registration in the importers` register must be required. The Confederation of Associations of Customs Agents (CAAAREM) provides a number of associations in which customs agents can be counted, and the Latin American Association of Customs Agents provides the public with specialized customs agents for the clearance of vehicles. If you`re wondering if you can place an American car without legalization or petition, the answer is NO. In fact, when it comes to a permanent import±, it is the permanent for the circulation of a vehicle in Mexico©, so your car can only be ± or imported 8 to 9 years before the year. Any type of vehicle, whether gasoline or diesel model, with standard or automatic control, and any brand that you can import as long as you meet these requirements: If you need to know about the legalization of cars in Tijuana, you can be guided by the following list, you can go in person or communicate by phone©to arrange the details: Once you have completed the legalization process for your American car, you may have doubts about whether your car has all the documents in order. But how to make the final import of a car legally into the country? We will tell you in this note. In general, if your vehicle complies with the Motor Vehicle Regulations in effect until 2024, you can pay between 30% and 60% more to import it. In addition to additional costs. That is why it is important that you consider whether it is convenient for you to import the car or not. Here you will find the most frequently asked questions about the regularization procedure for used vehicles of foreign origin that have not processed their final importation or whose legal residence in the country is not accredited. When collecting these documents, you need to follow the steps: Before knowing the legalization of the prices of American cars, it is necessary that you have the certainty that you have all the prerequisites to start the journey: the opportunity to buy vehicles at affordable prices or access original models that are not marketed in Mexico, are some of the reasons why it is so common to find imported vehicles, among which there are also many “chocolate” (irregular) cars, especially in the border states of the republic.

Licenses to legalize American cars are the ones you need to manage if you want to drive a car in Mexico, and so whether you stay in the country or not, you need to know how to make the transition from a permanent or temporary import and what are their requirements to facilitate the task: Mexican©© customs, you understand the northern border strip as the territory, which includes the line of northern Mexico and the parallel with a distance of 20 km. inside, which includes the Gulf of Mexico©©Lãmite and the state of Sonora as well as the border community of Cananea. To legalize an American car, the first thing you need to do is hire an authorized customs broker. Only an agent can carry out the customs procedure on your behalf. A few hours ago, we had the latest news on the legalization of used vehicles. As in 2020, this year from 2021 until 2024, you can import used cars from the United States to Mexico with the same rules. Surely you are wondering who can help you? The final import procedure cannot be carried out on the street. Be careful, do not give the documentation of your vehicle to people on public roads or managers. Only a customs agent can carry out the procedure before the customs authority with his name, here we will tell you how to contact one. Thus, you can carry out the legalization of vehicles as a person or as a company. If you want to do the import for someone else, you need to check correctly. These are the nine customs offices authorized by the General Administration of Customs to carry out the procedure of importing used vehicles: you can legalize your car from home by calling the customs agency or requesting a quote by©e-mail.

To find out exactly how much it costs to import a car, you should contact your customs broker. Depending on the year, model and make of your car, your customs agent can determine the total cost of the final import. So, if you live in the border region or border strip, you can make a permanent import of used cars if these cars stay in these areas. If your car meets these requirements, you do not need prior approval from the Ministry of Economy or a certificate of origin, otherwise you will have to process the corresponding requirements. Temporary importation requires a permit to enter the vehicle on the national territory, if it is a foreign vehicle that you wish to enter for a certain period of time and at the same time have a specific purpose or purpose, then return it in the same condition and not designate it for a gainful activity.