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Definition of Odiousness in Literature

1. Hatred; the quality that deserves or may arouse hatred; than the abomination of sin. Charles Dickens was particularly adept at creating despicable and vile eccentrics. His books are filled with dark and dangerous characters like Fagin in Oliver Twist, Uriah Heep and Mr. Murdstone in David Copperfield, Daniel Quilp in The Old Curiosity Shop, and even Ebenezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol until he was reformed. In fact, literature is full of obnoxious characters: Mr. Hyde from Robert Lewis Stevenson`s The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Iago from Shakespeare`s Othello, Gollum from Tolkien`s Lord of the Rings, and most recently Lord Voldemort from J.K. Rowling`s Harry Potter series.

Disgusting refers to things that are extremely tasteless, disgusting or abhorrent. It is an adjective that can describe words (“an abhorrent lie”), situations (“abhorrent tyranny”), or even people (“an odious character”). Odieux is a particularly powerful term that conveys more than anger or inconvenience. It conveys a feeling of extreme aversion or intense resentment. Tebbit, an experienced conservative politician, is known for his controversial (often odious) statements. Odieux comes from the Latin odiosus; This adjective comes from the word for “hate”, odium. Odium is related to the English verb annoy and is used in English to mean “hate” or “shame”. Should the main character Hannah, played by Lena Dunham, be sympathetic or despicable? He was also the victim of a particularly heinous joke when he lived here. The word odious first appeared in Middle English at the end of the 14th century. It comes from the old French word “odieus”, borrowed from the Latin adjective “odiosus”, which means “hateful, offensive or unpleasant”.

This adjective is derived from the Latin noun “odium”, which means “hatred”. However, it wasn`t until the early 17th century that the word “odium” itself, in its unchanged form, became part of the English language when it was used as a name meaning “shame” or “hate.” An example of an obnoxious character can be found in the new film Murder on the Orient Express (2017), the latest adaptation of Agatha Christie`s classic crime novel. The story involves a diverse cast of characters who are all suspects in a brutal crime that occurred aboard a luxury train that ran between Istanbul and Paris in the 1930s. In the film, American actor Johnny Depp plays Mr. Ratchett, a wealthy antique dealer who also happens to be a kidnapper and murderer. Ratchett is often portrayed as obnoxious – the other characters continue to call him “evil” and “a monster” once his terrible and unspeakable crime is exposed. And they told the king that Jonathan had done these things to make him despicable; but the king kept his peace. “You are particularly concerned about this man`s life,” he said, an abominable undercurrent of meaning in his voice. Secretary of State Daniel Webster rejected Huselmann`s attempt to “give this name and odious character to a confidential agent of a neutral power who carries the commission of his country and is sent for purposes fully justified by the law of nations.” Trading cryptocurrency for a catalog of strange digital assets — from tweets, YouTube videos, hideous sound clips, virtual sofas, renderings of luxury bags, or even news articles — can read like a farce.

During his reign, the murderous massacre of St. Bartholomew took place, making his name despicable. 2. Offensive to the senses; disgusting; as an abhorrent spectacle; A hideous smell. Odieux comes from the Latin noun odium, which means hatred. It`s a strong word, so don`t call someone obnoxious unless you want to accuse someone of being obnoxious or abhorrent. The actions can also be described as abhorrent. A typical use is that of Shakespeare in Othello: “You said a lie, a heinous lie, damn a lie.” Some synonyms are hateful, despicable, despicable and odious.

If something is abhorrent, it is hateful. When you become a historian of slavery, you will learn all the details of this despicable trade. An exemption from conscience could provide cover for the oldest and most heinous form of discrimination in America. During the Civil War, slaves received a particularly despicable job. 1. Hateful; in a way that wins or incites hatred. You continue to use that word. I don`t think that means what you think it means. There is no competitive advantage in making your customers` wait time less despicable or making it easier for them to access real people because your competitors are doing the same thing you are doing.

O`DIOUS, a. L. odiosus, from odi, I hated, eng. Hate. 3. Provoke hatred; detestable; than to tell a despicable truth. This is not how the fantasies that animate American national life and bring despicable politicians to power and raise the stakes of political engagement for all. He is not the only man to make such pathetic assessments or such despicable comparisons; the world is full of euthyphrons.

Why, then, is it so obnoxious for some in the art world when an artist tries to make a small coin for himself? Rockstar is above all an odious reward for a musician. 1. Hateful; Win the hate. It expresses something that is less than despicable and odious; as a vile name; despicable vice. Theme music by Joshua Stamper ©2006 New Jerusalem Music/ASCAP.