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Declaration of No Legal Impediment

Do you want to get married in another country? Then sometimes you need an explanation that you have no obstacles. This document states that you are not currently married and that you and your partner are allowed to marry under Dutch law. If you want to change your name after your marriage on a legal document, you need to follow the steps below: 1. Wait until your marriage is officially registered in the register of births, deaths + marriages. (Please note that this process CAN take up to 4 weeks.) 2. If you have ordered an official marriage certificate issued by the government through me, it will be automatically generated once your marriage has been processed and sent to you. 3. If you have not ordered a government-issued certificate through me, I will send you a link once the marriage is registered, with instructions on how to get one. THIS CERTIFICATE IS REQUIRED TO CHANGE YOUR NAME IN A LEGAL DOCUMENT. 3.

Once you have received your marriage certificate issued by the government, you can contact independent institutions to request a name change. Most companies have a name change request form that you can fill out through their Complay website. 4. You can use the electronic name change checklist/checklist I emailed you before the wedding. I`m happy to email it to you again if you can`t find it! Contact me ? In case a party has been married more than once, a divorce certificate from their last marriage MUST be presented. With effect from 1 July 2002, the Family Court and the Federal Court ceased to issue both a nisi decree on the dissolution of marriage and an absolute decree. They now issue a document entitled “Certificate of Divorce”, which contains the data of the Nisi Decree and the Absolute Decree. This certificate is a legal requirement for marriage in Australia. If you divorced before July 1, 2002, you must provide me with a copy of the absolute judgment. Unfortunately, there is no magic one-stop shop when it comes to changing your name.

You MUST contact each independent institution separately to request one, but it`s not a legal requirement that you go out and change everything at the same time, in fact, I`ve heard some couples say they find it much easier, cheaper and less time-consuming to change their name because things had expired and they had received a renewal notification! The unhindered declaration is valid for 6 months from the date of issue. This is the date of submission of the declaration (Article 49 bis, chap. 4 BW1). If you are getting married in Australia, I have listed below all your legal requirements for marriage. Although part of my service as a wedding officiant is to ensure that most of these legal requirements are met on your behalf in order to make everything as easy as possible for you. A declaration that there are no legal obstacles to marriage must be completed and signed before the marriage begins. This is a way to declare that the information provided in your NOIM is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge and belief and that you do not see any legal obstacles to marriage. The signing of this document usually takes place at the time of your last meeting or rehearsal, but can also be signed on the wedding day, for those of you who are running out of time! I will provide you with this document so that you can sign in my presence. I hope I`ve answered all your questions about the legal requirements for marriage below, so feel free to read on or click on one of the links below to go directly to a specific note of interest.

There are three mandatory legal obligations on the wedding day – the monitum, the letter of intent and the signature of the marriage register. The letter of intent is the following statement that all couples entering into marriage are legally required to recite during the ceremony; “In the presence of these witnesses, I accept (full legal name of Part 1/2) you (the full legal name of Part 2/1) as my husband/wife/spouse/partner legitimately married in marriage.” Send a signed letter to the Ministry of Public Service. Indicate in this letter that you want an unfettered explanation. In the United States, a certificate of non-obstruction of marriage is usually called an affidavit with a single status. It is a legal requirement for marriage that the NOIM has been submitted to your wedding officiant, not less than one month, but within 18 months of the date of your confirmed marriage. The monitum is the following legal formulation that all authorized marriage officiants are legally required to recite during the ceremony; “I am duly authorized by law to solemnize marriages in accordance with the law. Before you marry in my presence and in the presence of these witnesses, I would like to remind you of the solemn and binding nature of the relationship into which you will now enter. According to Australian law, marriage is the union of two persons to the exclusion of all others who are voluntarily contracted for life. Or words along those lines.

A certificate of non-obstruction of marriage is an official certificate attesting that the City Clerk`s office has no information that would constitute an “obstacle” to obtaining a marriage certificate. If you plan to get married in another country, you must obtain a certificate of non-disability. The first step is to contact the local county clerk`s office to request a document stating that you are not currently married (AKA: Single Status). Some county clerk offices may refer to this document as “no marriage certificate” instead of a “single status.” Most county clerk offices can provide you with this document, so please speak to a supervisor if you are told otherwise. A document issued by the county clerk`s office does not require notarization. In addition to the identification documents required when filing a NOIM, a widowed spouse must also present an authorized death certificate for the deceased spouse. Back to menu ↑ If the county clerk can`t help you and you`re in the United States, you can use the example above to write your own affidavit for each status. Basically, you`re writing an affidavit stating that you`re not currently married to another person in the United States. Be sure to sign this document and have it notarized before sending it to our office. You should also check with people applying for your single status to see if they accept an affidavit directly from you. Do you need to apostille a marriage non-obstruction certificate? You can request a shortening of the deadline, but your reasons for doing so must meet one of the following criteria: ** Please contact me for any visa application letter requested by the Department of Immigration if necessary at that time. Back to menu ↑ For the application, you need a valid ID for you and your partner.

In addition, the municipality may sometimes ask you to submit other documents: a court will only allow you to marry if you can prove that there are unusual or extraordinary circumstances. This means that these commands are given in very rare situations. The court will consider the facts and circumstances specific to your relationship when deciding whether or not to issue an order. This may include the following: If you are outside the United States, the local U.S. embassy or consulate should be able to help you complete a single status and have it signed and notarized. Since you will be visiting the U.S. Federal Government Office, this document can only be apostilled through our apostille office in Washington DC. Here is an example of an affidavit from the U.S. Embassy or Consulate: “Hosting” your NOIM simply means filling out the form and ensuring that your officiant, as an authorized government official, has the original completed document in their possession. I will inform you by email once your marriage has been processed and officially registered with the Ministry of Births, Deaths and Marriages. If you asked me for a marriage certificate issued by the government before the wedding, it will be automatically generated and sent to you once your marriage has been processed.

(Processing times see here) If you have not applied for a marriage certificate, you can purchase one at any time in the future through the Births, Deaths and Marriages Registry website. Back to menu ↑ As part of my wedding vacation, I usually prefer to meet couples face-to-face so we can complete it together, but it may be more convenient for you to download the form here, fill it out at home, and have it observed before accommodation. A list of notaries who may act as witnesses can be found on page 4 of the NOIM.