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Das Legal Services Postadres

DAS Legal Protection (DAS) is a Canadian general management agent specializing in legal expenses insurance (LEI). As a subsidiary of Munich Re, DAS LEI policies are underwritten by Temple Insurance Company, and both companies are members of the Munich Re Group. If you are a DAS policyholder, you are entitled to legal advice under your policy. Please call the number indicated in the text of your policy or request a reminder of legal advice here: PLEASE NOTE: This is not a form to request legal advice. DAS Law can only provide legal advice to DAS policyholders. In fact, DAS was the first dedicated legal expenses insurer to enter the Canadian market in 2010, after which the legal expenses insurance market in the country really began to grow. Previously, primary insurers had some elements of legal protection, but mainly as an extension of their basic coverage for commercial liability insurance. Often, there were gaps in the protection of small business owners. DAS Canada in the News January 2013: Legal Expenses Insurance Report Unleashes Storm in Cup of Tea August 2017: BICO and DAS Discuss with Newcomers to the Legal Protection Market May 2018: Case Closed: Applicant Prioritizes DAS Canada`s Legal Solution December 2018: Legal Expenses Insurance is the next flagship product for the collaboration of Canada`s small business partners allows home insurance insurance clients to access legal advice services If you have a To receive legal advice, please fill out the form below with the details of your application or call the team at the number below.

DAS is part of the international network of DAS companies, headquartered in Europe and with a global reach. DAS solutions in Canada include intellectual property insurance (DAS Business and DAS Transport) and DAS for affinity groups and associations (where personal and commercial packages are available). Culture DAS works with brokers and corporate partners to develop access to justice solutions for Canadians – whether individuals, families or business owners – and help them exercise their rights, protect their profits and gain trust when faced with unexpected legal issues. In his current role, Revin is focused on growing the legal expenses insurance market in Canada. She has nearly three decades of experience in legal insurance and banking, and previously held leadership positions at Aon Risk Solutions, Bank of Montreal, Liberty Mutual and Chubb. As CEO of DAS in Canada, Revin succeeded Barbara Haynes, who retired from the company after more than eight years as founding president and CEO. Between 2010 and 2018, annual premiums recognized in the market increased from approximately $5 million in 2010 to approximately $67 million in 2017, and a number of new carriers and program administrators began to offer coverage. Teams responsible for integrating and exploiting “strong growth potential” Disclaimer: We have taken the utmost care to ensure that the above information on DAS Legal Services BV is accurate and up-to-date. However, we cannot guarantee that it will be complete and complete. The information on this page was largely updated on September 10, 2022. On the other hand, the verification of the registration of this registration in our own insolvency register is carried out on a daily basis.

For the current state of affairs about this company, we recommend that you obtain information from the competent authorities, such as the Chamber of Commerce or local courts. Exceptions are disputes where there is a time limit: a specific date for which a response must be given. For example, an approval date or ultimatum. We have offices in Amsterdam, Arnhem, Den Bosch, Groningen, Roermond, Utrecht and Zoetermeer. You can see the details of our company here. Sustainability is very important and can save money. Especially on the roofs of houses and buildings, there are many possibilities. See below how sustainability can be achieved at this address. The Chamber of Commerce recently published the following eight communications in the Official Journal on DAS Legal Services BV: Are you insured with or via DAS? Then you can always contact our legal service center for legal advice. Do you report your case? We will then check if the dispute falls within the scope of your insurance. This is described in the terms of your policy.

However, we also check if the insurance is still active, for example if your premium has been paid. And for some disputes, there is what is called a waiting period. Subsequently, it is checked whether the dispute existed at the time of taking out the insurance. In this case, your case is not covered. Don`t have legal expenses insurance? Even then, IT can be useful to you. Through our on-demand service, we offer legal services that you can purchase once. The activities of DAS Legal Services BV take place (among others) in the industry: legal consulting companies. This sector has as its main category in the SBI subdivision, to which the Chamber of Commerce belongs: “Consulting, research and other specialized services to companies” and in this case is divided into: “Legal services, audit and / or audit firms, tax consulting and administration”, subcategory “Legal services”.► Click here for more companies operating in the section “Legal consulting companies” in this region are.

Visiting address De Entree 222 1101 EE Amsterdam (020) 6517 517 Monday to Friday: 8:30-17:30.