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Dacera Medico Legal Report

If ever drugs or alcohol were discovered in Dacera`s body, it would be a “random discovery, because even by their absence, a rupture can occur when blood pressure skyrockets through various intense physical activities.” “The nature of death as homicide is excluded in the case of Dacera because the aortic aneurysm is considered a disease. Rape and/or drug overdose do not lead to the development of aneurysms,” the report says. MANILA, Philippines (AP) — Flight attendant Christine Dacera has died a natural death, based on a forensic report submitted Wednesday by Makati police to the city`s prosecutor`s office. The January 11, 2021 report from the Philippine National Police`s (PNP) Crime Laboratory noted that Dacera, 23, suffered from an “aortic aneurysm” that was the underlying cause of his death. Police initially reported her case as a “murder by rape,”[17] but according to the autopsy report conducted by coroner Michael Nick Sarmiento, Dacera died of a ruptured aortic aneurysm. [18] Police stated that the cause of death could have been natural; however, lacerations on her thighs, bruises on her knees, and scratches on Dacera`s body were found. Lacerations and sperm were also found in her genitals, suggesting that there had been sexual contact before Dacera`s death. [19] On January 5, 2021, after identifying several suspects, the Philippine National Police (PNP) said Dacera`s case was “resolved,” despite widespread claims of a lack of evidence and a “botched” investigation. [20] [21] [10] On the same day, the head of the Philippine National Police, General Debold Sinas, threatened to hunt down the suspects in Dacera`s death if they did not surrender within three days. [22] A second autopsy has since been performed on Dacera`s body, but the results remain confidential.

[23] “Hawak namin ang results, to be honest, hindi pa namin nababasa. Mamaya kasama ang pamilya para isaisahin ang data na nakuha ng PNP [Philippine National Police],” Jose Ledda III, one of the Dacera family`s lawyers, told reporters at Makati City Hall. due to their chronic hypertension. A Jan. 11 forensic report from the PNP Crime Lab, presented Wednesday to a Makati prosecutor, says Dacera died from a ruptured aortic aneurysm triggered by an increase in blood pressure. Meanwhile, the Dakera camp said it had not yet read the report submitted by the police. “Vomiting or vomiting can also increase blood pressure and trigger the rupture of the aneurysm,” the report says. On January 27, 2021, the Philippine National Police released a forensic report showing that Dacera died of natural causes, specifically an aortic aneurysm, which prevents homicide. [27] [28] However, Dacera`s family disputed the results. [29] [30] In response, Salvador Panelo reprimanded the Dacera camp on January 29, saying, “You are not going on a crusade for justice for a crime that did not even take place and are not punishing innocent people in the process.