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Centre for Legal Studies Hobart

have successfully completed an academic qualification in law leading to admission to the legal profession, OR This challenging course provides invaluable skills, whether you intend to use them as a lawyer or in another professional role. You can register as a way to be called to the bar; to help you decide whether or not to exercise the right; or to keep your career opportunities open. The training of legal apprentices is our specialty. Our high-quality law studies and certificate courses are offered in partnership with hundreds of accredited colleges and universities across the country. Students are confident that our programs in the legal industry are always up-to-date and available in formats that serve any type of learner. “Graduates of the University of Tasmania Law School constitute a large majority of the legal profession and a large number of persons who hold high-level legal positions in this State, such as the judiciary, the courts, the court of first instance, but also positions such as the Ombudsman, the Integrity Commission and other important legal bodies. “The problem with [the UTAS proposal] is that these providers on the continent are already an option for students anyway, so it doesn`t improve access to practical legal education, but what it does is undermine the sustainability and perhaps the future of our unique and far superior center for legal studies,” Gates said. Interacting with high-ranking staff members in the legal community gave me a lot more confidence. Having this opportunity is something that shouldn`t be taken for granted. For students who do not meet the English requirements through citizenship or a previous degree in English in a recognized country, proof of an approved English test completed within the last 2 years must be provided. For more information, see English language requirements. We can only approve requests for special consideration if we are sure that you have the skills and knowledge to carry out your studies.

If your application is not approved, the UTAS admissions team will work with you to find the best alternative route for the course you have chosen. There is no special consideration for international applicants. More than 90% of former students agree that our courses would keep pace with today`s industry and return to legal education at CLS. 95% of former students would recommend CLS law courses We are proud to be part of BARBRI Global. With a global alumni network of 1.3 million students, BARBRI is the world`s leading provider of practical legal education. UTAS will announce a new legal education organization to deliver the Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice starting next year. Prominent members of the Tasmanian Legal Fraternity met with the Dean of Law at the University of Tasmania to discuss concerns about changes in course delivery: “As a result, it is crucial that the quality of legal education we have received over the past few decades continues, and any deterioration is a serious problem for the state as a whole.” CLS by BARBRI courses provide legal knowledge applicable to a variety of industries. It`s our way of putting your career preparation and career advancement at the center of what we do. The President of the Law Society of Tasmania, Simon Gates, met with former Governor Kate Warner, Chief Justice Alan Blow and other senior lawyers about a month ago for a meeting with the Dean of the University of Tasmania Law School (UTAS), Michael Stuckey, to discuss changes to the provision of an undergraduate law degree and postgraduate practical legal training.

For more than 40 years, our courses have been taught by practicing lawyers and regularly updated to keep up with current industry trends. Eligibility: Applicants must have completed an academic qualification in law leading to admission to the legal profession (e.g., Bachelor of Laws) or must have no more than two subjects to complete. Our students are ready to work in a variety of fields after successfully completing our courses. Discover our career paths to learn more about the types of legal careers our certificate training courses will prepare you for. The Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice is a 26-week full-time professional and practical course organized by the Hobart Centre for Legal Studies. The course takes place every year from February to July. It prepares law graduates for the practice of law practice. This is a recognized course of practical legal training in the functions of a lawyer for the purposes of the 2010 Rules on the Legal Profession (Board of Legal Education). Gates said he was confident that UTAS would take into account the concerns of the state`s lawyers.

Develop the knowledge, values, attitudes and essential skills required for professional legal practice. As the only legal practice course based in Tasmania, you will have access to excellent support from the legal profession, the judiciary and the magistrate for practical skills, including weekly sessions at the Supreme Court or Magistrates Court. “One of the most useful aspects of the course is work experience. We spent three weeks with a law firm where we stood before real judges who made submissions and conducted trials. We believe that everyone should have access to legal education. Our courses are among the cheapest in the industry and payment options are available. Candidates are ranked by ATAR and offers are made based on the number of places available. Applicants who have recently completed upper secondary education but have not received an ATAR may still be eligible for admission. Admission to most postgraduate courses at the University of Tasmania requires qualifications equivalent to an Australian Bachelor`s degree.

Applicants must obtain the required grade in their qualifying studies, meet all required subjects and English language requirements in order to be eligible for an offer. “I think if the university continues on this path, especially in terms of practical legal education and moves away from the intimate place-based teaching environment and legal education that the law school has always offered, the university risks destroying much of what has been great and unique in legal education in Tasmania for decades.” said Mr. Gates. The Tasmanian Legal Practice Course is a postgraduate professional legal education programme whose graduates are eligible to apply for admission as a lawyer. As a graduate, you will also receive a Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice from the University of Tasmania. The TLPC is provided by the Centre for Legal Studies on the Hunter Street campus on hobart`s waterfront. It offers a unique and hands-on experience like no other professional legal education program with a focus on personal collaboration with the legal industry. CLS by BARBRI is the leading provider of legal education in the United States, complementing thousands of legal support professionals each year. “Our concern is that a move towards fewer conferences, less contact time will actually lead to a dilution of content delivery and thus a lowering of the standard of legal education through graduation,” he said.