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Boston Legal Easter Eggs

What we love about the character: Annalise Keating, one of television`s most powerful lawyers, will remain a memorable name in the history of fictional lawyers. In her own words, this is a 53-year-old woman from Memphis, Tennessee named Anna Mae Harkness. ambitious, black, bisexual, angry, sad, strong, sensitive, scared, wild, talented, exhausted. As a professor, Annalise is also admired and feared by her students, judges and opponents. Annalise, one of philadelphia`s most prolific lawyers, has solved some of the most impossible cases and helped hundreds of people. But when she is involved in a murder, she decides to cover it up with the help of her top five students. As more and more corpses pile up in her life, Annalise chooses the difficult path to protect herself and her students, whatever the cost. From life-threatening decisions to betrayal, other deaths, legal cover-ups, and dangerous ties, Annalise continues to make her way through the endless maze of law enforcement, even if it makes her corrupt. Boston Legal Themes and Allusions in Comparison with Star Trek A special report by Debb, a Montreal-based television forensic anthropologist for comparative studies [we joke] The boston legal cross-cases refer to Star Trek only begins with William Shatner and René Auberjonois – the themes, stories, images, images and audio are widespread enough to warrant further investigation. We`re not talking about a full-fledged anthropological thesis – just the kind of fun investigation that resembles the Easter eggs dvd and the alias number game. We will add documentation here if possible. We also cover these points with Soundbites in our weekly podcast for each episode. In the meantime, listen to the 35-minute conversation by clicking the mp3 or odeo button on the right.

At the Boston Legal Final, Alan Shore and Denny Crane were fly fishing and met with Judge Scalia, who also celebrated their marriage. Alan Shore of Boston Legal, a fantastic legal mind, needs a return to the screen. Although it`s been many years since James Spader donned the lawyer`s suit, tie and briefcase, his acting skills haven`t aged by a day as he continues to blow the audience away with his portrayal of Raymond Reddington on The Blacklist. Spader as Alan Shore was a great showcase of his acting skills, earning him three Primetime Emmy nominations with two wins. What we love about the character: A Hotshot lawyer working in a fancy blue Lincoln Town Car doesn`t look like what you`d expect from a law enforcement officer. That`s why Mickey Haller has nothing to do with an average law enforcement officer. He is a popular defense attorney in Los Angeles and comes from a long line of lawyers. He is also the half-brother of the famous LAPD detective Harry Bosch. In addition to all the pride of his car and his personality, Mickey, or as they call him “the Lincoln lawyer,” has conflicting opinions about the legal system and criminals. For example, he vehemently opposes the idea of the death penalty and believes that it is not a sign of being an “enlightened society”. On the other hand, he is known to take business and defend clients who are actually guilty. Mickey doesn`t care if his clients are innocent or guilty, he takes cases that fascinate and challenge him, regardless of the moral code or expected outcome.

If The Blacklist ends after its tenth season (which was renewed earlier this year), Spader could easily return to Alan`s personality. The series could be called “Off Shore” and return to him after the death of his longtime friend (and husband) Denny Crane (William Shatner). Maybe Alan is retired, but he is reminded of the legal game, but is forced to find his way into the troubled profession without Denny`s advice. Fans of the series would give anything to see him plead again before the Supreme Court of the United States. Alan was a pit bull in the courtroom and deserves another chance on screen today. What we love about the character: Alan Shore is a lawyer and consultant at Crane, Poole & Schmidt. He is brilliant with a strong moral code. However, he would not hesitate to use unethical means, such as illegal connections, cyberhacking, extortion or corruption, which are just tools that Alan uses without hesitation. At the same time, he defended the foreigner relentlessly.

Although he enjoys his profession, he is disappointed with the country`s legal system and still uses his methods to circumvent it. Whether it`s upsetting his opposing lawyer, harassing witnesses, or insulting judges and others in the courtroom, Alan Shore is a very hated character. He is everything you can`t imagine of a lawyer, but he is also someone who can also be admired for his wit and intelligent methods of saving his clients. 3×20: Guise `n Dolls Themes – The Clothes Don`t Make the Doll: Compare the Tarties from this week`s episode of Boston Legal with some of the Star Trek figure dolls. – Star Trek alumni: William Shatner (Denny Crane), René Auberjonois (Paul Lewiston), Gary Anthony Williams (Clarence/Clarisse), Michael Bofshever (Charles Costello), Jim Jansen (Marshall Kennedy) >> details and images [pdf] What we love about the character: Harvey Specter is the sharpest and most charismatic lawyer New York City has seen in a long time. But he has a reputation for being the “closest to New York” and is hated for “being right all the time.” A playful charmer, Harvey is persuasive and extremely determined, especially when trying to convince someone or win a lawsuit. It also means that his professional qualities do not lead to a satisfying social life. To win his lawsuits, Harvey would do everything he could to offer and/or the city. His unconventional methods often include coercion, corruption, bluffing, and pulling the strings of influential and powerful social circles that he ensures remain accountable to him. But Harvey is not without integrity either. In fact, he never manipulates evidence or witnesses and despises lawyers who do. The pinnacle of Harvey`s professional life is Mike Ross, a child prodigy he discovered, mentored and made of his collaborator, becoming his most reliable ally.

4×4: Do Tell Themes – The Young and the Reckless: The Young Bullfighter`s Custody Case is in some ways reminiscent of a custody case in the TNG episode Suddenly Human. – William Shatner (Denny Crane), John Larroquette (Carl Sack), Gary Anthony Williams (Clarence Bell), Henry Gibson (Judge Clark Brown); Check out the great photos of Larroquette / Shatner de Debb! >> Details and Images [pdf] 3×13: Dumping Bella Themes Shades of Black and White Shades of Blue: The Bolians and the Andorians See Through Partitions Star Trek Alumni: William Shatner (Denny Crane), René Auberjonois (Paul Lewiston), Christopher Neiman (Marshall Prig), Michael Reisz (Writer). >> details and images [pdf] Related: `Better Call Saul` works best when she breaks free from `Breaking Bad` When the audience met her in the first season, Alexis was the embodiment of a spoiled rich girl without a work ethic.