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Use the simple interface to view the relationships between all entities involved in a particular tax scenario. Download a PDF report of your chart that shows your analysis to save to your client`s file or share with your colleagues. Add the diagram to a workspace to complete your analysis of a complex tax issue with a visual representation. Blue J Diagramming complements Blue J`s existing predictive analytics tools to help you predict the outcomes of your tax questions based on the merits of your situation. Unlike general drawing tools, Blue J mapping is specifically designed to meet the needs of tax professionals. Assess and review applicable legal formulations and regulations and strengthen tax positions with confidence. Enjoy a seamless mapping experience with the system`s intuitive, state-of-the-art design. Once your chart is ready, you can visualize the big picture to identify potential tax issues and opportunities for tax efficiency. Blue J Tax asks the right questions and the analysis it seemsly magically does leads to well-articulated results and key cases you`d likely need to answer the questions you have. Developed by tax lawyers and machine learning experts, Blue J Tax is a suite of AI-powered research and analysis tools for tax professionals. Collect data on entities and relationships to better understand the impact of laws and regulations on a particular structure.

Effortlessly experiment with mapping control units and relationships with our proprietary tool. Blue J`s proprietary AI prediction engine allows you to enter the key factors of your customer`s situation and predict the outcome with over 90% accuracy. Strengthen jobs and jobs, gain an advantage in comparative interviews and identify problems to be studied. In a few minutes, find the most relevant decisions tailored to your customer`s situation, based on factors, not keywords. Create a new diagram from scratch or use a template from our legal research team for typical structures and reorganizations. Draw each entity and identify the relationships between them. Use the cut fields to enter the relevant information. Quickly and easily place common feature shapes on a canvas, establish connecting relationships between features, and capture important data. You still need to do the actual work – read the cases and analyze the facts – but as someone without a big team, it`s a great resource for launching your files. “Blue J L&E has contributed innovatively to the conversation, helped problem solvers understand and evaluate effectively and efficiently, and is a tool that can benefit everyone in the job baccalaureate.”