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Best Schools for Pre Law Majors

Wondering what your chances of admission to the best pre-law schools in the country are? CollegeVine can help. Our free chancing calculator uses metrics such as surrogacy, test scores, and extracurricular activities to predict your chances at the top schools in the country for the pre-law period, as well as 600 other schools across the country. It can also help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your academic profile and show you areas where you can improve your profile and chances of admission. Nova Southeastern is a little different from the other schools on this list because of its extensive pre-law (legal studies) major, which offers a Bachelor of Laws degree. Nova Southeastern is dedicated to helping students prepare for law school by offering a challenging program and a dedicated interest in the humanities. The School Law BS also allows students to take courses in philosophy, history and more as they prepare for their degree. A dedicated pre-legal advisor is available to Wesleyan students, providing them with strategic advice throughout the law school application process, assisting them in everything from selecting target schools to reviewing personal statements and resumes. The annual acceptance rate of Wesleyan seniors applying to law school is higher than the national average, and Wesleyan graduates are represented in many of the country`s top law schools, including Harvard, Yale, and Columbia. A 2017-2018 study by the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) looked at people who applied to one or more ABA-accredited schools among a total of 145 different majors. The next 10 majors were the most common of all those who applied. The data includes ONLY candidates who have met the requirements of the GPA and LSAT scores.

UC Berkeley offers a variety of majors that provide the essential skills students need to succeed in law school, such as communication, critical thinking, and research. The university offers a major in law, an interdisciplinary major in liberal arts that addresses the meanings, values, practices, and institutions of law and legality. UC Berkeley provides students with pre-legal advice through its career center. Students can participate in a variety of extracurricular activities related to Cal Berkeley`s privilege, including the Pre-Law Society at Berkeley and the Kappa Alpha Pi Pre-Law Fraternity. Amherst College offers many majors that serve as common pathways to law school, such as political science and economics. Amherst also offers a unique program that is ideal for students interested in law school: a major called law, jurisprudence, and social thought that offers an interdisciplinary approach to the study, contextualization, and theorization of law. Pre-law counselors are available to Amherst students to assist you in all areas, from the application process to identifying legal internships to selecting relevant extracurricular activities. The criminal justice major tends to have a lower percentage of admitted candidates than other majors. English, history and economics all had more candidates admitted than the criminal justice system. Vanderbilt has a dedicated pre-legal advisor who provides students with personalized assistance to prepare for law school.

The university`s challenging program is ideal for developing the basic skills required to succeed in law school, and the school maintains a list of courses offered for students who wish to attend law school that reinforce analytical reading, thinking, and writing. Vanderbilt graduates are well represented in prestigious law schools such as Harvard, Columbia, and Georgetown. Featured Review: Alum says UMD College Park was a great investment! As a transferred student from a community college, I thought I would have a hard time adapting, but all the professors and people I met were friendly. In terms of academics, I was part of the graphic design program with a limited number of enrollments and it wasn`t the best. There were times when the teachers admitted that they really didn`t know the material well. Some of the best pre-law schools are known to be “nurturing schools” for the best law schools. If your goal is to go to a top-notch law school, you`ll definitely want to look at the big emerging schools, even if they don`t have a pre-Jura major. Even though it is not a graduate school, there are many schools that have an incredible reputation and excellent experience in admitting students to law school. Alum: UMD-College Park was a great investment! As a transferred student from a community college, I thought I was struggling to adapt, but all the professors and people I met were friendly. College Park is huge equipped with plenty of local food options, cultural clubs, and activities.

UMD also has partnerships with local companies and you have a unique opportunity to fill your CV with real work experience. In terms of academics, I was part of the graphic design program with a limited number of enrollments and it wasn`t the best. There were times when professors admitted that they really didn`t know the material well enough and that they were skipping classes, or that the curriculum leaned more towards art history and theory than actual practice. If you`d like to pursue digital/graphic design, I`d opt for the Smith School of Business`s Strategic Design & Innovation Fellowship program, as they produce more portfolio quality pieces before graduation. Read 5,392 reviews The bottom line is: you can study in anything you want and go to law school, BUT there may be majors you`ll like more because of your interest in law. However, if you are interested in a particular market, industry, or legal topic, building that foundation in undergraduate studies may not be a bad idea. The acceptance rate to attend Ivy League Private Law School is 18.4%. Columbia Law continues to be ranked among the top five law schools in the United States, making it the ideal learning environment for pre-law students to interact with brilliant minds who study and teach in the field.

UPenn students have access to the Law School Admissions Council, an organization that publishes insightful resources for the rigorous application process in law schools. Choosing the right law school, LSAT preparation, and even in-depth webinars are just some of LSAC`s offerings. The state of Michigan offers a pre-law major, which is also considered a degree in humanities. The Pre-Law major aims to introduce students to legal studies while teaching critical thinking and analytical skills so that pre-law majors are ready to work in law enforcement, become paralegals, or embark on a career in government. Another university in Washington, D.C., Georgetown University, has vast strengths. In addition to its excellent record of placing students in top law schools, the university ranks among the top Catholic universities and pre-medical schools in the country. His major in political science is also one of the highest in the country. PhD student: The online graduate program for aba was amazing! So easy to keep track of tasks.

The professors were very dedicated and gave excellent feedback on all the topics covered. It was so much more than just lectures and tests, the program was very engaging and interactive. I really feel like this program has prepared me for success in my future career change. If there was anything to improve, it would be the online portal. It could have been a little more user-friendly and a bit difficult to navigate. Although I learned remotely, they did a great job of promoting inclusion. Overall, I would choose this school again if I had to repeat the whole process. I really feel like I get my money`s worth from this experience, this school was certainly more affordable than the other schools I had reviewed.