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Bc Legal Services Branch

A list of services is available at Dial-A-Law or by calling 604.687.4680 in the Lower Mainland or 1-800-565-5297 in British Columbia. Legal Aid BC is a not-for-profit organization established in 1979 by the Legal Services Society (LSS) Act to provide legal information, advice and advocacy services. Our priority is to serve the interests of low-income people, but many of our services are available to all British Columbians. To learn more about our history, here is a brief overview. The Legal Services Branch (LSB) assists the Attorney General as legal counsel to the Government of British Columbia. LSB ensures that the management of public affairs is carried out in accordance with the law. All legal services to governments that respect civil matters are provided by or under the supervision of LSB`s lawyers. Our vision, mission and values guide our work and reflect our commitment to an integrated legal aid model. Our vision is client-centred legal aid that ensures access to justice for all. To do this, we offer a range of services that help people solve their legal problems. We determine the services we provide as part of our obligations under the NSSO Act. Our services are offered in legal advisory institutions across the province. Stakeholders include, in addition to the Department of Justice and our clients, our non-governmental funders – the Law Foundation and the Notary Foundation – our local agents and community partners, lawyers who provide legal aid services and the organizations they represent, such as the Canadian Bar Association (British Columbia Branch) and the Trial Lawyers Association of BC, and the judiciary.

Other key stakeholders include public legal education and information service providers, social services, community organizations and lawyers who support our clients. Publicly funded legal aid services are provided through the Legal Services Society of British Columbia in certain circumstances. They are accessible under www.legalaid.bc.ca. Other free or low-cost services, including online legal information, are offered by the following entities: Legal Aid BC is committed to reconciling and improving access to legal aid services for Indigenous peoples. Our Reconciliation Action Plan outlines how we are moving forward. We strive to involve our clients in finding solutions to their legal problems. Through an integrated approach, legal aid services can help their clients avoid future legal problems and increase their ability to make a positive contribution to society. We are Legal Aid BC and provide legal assistance in British Columbia. Our mission is to provide the legal assistance people need and to promote better access to justice. Deputy Attorney General Ministry of the Attorney General PO Box 9290 Stn Prov Govt Victoria BC V8W 9J7 Are you interested in working with the provincial government of British Columbia or spending the summer? Lawyers from the Legal Services Branch (LSB) of the Ministry of the Attorney General (LSB) will be here to inform you about civil litigation and the work and student programs of LSB lawyers. The MAG has a unique application and interview process, so be sure to attend this information event for tips on how to successfully prepare your applications. The LSB hires summer and internship students.

LSB articles are open 2Ls (although 3Ls and graduate students looking for 2023/24 articles can also apply). The deadline for submission of applications is to be determined. For 1L, this information event will also cover 2L summer posts for 2023. It saved my life. [The lawyer] gave me information, I used it, and everything worked 100%. Within two days I had solved my problems – he did a very good job. “We are also committed to working with our many partners in the justice system, sharing knowledge and improving access to justice for the disadvantaged. Our Standards of Conduct Policy describes the conduct expected of all our employees and promotes integrity, respect, confidentiality, public accountability, cultural competence and disclosure of misconduct as fundamental principles. The standards of conduct also assure the public that employees of Legal Aid British Columbia perform their duties honestly and impartially.

For more information, read the Standards of Conduct. Legal aid clients are among the most vulnerable and marginalized citizens in the province. Our clients do not have the financial resources – or often the educational, social or health resources – to effectively access the justice system when their families, freedoms or safety are at risk. You can serve one of the following ways with the Attorney General: you must attach a cover letter with the documents you serve. We are funded by the provincial government, with additional support from the Law Foundation of BC and the Notary Foundation of BC. We are accountable to the public and remain independent of government. Every year, we help tens of thousands of British Columbians: of the approximately 24,000 people referred to a lawyer in 2020-2021, 41% had less high school education, 26% were Indigenous and 34% were women.