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Base Legal Del Iva En Nicaragua

i. The final withholding tax rate will increase from 10% to 15% on additional workers` compensation at the maximum legislated resulting from the addition of five months` salary as statutory remuneration plus the additional exempt benefit of $500,000.00. 7. Income from intangible or intangible movable investments increases from 10 per cent to 15 per cent as a result of the increase in quota. The tax base is retained. 1. Non-alcoholic beverages based on milk, flavoured or containing fruit or cocoa of natural or natural origin. 5. The tax base of real estate capital income is changed, which was 70% of gross income and now increases to 80% of gross income, so that the change in aliquot, real estate capital income for residents, increases from 7% to 12%. The same percentage applies to non-residents.

1. The tax base is changed for imports of the following products: energy drinks, juices, wines and tobacco bites, the basis of which is the retail price. iv. The permissible deduction from labour income from contributions or contributions of natural or dependent persons to savings banks and/or pensions other than social security does not apply. That is, workers who contributed to approved savings funds and whose contribution was exempt from tax now have to pay labor income tax, so the number is discouraged. After a round table led by the Government of Nicaragua with some sectors, the main changes of the reform of the Tax Conciliation Law concerning Income Tax (IR) and Value Added Tax (VAT) are listed: it is stipulated that the tax credit, which is provided by the transfer of VAT to the State and public enterprises affiliated with the ministries, in cases where it applies in accordance with Article 116, shall be paid by means of electronic tax credit certificates generated by the computer systems of the tax administration. 2. The exemption for vegetable oils shall be limited to vegetable soybeans and palm oil.

3. The amount of gross exempt income for co-operatives will increase from C$40,000,000.00 to C$60,000,000.00. Significant changes to income tax (IR) and value-added tax (VAT) 1. Integration with income from economic activities is eliminated, i.e. capital income and capital gains should no longer be integrated if they represent more than 40% of taxable income from economic activities. Mandatory integration will be maintained for regulated or unregulated financial institutions. 2. Domestic production of toilet paper, washing and bath soaps, detergent, toothpaste and toothbrush, deodorant, broom, matches or phosphorus and women`s towels. iii. The labour income rate of non-residents shall be increased from 15 % to 20 %. 2.

The rates based on the RI of capital gains for the transfer of assets subject to registration are adjusted, with the addition of three (3) new layers that would look like this: 6. the materials, raw materials and intermediates which are physically contained in the final products and which are the subject of an industrial processing process in their elaboration, then: rice, sugar, chicken meat, liquid and whole milk, cooking oil, eggs, ground coffee, wheat flour, laundry soap, toilet paper, simple bread and pinolillo. iii. Other aspects reformed, added or deleted: 7. Molasses and feedingstuffs for farmed animals, poultry and aquaculture animals, whatever their presentation. 1. The time limit for the declaration and payment of income tax on economic activities shall be amended and shall run from 31 March to the last calendar day of the second month following the end of the period of activity. (7) The definition is amended to apply only in certain cases, where the comparable price method is not controlled, to the determination of the value of transactions under conditions of free competition or market value. Kil The exemption does not apply to the following products: a.

Major Contributors (GRACO): Increase to 3%. Large taxpayers are those with a gross taxable income of more than 160 million Cordoba. Fishing activity on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua is excluded, which will have an aliquot of 2%. 3. The investment income rate for residents will be increased from 10% to 15% and will be in line with the current rate for non-residents, and the capital gains and losses rate for residents and non-residents will increase from 10% to 15%. It also increases trust income from 5% to 15%. c. Chicken meat in various pieces and offal, including whole chicken, excluding breast with or without wings and fillets. 2. It is specified that the interest resulting from the finance lease (leasing) is deductible expense from the IR.

4. Traditional sweet bread is limited to its exception, which is handmade. i. The period for payment of the invoiced VAT is reduced from 15 days of the month following the taxed period to 5 calendar days after the taxed period. 3. The exemption for coffee shall be limited only to coffee ground in presentations not exceeding 115 g. 1. It is specified that consortia and taxpayers who have moved from a simplified scheme to a general scheme are not exempt from the final minimum payment for the first three (3) years following the start of their activity.