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Are Inflatable Hot Tubs Legal in California

Hot Spring Spas is at the top of our list for a variety of reasons. In addition to being the #1 spa brand in sales worldwide, the features, design and durability of these spas are second to none. Hot Spring recently partnered with DesignWorks, a BMW company that specializes in combining modern design and ergonomic comfort, which is evident in the design of their new spas. Portable electric spas and spas – are defined as self-contained and prefabricated electric spas or spas. They are different from underground spas or permanently installed spas, which can be attached to a pool. Portable electric spas and spas are not specifically used for medical treatments or physiotherapy. Portable electric spas have a water capacity between 200 and 500 gallons, although some units may be smaller or larger. They are also considered inexpensive, portable and require easy installation. California, Connecticut, and Oregon have all set energy efficiency standards in terms of backup power for portable electric spas. Although plug-and-play spas are insulated and more energy efficient than inflatable spas, the 110-volt power supply makes them less energy efficient than traditional 240-volt spas. The small power supply also means that there is usually not enough energy for the filters and heater to run at the same time, which means they have to drive cyclically, which can reduce heating times and limit the number of nozzles that can be included in the spa.

The small power supply also limits the size of the spa. Inflatable spas are portable spas, usually with an external pump and heating in a small case outside the spa. Inflatable hot tubs can be connected to any standard 110V outlet and are easy to install and carry. As inflatable spas become more and more popular due to their low upfront prices, there are many hidden issues with inflatable spas that consumers are not aware of. If you don`t exercise your spa regularly, you`d better use a plug and play hot tub. Some of the problems with inflatable spas include occupants` legs having to overlap, slow heating times, energy efficiency, poor water filtration, exaggerated occupancy rates, shallow water depths, lack of jets, and uncomfortable sitting positions. If you have money to blow an expensive novelty, a swollen spa can be a fun purchase, but it shouldn`t be considered a legitimate replacement for a fixed hard shell spa. Q: Do inflatable spas consume a lot of electricity? An inflatable spa consumes up to 1.5 kWh of electricity during heating. The average cost of electricity in the United States is $0.13/kWh.

This equates to about $0.20 per hour or $4.70 per day. While major wearable spa brands like Fantasy Spas and leading inflatable spa brands like Intex share a 5-year warranty, inflatable spa warranties usually don`t cover punctures, and repair is up to the consumer. When you consider the lifespan of your new spa, you can expect to get about 5-7 years of using an inflatable spa, compared to more than 20 years of using a hardshell spa. New spas are more energy efficient than older models Many newer spas are designed to be more energy efficient, with excellent insulation and more efficient pumps and controls. Some of these new spas consume only half the electricity that models sold only ten years ago. May 5, 2020 Connecticut – Effective January 1, 2009, Section 16a-48 of the Connecticut General Laws for Portable Electric Spas and Spas has been enacted. Regulations and Procedures for Setting Energy Efficiency Standards for Certain Appliances and Products, Section 16a-48-4 (P), are available on the Connecticut website. Oregon – Effective September 1, 2009, Senate Bill 375, Section 1 (17) for ORS 469,229 and Senate Bill 375, Section 2 (16) for ORS 469,233 for portable electric hot tubs and hot tubs were passed. For more information about Oregon regulations and standards, visit the Oregon website. We chose intex Purespa Spa for 6 people for our best inflatable spa of the year because of its 5-year hull warranty, trusted name, available add-ons and low initial price.