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Are Drones Legal in Egypt

✅ However, we are aware that IFlyEgypt (subsidiary of Egyptian Media) has a permanent license to fly 3 types of drones, from which you can rent for about 400 € / day! ? This remains a difficult question given the strict measures taken regarding flying drones. Drones are technically legal, but virtually illegal to own or operate in the country. I will deviate from several other criticisms and give my opinion, which means that it is NOT legal. In this article, you will find the current laws for drones in Egypt. The answer here is “no” because Egypt has passed a law banning the use or trade of drones by companies, individuals, ministries, local government units and general authorities. According to this law, there can be no import, sale, manufacture, collection, possession or use of drones unless a permit from the Ministry of Defense. 1. When you arrive at the airport, be honest with airport customs and tell them that you have a drone with you. The drone will of course be confiscated, but this is for your own good as it is illegal to bring drones into the country without prior permission. If you do not declare your drone when you arrive, you will create problems if the drone is later found in your possession. Chances are you won`t even get the drone beyond the point of entry, as there are many detectors in airports that detect the presence of drones. Countries that ban drones are always on the lookout for drones at ports of entry, so it`s almost certain that your drone will be detected and seized.

If you decide to travel with a drone to a country where drones are not allowed, you must be prepared to suffer the consequences. The best thing that can happen to you is that your drone will be confiscated as you could be fined for possession of an illegal or banned item. You need to keep your drone away from sensitive government or military facilities. The use of drones of any kind is strictly prohibited in these areas. According to the Egyptian National Aviation Authority, the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority, flying a drone in Egypt is technically legal if you get permission from the Civil Aviation Authority, but according to our research, it is very difficult to get a permit. I am a videographer and blogger in the tourism industry, how do I get a license to fly my drone? Do I need to take steps to enter Egypt with my drone in order to follow the country`s guidelines? ✅ Please leave a comment when you receive news and/or gain experience with your drone in Egypt! #egypt #egyptian #regulation #rule #rules #law #laws #legislation #illegal you can reach the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority at any time at [email protected] / +202 202-22677613. You can ask all the questions about drones before traveling to Egypt. I have bad news for travelers in Egypt: drone operations are not allowed there.

According to Egypt`s Aviation Law according to Article 46, Sentence 8: Canadian Filmmaker and Doctor Imprisoned in Egyptian Prison for Possession of Drones As you can see in the law above, you cannot fly a drone in Egypt without obtaining permission from the Civil Aviation Authority. It certainly sounds harsh, but the real problem here is whether you can actually get a permit from the Civil Aviation Authority. To date, we have not heard of any cases where the Civil Aviation Authority has granted permission to fly drones to foreign tourists. Read all our Egyptian drone laws and are you now looking for drones, parts, accessories or something else? Read our guide to buying drones in Egypt. It includes information about drones for sale in Egypt, import taxes, payment options, and shipping. Since the import, manufacture, collection, sale or possession of drones is prohibited in Egypt, violation of any of these drones will result in sanctions. We have already stipulated that the drones will be seized at the port of entry when you travel to Egypt. Otherwise, it`s best to leave your drone at home to prevent it from being confiscated. Also, you don`t want to be punished for being in possession of an illegal item. Submit your country`s rules and laws for flying drones in the above categories The most important thing you need to know about flying drones in Egypt is the need to get permission from the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority before flying or operating a drone in the country. For detailed instructions on how to get your drone on planes, click here. All drones should be carried with luggage if possible.

Under the Montreal Convention, airlines are only liable for losses of up to US$±1,600 (SDR 1,131). If you`re traveling abroad, theft and lost luggage can be common problems, especially if your flight has a lot of connections. If your drone is worth more than $1,000 and you can`t get it on the plane, consider shipping it with DHL, FedEx, or UPS instead and fully ensure the shipment. You should NOT put drone batteries in your checked baggage. All drone batteries should be stored in a medium-sized LiPo battery bag like the one shown here in the link and brought to the aircraft in your carry-on luggage.